The best solutions for bathroom concepts

Undertile heating in bathrooms

This is another economical way of heating a whole bathroom, and is one of the best heating options for tiled floors in the bathroom and can be installed in both new and existing bathrooms. 

Paul says undertile heating is the best type of heating for tile and stone as they both have high thermal conductivity, meaning heat from an underfloor heating wire transfers to the floor surface quickly, warming the floor surface where you require it.

“Combining correct control with the correct installation gives you a cost-effective heating system, with no more cold spots or chilly drafts,” he says.

“Maximum effectiveness can be achieved when using insulation boards as they reduce footfall noise and echoes in your larger tiled areas.”

Undertile heating is part of the Wetroom System, and can also be done as a separate service. Warmup undertile heating, including installation, is available across New Zealand.

Installation is usually done just before tiling, causing minimum disruption to your building or renovating schedule.

Misconceptions about cost

You might think this kind of luxury is expensive, but the costs for undertile heating are in fact very reasonable. Paul says on average a standard bathroom would cost about $750, and this includes full installation with a lifetime warranty, and a seven day fully programmable digital thermostat fit off.

Sustainable and eco-friendly small bathrooms

Smaller spaces are becoming more popular in Kiwi homes. Warmup NZ has worked on all sorts of projects – big and small apartments, private houses – new builds and renovations, hotels and retirement villages, and now they can add tiny houses to their extensive list.

A tiny bathroom can also be made to look comfortable, functional and beautiful. Walk-in showers are often the preferred option in small bathrooms. Installing a corner-fitting shower enclosure with a shower screen can take less than a square metre, which is particularly important when you have limited space.

“Modern floor-to-ceiling frameless shower screens create an uninterrupted view through the bathroom and make it look bigger and more spacious,” Paul says

Adding value to your home

Modern looking and professionally installed tiled walk-in showers will add value to your home – every dollar you invest in your property can double when you decide to sell your house.

There’s nothing quite like walking into a brand new bathroom which looks and feels luxurious and is structurally sound as well.

Warmup has added a new dimension in affordable, luxurious and effective heating, which is simple to operate and maintenance free.

Warmup NZ has a network of national distributors who provide quality underfloor heating solutions to homes and businesses across the country. 

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