When searching for an apartment in Dubai, size is of utmost concern for many buyers and tenants, along with design and amenities. Studio apartments and 1-bedroom apartments are two of the most popular types of apartments in Dubai. Many off plan projects in Dubai offers studios.

If you’re stuck between choosing a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment, we have highlighted below some of the vital differences between the two options so that it’s easier for you to decide:

  1. Privacy:

It should be noted that if you are a“private” type of person; you may not prefer a studio apartment because a studio apartment is basically an all-in-one compartment featuring kitchen, bedroom and living room in a closed circuit-like arrangement, with the exception of the bathroom which occupies a separate corner. A one-bedroom apartment, on the other hand, gives room for some privacy because each segment (kitchen, living room and bedroom) has its own separate corner. 

  1. Space:

From the definition of a studio apartment, it’s clear that it is way smaller as compared to a one-bedroom apartment, which means space is also one of the big differences between these two. It is however not advisable for a married man with kids to reside in a studio apartment because of its lack of space instead, it’s better he opts-in for a one-bedroom apartment.  Also, the one-bedroom apartment allows an all-unit amenity setting which is impossible in a studio apartment. 

  1. Affordability:

While a large percentage of studio apartments located in top Dubai areas such as the Bluewater apartments & Emaar Beachfront may seem too expensive, it might interest you to know that teaming up with top real estate brokers in Dubai can actually help you grab the best deals at the best price.

Generally, studio apartments are less expensive compared to one-bedroom apartments. Although, in some cases, some studio apartments tend to be more expensive than one-bedroom apartments and this is most of the time a result of some factors such as close proximity to downtown or availability of luxury features and amenities.

Apparently, the difference between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment is that a one-bedroom apartment comes with separate spaces for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom while a studio apartment has a giant multipurpose room featuring a kitchen, living room and bedroom while the bathroom occupies a separate space.