The Cost Of Giving Your Kitchen A Facelift

Synopsis: If your kitchen is in dire need of a makeover, here are some options open to you that may save you some money. 

Image Courtesy of Cheshire uPVC Coating

There will come a time when your kitchen will start to look drab and tired, and in dire need of a makeover. However, the cost of renovating your kitchen can be quite expensive, so if you do not have loads of money to throw at it, what do you do? You can find plenty of ideas on the internet to give your kitchen a cheap makeover, and below you will find some excellent tips to get your kitchen popping again, without breaking the bank.

Painting Your Kitchen Units

An excellent way to give your kitchen a new lease of life is to give your kitchen cabinets a coat of paint. However, unless you have experience at doing this, you could end up with a tacky mess. There are specialist companies such as Cheshire uPVC Coating that can get your cabinets looking like new again throughout the UK, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. For an average price between £500 and £1200, you can have your cabinets painted professionally, leaving them looking like new, and it is also much quicker than having to replace all the units. Using a professional service will also help to ensure that you get the highest quality finish for your kitchen units, and visitors will never be able to tell that they are not new. 

Painting Your Kitchen Walls

Another way that you can revitalise your kitchen is by giving the walls a coat of paint. Painting is much better than wallpaper, as, in time the humidity in your kitchen can leave the wallpaper peeling off the wall. There is usually only a small area to paint including the ceiling, as often in home kitchens you will find that the walls are partially tiled to make it easier to clean. With a little preparation you can paint your kitchen in a day, and the only cost will be for the paint, making it a viable option when you are on a tight budget.

A Change Of Floor Covering

You can also look to change the flooring in your kitchen to help you transform it and make it feel like new. There are plenty of options available such as wooden floors, linoleum, or even tiles, and it is something that a person with average DIY skills can do themselves. When choosing your flooring material, it is essential that you select a floor covering that is hard-wearing and suitable for areas that will receive a high volume of traffic. Whether you have the skills to do this yourself, or you need the services of a professional, it is a job that should be able to be finished quickly, reducing the disruption to your home.

These are just a couple of things that you can do to breathe new life into your kitchen that is not going to cost a fortune but will have a dramatic effect on how your kitchen looks.