Thunder Dreamer Announce ‘Summer Sleeping’ EP: Hear “House And Garden”

Thunder Dreamer, the Indiana-based Band To Watch, have been all but silent since releasing their 2017 debut album Capture. And even though they’re back today to share new music, they’re remaining pretty quiet.

“House And Garden,” the opening track from their Summer Sleeping EP, exists in that softly pretty Wild Pink/Real Estate zone, trading out the shimmering distorted crunch of their debut for blissed-out, whispery guitar-pop, laced with daintily plinking piano and awash in a halcyon haze. In other words, it’s less thundering and more dreamy. “Clarice, I met you in Paris,” Steven Hamilton sings. “Your long, dark hair was all I saw/ Marry me, come back to Mississippi/ There ain’t no Champs-Élysées, I know/ But our love grows.”

Out today, “House And Garden” is the first of five songs on Summer Sleeping. Tyler Watkins of Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s recorded the EP throughout 2018 and 2019, and it’s coming out in November on Lonesome Morning Record Co., the label Thunder Dreamer are launching out of their Evansville, Indiana home base.

Hear “House And Garden” below.

01 “House And Garden”
02 “Of A Million”
03 “Lorraine”
04 “It Slows Down”
05 “Blurred Out”

Summer Sleeping is out 11.6 on Lonesome Morning Record Co.

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