These Food 52 Pots Are The Only Ones You Need in Your Kitchen

There’s a lot of fancy cooking items out there these days. Sous vides, Instant Pots, pizza ovens are all well and good, but what about the items we use most in the kitchen? I can say, without fail, that whenever I’m cooking up something, I’m using a pot or a pan. It should go without saying that you should have a set of pots, and maybe one pan, that you love. I recently found mine.

a person cooking food in a pan on a stove: Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Food 52

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Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Food 52

I should’ve known Food52’s Five Two Line would be the key to my pots and pans search. Everything else they make is spectacular, and so why not their cookware? The pots and pans look like they’re nothing fancy, but boy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, each is designed with the home cook in mind, but with quality and resourcefulness at the forefront. Each pot features stay-cool, non-slip handles, which I love as someone who normally burns themselves on everything. The pots and pans themselves are made of stainless steel, but through some strange magic, they’ve made it with anti-yellowing technology, so no matter how often you use it, your pots and pans will stay looking fresh and brand new instead of soiled and overused. Inside the pots are little measuring lines, which is a nice touch as well. The lids are made of lightweight glass that is oven safe, but here’s the kicker: each one has a built-in strainer. Just like my favorite pot from Bialetti, but in a complete set. A built-in strainer is the kind of thing you don’t necessarily need by any means, but it’s such a nice touch and once you have it, it becomes a pasta-night game-changer.

And that’s kind of the whole point of Five Two. They ask their community members what they want in kitchenware and design products around their needs and real life experiences. It’s what makes most of their products, but their pots and pans especially, so damn good. 

Buy on Food52, $300

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