The Right Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

Every treatment for lawn fertilizer in Winnipeg from the respected and experienced professionals at The Sodfather targets your lawn care areas in varying ways. Skilled and professionals lawn experts work to create the best schedule to fertilize your lawn, be it residential or commercial.

  • Winter – Winterizing treatment is the most imperative fertilizer application to make sure the long-term health and development of your lawn. Correct root development as grass blades turn out to be latent helps to see a greener, healthier, and thicker lawn in the following spring.
  • Spring – Providing your lawn with nitrogen treatments in early spring and late fall provides plants with chlorophyll that promotes the growth of leaf, strong roots, dark green foliage, and augmented production of seed and fruit. To help put a stop to new weeds from developing, a preemergent is added to the standard fertilizer by the experts for lawn repair in Winnipeg in order to treat existing weeds from the previous year and put a stop to new ones from forming.
  • Summer – Multiple summer fertilizer treatments encourage new growth and keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the warmer months. Weeds that take root are treated at the time of a post-emergent service in order to preserve color, strength, and growth until the temperature cools off.
  • Fall – Lawn needs help recovering from the summer months and getting ready for the upcoming latent winter. Fall fertilizer is applied to stimulate the growth of root and cell wall strength prior to winter approaches. As the temperature starts to drop late into the fall, each treatment lays emphasis more on the growth of root and development prior to the ground freezes.

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The Sodfather is the best company that you can get in touch with for the best lawn fertilizer in Winnipeg. We offer exceptional service using state of the art equipment and processes to keep your residential or commercial lawn in top-notch condition from season to season. We work with the goal to provide you with a weed-free yard with deep, healthy, green grass throughout the year.