These OXO Nesting Bowls Are the Only Mixing Bowls You’ll Ever Need

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We’re all cooking at home a bit more than usual these days (or maybe a lot more than usual). In my case, that covers the workday, too, as I test recipes and products in addition to putting together breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Living in a cozy apartment means that each utensil, pot, pan, and dish that lands in my kitchen needs to be great to earn some permanent real estate. My mixing bowl set from OXO is so beloved that it gets its own little shelf. 

The OXO Grips 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set comes with three bowls- small, medium, and large. All rubber-bottomed so they don’t slip around the counter, a stainless steel interior, and stay-cool plastic exterior. These nesting bowls not only fit in my limited cabinet space, they’re so thoughtfully made I find myself reaching for them every day. 

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When I’m mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, the large bowl easily holds an extra-large batch of dough, while the stainless steel interior gets nice and cool while I chill the dough before baking. Stainless steel also means it doesn’t stain or hold on to flavors so the next day I can whip up a salad without tasting any phantom chocolate. That rubber bottom? It keeps the bowls steady on my small counters, meaning I don’t need to wrap a towel around the base even when I’m using whisking salad dressing with one hand while streaming in oil with the other.

Whether I’m marinating flank steaks, or tossing together ingredients for a quick sheet-pan dinner, or blanching and shocking fresh green beans, these bowls are my go-to for prep, cooking, and storage. I just pop a silicone lid on a bowl and in the fridge or freezer it goes. The biggest tell that I’ve found a product I love? Although the set is dishwasher safe, I hand wash them each night so I never have to cook without them. 

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