What to Expect During a Real Estate Plumbing Inspection

If expecting a future real estate inspection keep in mind, it’s not personal. It is the job of the inspector to be thorough. The meaning of the word inspection is to check and test a product, individual or property against a set standard. This set standard is put in place for particular reasons. Some of those reasons may be for the well-being and safety of the organization or real estate.

Real estate inspections are expected and welcomed by potential homeowners. However, they can be seen as a nuisance for the real estate agent or for the current homeowner. Failing a home inspection is not a good thing, but it’s not the end of the world. Have a seat and find out what can be fixed right now and what can wait. After a real estate plumbing inspection, do not go into a slump, just move forward and take responsibility. And remember, do not attempt to hide this valuable information in further home buyer negotiations, but instead let the prospects know that the issues are being resolved.

Some Home Inspection Issues

Some of the issues that could cause a property not to pass inspection are:

a. Drainage problems
a. Electrical wiring not up to date
c. Leaking pipes
d. Foundation issues

Home drainage problems can be pretty irritating. One of the first signs that is noticed is the accumulation of puddles. When water can not flow normally it stands still or backs up. The homeowner may notice the water collecting around flowerbeds or bushes. As the grass began to grow in the yard mowing will simply be out of the question. The best remedy for this issue may be to include a drainage pipe. The underground pipe would direct the water into all the right places. The water would no longer flood the yard which could cause trips and falls. If the homeowner is familiar with this type of work great, but if not they may need to call a professional.

Faulty electrical wiring a cause of electrical failures. And if taken a step further they could cause a home fire and/or electrocution. If this sounds like dangerous stuff, that’s because it is. Above all the issues listed above, correcting electrical wiring by professionals should be taken care of an urgent manner.

Leaking pipes are normally are a sign of an older home. Older homes typically are sold for a lesser amount specifically because expected future repairs. Nipping the problem in the bud, by sealing up all leaks and making urgent water heater repairs can keep the home buyer’s eyes on other things.

The foundation of a home can easily shift over time. A homeowner can do everything right when it comes to taking care of their beautiful house; then one day the foundation of their home shifts! This is of no fault of their own, but it is something that they will be expected to fix. In these cases, a structural engineer will need to determine the cost of the repair. Retrieving an estimate from a professional may cost up to $700; a little under $2,000 if a viable solution is required.

The quicker the homeowner notices that the doors in the home are getting harder to close, or the cracks in the walls the sooner the problem can be solved. So keep an eye out for puddles of water on the outside lawn that did not collect they are before or bulges in the concrete. Have a good inspection!