Wine Fridge vs Narrow Wine Cooler – Which Is Better For You?

Keeping your wine collection at optimal temperatures is now easier than ever. Options are abundant, from traditional cellars to high-tech wine dedicated refrigerators. Given the proportions of most modern homes, basements are not generally viable. Just because you may not be a lottery winner doesn’t mean you are stuck with an ice bucket for your wines. When you want to compare a wine fridge to a little wine cooler,  you will be spoilt for choice. Picking the priciest or the prettiest is not necessarily the wisest route. Planning will go a long way to ensuring you and your wine get the best possible benefit from your purchase.

Benefits of a Wine Fridge or Cooler

Refrigeration technology takes perfect wine storage very seriously. Temperature controls for two or more different zones, shelving that cossets your bottles, vibration dampening, UV resistant glass doors complete with soft interior LED lighting are all on the list. This makes sense when you know that different wines have different ideal temperatures, and having scratch-free bottles with intact labelling is a thing of beauty. Wine hates vibrations as it plays havoc with sedimentation. Sunlight is another enemy of wine and must be avoided at all costs. A dedicated wine fridge takes a lot of guesswork out of storage and serving temperatures. Now you know why you want one, time to decide which one is best for your collection.

How Many Bottles are Enough?

Both wine fridges and coolers come in variousof sizes, starting with a modest four bottles all the way to over 200 bottles. Depending on your needs and collection size, this may simplify the choice. A large wine fridge is the obvious answer for you if you have an extensive collection and a lot of space. The smaller units come into play for smaller collections or just to ensure you have enough chilled wine this week. Deciding between the two depends on your personal space. Aesthetics need to be taken into consideration. After all, if you’ve spent time and money creating a beautiful home, a big clunky unit will take some of the shine off.

Wine Fridge and Cooler Sizes – Size Does Matter

While both units look good, a built-in unit makes sense if you want to blend it in with your existing cabinetry. Cleverly designed, they have gaps to allow for airflow and heat dissipation. If discretion is not an issue, many beautiful units can be mounted, keeping your collection at eye level. For free-standing options, remember that fridges are typically larger and broader. This is where the narrow cooler comes into its own. With slim lines, narrow coolers can be fitted into those impossibly thin corner cabinets or slotted into space between existing furniture. Decide where you would prefer your unit to be, and take some measurements. Based on this, deciding between a tall slim fridge or a small and skinny one will be easy.


Cold Convenience

If you intend to enjoy your wine at the office, on a camping holiday or show off at your next dinner party, a compact and narrow cooler will be your new best friend. Small enough to fit almost anywhere, it will hold your beloved beverage in chilled comfort. As there are so many options, the real question would be why not have both? One for the office, and the bigger one for home? Prost!

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