The Best Prints for Your Kitchen Under $100

I once visited a home where the works of a certain infamous pop artist were mixed in with the kid’s finger paintings right there in the kitchen above the breakfast nook. It was so cheeky and clever…and so impossible to re-create. But it did get me thinking about kitchen wall art: Despite our artiest intentions, it’s tricky to avoid a kitchen dominated by stainless steel appliances, sleek electronics, and white dishware. But this isn’t a room that should be shaped purely by utilitarian needs—no shiny Kitchen Aid stand mixer or covetable knife collection can stand in for a little originality in your kitchen aesthetic. After all, in most households, it’s the most trafficked room. So why not have something on the walls you like to look at?

If you’re not in the habit of collecting famous works of pop art, a framed print should still do the trick—and also stand up to any nearby searing, boiling, and frying. (Given the proximity to heat, I’d argue that you’re better off with less expensive, or less sentimental, pieces.) Luckily, the internet is full of places to find affordable prints now: Society 6, Tappan Collective, and Saatchi are all some of my favorites. If you’re willing to dig around a bit more, Etsy is a great option. Here are 11 prints to get your search started, all under $100. 


Do you love to sip your coffee while gazing at the sea? Consider these soothing landscapes.


If your kitchen leans modern, a little architectural study might be the right thing for you. 


The daily catch, a slice of pie at a diner, and a retro citrus advertisement all fit the bill for those looking to stay on theme with their kitchen wall art—in three very different styles. 


Maybe a fish next to the fridge is a little too literal for you. Thanks to Saatchi Art, you can add an abstract print of an up-and-coming artist to your collection. 

Museum Prints

If the pandemic has left you longing for a culture trip, maybe now is the time to add a piece from one of your favorite museums? 

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