Vandals violate urban garden at Tatum Park

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Vandals ripped up trees and shrubs from the roots at Tatum Park recently.

a man standing in a garden: Sonia Flunder-McNair says she is disappointed but the mission will remain

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Sonia Flunder-McNair says she is disappointed but the mission will remain

Sonia Flunder- McNair, the founder of Urban Wholistics, uses the garden to teach inner city children about gardening. She says she was shocked when she made the discovery.

“We walked on the back of the park and we almost fell in a hole, we had very large hydrangeas trees removed, we had specific herbs, and we had big huge ornamental grass removed that’s about as tall as I am.”

Sonia says the daycare across the street may have caught the crooks on camera, in the meantime they will be setting up additional surveillance around the area.

Sonia says the vandals will not rain on the parade here, what was stolen will be replaced.

The next goal is to build a youth farmers market behind Tatum Park. It will serve as another educational resource for kids in the neighborhood.

“We are not going anywhere, we are going to continue to make sure that this community is beautiful, and food is assessable. We are an organized group of people who are committed to this space and we are investing to make sure this never happens again.”

If you would like to support the efforts. Jupmode is donating a portion of the proceeds from T- shirt sales to Urban Wholistics.

You can also make a donation at

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