Woman battered with bathroom door by boyfriend after going out with friends

Katrina Pidden suffered a violent and controlling relationship (Picture: Mercury Press)

A woman feared she was going to die during years of abuse from her violent partner.

On one occasion, Mitchell Liversedge, 25, pulled the bathroom door from its hinges and hit Katrina Pidden, 39, with it after he became angry she had gone out with friends.

Another time he claimed she had been cheating on her, she said: ‘I went on a night out once, I was wearing a skirt and tights and I’d ripped my tights with my nails pulling them up so he thought I’d been cheating’.

‘He called me a dirty slag, dragged me outside and left me in the rain curled up in a ball in the garden.

‘Then he came outside and started speaking to me like it was my fault.

‘He said “look at the state of you” then took me back inside and pushed me over.

He hit her with the bathroom door he ripped off its hinges (Picture: Mercury Press)
Katrina’s abuser has been jailed (Picture:: Mercury Press)

‘I tried to run down the road and he came after me, dragged me back and kept me there all night, beating me for about 40 minutes at a time.

‘He took my keys, my phone and I was hiding in random rooms around the house.

‘I was locked in all night.’

Liversedge was jailed in March for five years for four counts of ABH, one charge of false imprisonment, one count of damaging property, one for threatening to destroy or damage property, and one charge of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship.

Katrina is now speaking out to try and help others in a similar situation.

Her attacker was caught in September last year, when a neighbour in Daventry, Northamptonshire, witnessed Liversedge dragging a bloodied Katrina across the garden by her finger and called the police.

Speaking for the first time since the ordeal, Katrina said: ‘I’d split up with him and he turned up at my house and started getting out of control.

‘He threw a drink over me so I took myself into the garden to get away from him.

‘He came flying outside, attacked me, hitting me over the head with the kitchen chair.

Mitchell Liversedge in his police mugshot (Picture: Mercury Press)
Katrina Pidden after Mitchell Liversedge attacked her (Picture: Mercury)
One of her front teeth was knocked out (Picture: Mercury Press)

‘He dragged me down the garden by my finger and my finger ended up so swollen that my ring had to be cut off.

‘I only had a nightie on so my skin was getting scraped on the path.

‘I thought he was going to kill me.

‘I was screaming so my neighbour came out and called the police.’

Katrina, who has since stopped working as a retail assistant, met Liversedge on a night out in 2019 and immediately became a couple. Katrina said the first four months of their relationship were perfect.

But the block paver, of Daventry, then became possessive.

Katrina said: ‘He started becoming jealous and I wasn’t allowed any male friends.

‘If I went out, he’d call me horrible names.

‘The first time he got violent, he tried to hit me with an iron and threw a cup at me.

‘He said it would never happen again but he started pushing me around, throwing me into things then it turned into slaps and then punches and kicks.

‘I finished it so many times but he was so controlling.

‘He would wait outside my house and bang on my door at 2am.’

Katrina was forced to move towns out of fear Liversedge will go looking for her when he’s released from prison.

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She is seeing a therapist to help with her depression, anxiety and PTSD and she’s speaking out to encourage victims of domestic abuse to seek help.

She said: ‘It’s over one year on and I’m still suffering.

‘It’s the emotional and mental abuse. You get told it’s your fault and that you’re worthless.

‘I was a shadow of myself.

‘I had to move out of the town I’d lived in my whole life to a place where I don’t know anyone because he’s the most vengeful person I know and I’m scared.

‘I barely go out of my house but I don’t want other women to suffer like I did.

‘I have a false tooth now and every time I take it out it’s a reminder of what happened and I have scars all over my body that I have to look at every day.

‘I just want to tell anyone in a similar situation to please seek help and don’t be ashamed.

‘It isn’t your fault and you won’t be judged.

‘Just get out, no matter how many times they say they’ll change and get help, they won’t and things will just get worse.’

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