VW ID 4 interior keeps it minimal but isn’t low on style

Keep it simple.


Later this month, Volkswagen will pull back the veil on the production version of its upcoming ID 4 electric SUV. We’ve already seen some renderings of the exterior, and now it’s time to take a peek inside.

VW on Friday unveiled some teaser renderings of the production ID 4’s interior. The first thing most people will notice is just how clean and unfettered the layout is. There’s a single “floating” screen in the middle of the dashboard, a screen in place of the gauge cluster, one small smattering of buttons to the left of the wheel, and that’s it. The dashboard is low and flat for better visibility, and there’s little happening below the beltline. It’s simple, straightforward and — like many other vehicles in 2020 — rocking some ambient lighting to spice things up.

The parking brake is engaged by pushing the large button to the right of the gauge display.


Light will play an important part in the ID 4. In addition to the fancy ambient stuff, there’s also something VW calls ID Light. This strip just below the windshield is used to notify the driver of certain conditions, such as locking and unlocking, or whether or not the car’s various driver assists are activated. Heck, it’ll even warn you when someone’s trying to call you.

VW also gave out more information about the ID 4 in general. One shot gives us a preview of the key. If you’re used to the tired old switchblade style of the current VW key, you’re in luck — this new one is much sleeker, with three buttons combined seamlessly into a piano black face. VW also previewed the way to enter the vehicle; like a few other cars these days, the ID 4 will have flush door handles that blend into the bodywork.

VW naturally didn’t want to give away the whole shebang early, so that’s all we’ve got on the ID 4 for now. But as we roll into September, the ID 4’s official unveiling is just a couple weeks away, so keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow for more information as it arrives.

Considering how… aged Volkswagen’s current keys are, the ID 4’s fob is pretty slick.


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