The Doll House – A Toy That Never Loses Its Charm

Thanks to all the options in entertainment and technology today, I don’t think doll houses are quite as popular as they used to be. Still, doll houses are found in the rooms of many little girls. Even if they don’t spend as much time playing with them as some of their other toys, they are something that is treasured and can grow to have a special place in a little girls heart, especially when they have spent time designing and putting it together.

Dollhouses can be found in every style, including Georgian, Victorian and contemporary, You can buy dollhouses that are completely put together, but you can also buy dollhouses that you can build yourself, which are a little more challenging and may be a little more fun. This can provide a great way of spending time with your child. As you build the house, your child will learn not only about architectural design, but also about different elements of decoration and landscaping.

Once the house is all put together, the fun of decorating it begins. Your child can create the house with as much detail as she wants. The little family that lives in the doll house can be moved around from room to room as she pretends to understand what a family should be like.

The dollhouse provides a child with a way of practicing to be an adult, which is something all children love to do. With a dollhouse, your child will be creating a fantasy world that is much more a real experience than any video game can provide. A dollhouse can help her use her imagination as she makes up story lines for the dolls. Dollhouses are designed to be very highly detailed, with everything from the trees for landscaping to miniature books and cooking utensils.

The Victorian Doll house

Victorian dollhouses are very charming just like the full size houses built in the same style. Filled with personality, romance and elegance, each Victorian dollhouse has its own character. These doll houses are also a very popular collectors item.

Many years ago, Victorian dollhouses sometimes would serve as a teaching aid to show young ladies the proper way to behave and how to care for a home. Some Victorian doll houses were even large enough for the child to stand inside and learn how to perform the domestic duties that would some day be expected of her.

Whether it is a Victorian doll house or a modern one like a Barbie doll house, it is a way for little girls to be creative and have fun. It is also a good way for mothers to bond with their daughters as they help them decorate and even play sometimes.