These Kitchen Candles Are a Home Cook’s Dream

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If you’ve ever attempted to fry or grill anything in a small apartment, you’re familiar with the unsettling feeling of picking up a whiff of last night’s dinner as you toast your bagel the next morning. For anyone working with a less-than-ventilated kitchen space, I recommend investing in a kitchen candle. 

When you love candles as much as I do, you start to justify buying them by assigning each to a specific space or purpose. Bathroom candles must be excellent at masking, well, odors. Bedroom candles are light and crisp, without being too smoky or heady. For kitchen candles, the fragrance shouldn’t be so strong as to create a nauseating combination when mixed with the general smells of food prep and cooking. You’re looking to gently replace odors, not create an entirely new Frankensmell. For this reason, try to avoid overly floral or sweet smells; vegetal, earthy, clean scents are the ticket. Here are a few great choices:

If you’re emotional about the end of tomato season, I’m sorry to say this candle probably isn’t going to do much to assuage your sorrows. However, it will imbue your kitchen with a pleasantly herbaceous, minty scent that will remind you of long walks through the farmer’s market. Of the three candles I describe here, this is the least fragranced, so it’s great for especially tiny spaces (or especially sensitive sniffers). 

Imagine yourself frolicking through an herb garden, snipping peppers and fresh basil with reckless abandon. Ok, now open your eyes. You’re still in your apartment wearing sweatpants coated in crumbs, but you wouldn’t know it if you immersed yourself in this candle. White tea can sometimes smell too sweet, but this perfectly balanced iteration is one you’ll be happy to light on your kitchen countertop to want to wash away the remnants of last night’s meal.

Let’s cut to the chase: this is a splurge candle (and if $85 isn’t a splurge candle to you, perhaps you might consider making a contribution to restaurants impacted by the pandemic). Even the spice it’s named after is spendy, but if you’ve ever wanted your kitchen to smell like a quality spice rack or the Grand Bazaar, this mix of saffron, black peppercorns, and vanilla is the ultimate power play. Plus, it looks great perched on a marble countertop and will last for ages. 

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