Trending Bathroom Tiles Design for Wall & Floors at Best Price

Bathroom Tile Ideas: Large & Small Bathroom Tiles Design

Orientbell’s bathroom tiles are available in a wide variety of designs, colours, textures, sizes, patterns and finish. All the tiles are made up of the best quality materials that provide durability and strength. Folks choose to go with a different variety of tiles to compliment their bathrooms differently:

  • Some use wood tile bathrooms for an elegant look or 3d bathroom tiles for dynamic appearance
  • Some prefer ceramic bathroom floor tiles for dirt & stain resistance and anti-skid properties.
  • Some choose to go with simple bathroom tiles design such as bathroom flower tiles to have regular look

Priorities need to be evaluated to select the best tiles for the bathroom. Apart from the look and feel, the right fit of bathroom tiles should have many other attributes.

Bathrooms are prone to stained walls and slippery floors due to usage of soap like substances. It concerns the overall hygiene of the house. Orientbell offers germ-free, stain-resistant, chemical-resistant & anti-skid tiles for a bathroom to meet your needs. You will find all of these options in different types of materials such as vitrified, ceramic and full-body. Moreover, these tiles are very easy to install, clean and maintain.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles?

It is the most important question one should ask while renovating the bathroom. In the video below, we help you understand:

  • Why do you need tiles in the bathroom?
  • What are the features you should be looking for in bathroom tiles?
  • What is the significance of bathroom highlighter tiles?
  • What are the most popular sizes available in bathroom tiles?
  • Which finish & build are more apt for bathroom tiles?

The above video will help you get more bathroom tile ideas to renovate your bathroom in a more elegant and luxurious way.

Bathroom Tiles Price

There are different types of bathroom tiles available at Orientbell and their price range varies by colours, textures, designs, sizes and finishes.

Bathroom Tile Prices by Categories

Disclaimer – Walk in to your nearest store for further savings on bathroom tile rates.

Bathroom Tile Prices by Colour

Disclaimer – Walk in to your nearest store for further savings on bathroom tile rates.

Bathroom Tile Prices by Ambience

Disclaimer – Walk in to your nearest store for further savings on bathroom tile rates.

FAQs about Bathroom Tiles

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about bathroom tiles:

What are the different trending bathroom tiles available at Orientbell?

GFT ODP Aster Wood FT Brown is one of the trending bathroom tiles available at Orientbell. This tile not only gives a natural touch to the place with its wooden look but also makes the bathroom appear bigger and spacious. This tile is made up of ceramic and germ-free material along with the finishing of matte. Moreover, the tile is resistant to stains, scratches and can last longer than any other normal tile available in the market.

What are the different colours of the bathroom tiles available?

These tiles are available in a vast range of colours, be it light colours or dark colours. Beige, white, blue, brown and grey are some of the popular tile colours. These shades can be even combined with other colours to give a highlighting effect to the room. Any light colour can be combined with a dark colour to get a bold and classy combination of colours.

What is the price of bathroom tiles?

The price for both bathroom floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles is very affordable. These tiles are full of functionalities and are worth the price. Despite so many features, these tiles do not put any burden on the buyer’s pocket and are available at a pocket-friendly price of Rs 66 per sq. feet and above.

Tile Visualizer – TriaLook and Trulook

With so many options, the tile choosing process for bathrooms can be confusing. Orientbell’s TriaLook and Trulook are two tile visualizer tools available on its website that can help in visualising the chosen bathroom tiles at your place.

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