Where to Add an Extra Bathroom

Hello World!  Welcome Friends!  Fed up of queues for the bathroom in the morning? Or simply looking for a way to add some extra value to your home? There are many reasons you may want to add an extra bathroom to your home. But just where should you put this extra bathroom? This post delves into some of the popular places to put a second bathroom.

Where to Add an Extra Bathroom


Under the Stairs

If you’ve got a large enough space under your stairs, you may be able to place a second bathroom here. Most homes will only have enough space for a toilet here. This can still be useful if you need to use the toilet while someone else is in the other bathroom, or if  you need easy downstairs bathroom access and only have a bathroom upstairs.

In the Loft

You could consider placing an extra bathroom in the loft. This could be an en suite in a loft bedroom or you could turn the entire loft space into a bathroom. Depending on how basic your loft space is, you may need to carry out quite a lot of work first to make the space safe and comfortable. Hiring a roofing contractor to do some repairs could be essential if the loft space has leaks or cracks. You may also need to add flooring and boards to the walls. It’s worth also adding a staircase so that you’re not having to climb a ladder to access this bathroom every time.

In the Basement

If you have a basement, this could be another great space for converting into a bathroom. As with a loft space, this could be turned into an extra bedroom with an en suite bathroom if large enough, or you could keep it strictly as a bathroom. You may even have enough space to add luxury features like a freestanding tub.

In the Garage

A lot of homes that contain garages use this space solely as a place to store clutter. Consider whether this could make a great downstairs bathroom. This is likely to only be practical if the garage is attached to the rest of the house. You could even convert your garage into a bedroom with an en suite bathroom if it’s large enough.

Where to Add an Extra Bathroom

Within a Bedroom

Got a large bedroom in your home that you don’t mind borrowing some space from? You could take a section of this bedroom and turn it into a bathroom. This could be a private en suite bathroom. Alternatively, you could wall it off and turn it into a second shared bathroom accessible from the landing. This could contain just a toilet and sink if you don’t have much space to borrow, or it could be a bathroom with a tub or shower in if you’ve got more space to play with.

Via an Addition

You could plan to extend your home with an addition that could contain a bathroom. Building an addition can be a little more expensive than converting a space, but it gives you more freedom as to how you design the bedroom. This could be an addition that extends into your backyard, or one that extends round the front of your home.

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