Weary of cooking? Here’s how to save money and add fun

A discount grocery store like Aldi is worth a trip if you’re cooking more than usual and money is tight.

A discount grocery store like Aldi is worth a trip if you’re cooking more than usual and money is tight.

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One good thing that has come out of the pandemic is that more people have been flexing their culinary skills. Whether you’re making an effort to minimize your footprint in grocery stores, avoiding dine-in establishments, or working from home and have some time on your hands without a commute, you may be among the masses who have taken up the fine art of cooking. Here are a few ideas to get creative in the kitchen.

Recipe exchange

This tradition has once again risen in popularity as people look for new things to make for their families. Apps like Allrecipes or Tasty are great ways to access an online network of recipes you can share, or start one of your own with friends and family through your favorite chat app.

Home-grown produce

If the idea of frequenting grocery stores right now doesn’t give you the best vibe, you’re not alone. Many farmers markets, fruit and vegetable stands and produce exchanges are still open, which can be a nice alternative in the fresh outdoor air. Stock up and look up some veggie-based meals, and you can extend your grocery run for much longer. Plus, you’ll have some healthy options for your family to enjoy.

Get choosy with grocery runs

Many kids have been home much more than usual, which means your pantry is likely running low quickly. If that sounds like your current situation, your grocery budget may start to take a serious hit.

If you aren’t already trying a budget-friendly grocery option, now’s the time to consider it. Plus, many discount grocers rotate items on their shelves weekly, so you can try new things each week. Put convenience aside for the time being if you don’t have a location nearby and make a trip. It’s worth it for the savings.

Whether you’re getting the itch to have some fun in the kitchen or are looking to mix up your weekly meal menu, give these wallet-friendly alternatives a try.

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