The 7 Best Garden Carts

Whether you’re growing lush flowers, delicious veggies, or just tidying up your backyard, a garden cart can take your green thumb game to the next level. The best garden carts are durable, easy to maneuver thanks to sturdy wheels and handles, and the right shape and size to hold all your gardening essentials.

When choosing the best garden cart for you, you’ll want to consider how rough the terrain in your yard is, and what kind of things you want to haul. Each of these picks has large wheels for easy portability in the great outdoors, but some have pneumatic tires that offer better shock absorption on uneven surfaces like gravel or dirt. And as far as hauling goes, a sturdy steel cart with removable sides is ideal for lugging around shovels, rakes, and other unwieldy items, while a wipe-clean a wheelbarrow or garden dump cart is great for transferring loose soil and mulch. Also, if bending over to tend to your garden is rough on your lower back, you can opt for this creative solution: a cart with a built-in stool to make yard work more comfortable.

No matter which style is right for you — from wheelbarrows to steel mesh or fabric wagons — these are the best garden carts on Amazon that will hold all the tools and accessories you need to make your garden grow.

1. The Fan Favorite & The Best For Storage

With over 15,000 reviews and an impressive overall rating on Amazon, this collapsible garden cart is a favorite with shoppers. The large-capacity garden wagon features an adjustable handle, heavy-duty frame, and durable fabric that’s easy to clean and resistant to UV rays and mildew, so it’ll last for a long time to come. Best of all, when not in use, the wagon folds up to just 8 inches thick and comes with a carrying case for convenient storage. In addition to the roomy interior, there are two mesh cup holders where you can stash extra necessities and drinks to keep you hydrated while working in the yard. However, the tires aren’t pneumatic, to it’s better for relatively flat yards, and since the cart is made from fabric, it may not be the best for hauling loose soil. The wagon comes in six colors, including black, red, and green.

  • Weight capacity: 150 pounds

According to a gardener: “This garden cart is top notch. Loaded three bags of mulch and the steering was effortless. Folds nicely for storage. Well worth the money.”

2. A Sturdy Steel Mesh Cart

Made with sturdy steel mesh that’s built to last, this garden cart features removable sides that transform it into a flatbed wagon for hauling bigger items like lumber, branches, and gardening tools. Plus, the pivot steering, pneumatic tires, and padded grip handle make it easy to maneuver in tight corners and rugged terrain.

  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds

According to a gardener: “I love the fact that I can takes the sides off and use it as a flat bed when I need to cart my mulch around the yard. Otherwise my normal garden equipment fits in the cart and I always have everything fairly close to me as I move around the house doing my gardening. I also like the idea of having a grate so dirt falls through and I don’t have to spend time cleaning out the inside of the cart whenever I use it.”

3. A Garden Dump Cart For Easy Transfer

This garden dump cart is an exceptionally easy way to transfer and deposit soil, mulch, and more. It features a release mechanism that allows you to upend the bed of the cart to dump the contents exactly where you want them, and with the highest weight capacity on this list, you can even lug around a big load of rocks (although you might want to enlist a friend to help you pull). Plus, the cart features pneumatic tires and a padded handle for comfortable pulling on all kinds of terrain. It comes in green and black, and for a little extra money, you can also opt for a cart that comes with a scoop.

  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds

According to a gardener: “Makes yard work easier, goes over any terrain, great dumping ability.”

4. A Wheelbarrow Cart For Soil, Mulch & More

If you prefer to push instead of pull, this this wheelbarrow garden cart makes hauling bulky loads a breeze. The durable plastic tray is durable and rust-proof, and there’s a loop handle for easy maneuverability. The two air-filled, pneumatic tires make the cart easy to balance and move through rough yards, and since the tray is made with heavy-duty plastic instead of metal, the cart is relatively lightweight and easy to push. When it’s not in use, it can either be stored upright or hung on the wall to save space.

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds

According to a gardener: “I was looking for a wheelbarrow light enough for me to push around a good-sized yard without asking for help and this fits the bill perfectly. Granted, I’m primarily moving lighter stuff (plants, pots, bags of soil, mulch, etc) but I find it stable and easy to use. I even pull up a seat next to it sometimes and use it as a mobile potting area.”

5. The Most Versatile Garden Cart

This garden utility cart is a jack-of-all-trades and can work as a regular garden cart, lightweight wheelbarrow, dolly, extended dolly, trailer tote, or a bag holder, so you can transfer all those raked leaves. And it keeps going: Use the heavy-duty straps to transfer plants, the durable mesh attachment to move rocks, or the cylinder holder to bring your tank of propane over to the grill. The cart is made from durable steel and features padded push handles, but the wheels are not pneumatic. If you like, you can opt for one of these three options: a cart with tool handles, a cart with a pole saw, or a cart with a wagon kit that includes a seat accessory, so you can rest while you plant.

  • Weight capacity: wheelbarrow: 300 pounds, dolly: 80 pounds, extended dolly: 40 pounds, bag holder: 40 pounds, cylinder holder: 80 pounds

According to a gardener: “I love this so much. It is so universal and you can use it for so many different things. Buy this if you are in your garden a lot, or even if you just like cool tools!”

6. An Affordable Bucket-Style Cart

This multipurpose rolling lawn and garden cart features a flat bottom, making it a breeze to move planters without the potential for tipping over. Of course, it’s also helpful for moving leaves, mulch, and dirt, and the built-in compartment in front of the handle is perfect for toting seeds, spades, and other small gardening tools. It can be pushed, pulled, and tipped over (when you’re ready to deposit all that soil), but the tires are not pneumatic, so this cart may be not be the best for rougher terrain.

  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

According to a gardener: “I have used it many times and just love that I can carry so much whether it’s topsoil or picking up branches it holds a lot more than the older one I had for years. Plus it has the small compartment for me to put my gloves, cutting scissors, and other garden tools.”

7. A Garden Cart With A Built-In Seat

While this garden cart has a smaller storage capacity than the other options on the list, it does have a built-in seat that’s great if you’re spending long hours in the yard and need to take a load off, or if you’re on the move in the backyard with a little one. The height-adjustable stool rotates 360 degrees, so you’re always perfectly situated near your garden bed. Made with durable, powder-coated steel, the cart features pneumatic tires and an an extendable steering handle for easy maneuvering, but keep in mind that storage space is limited to a metal basket on the back and an under-seat storage bin.

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds

According to a gardener: “The stool cart has helped out tremendously in the garden. I do not have to bend down, be in positions that are uncomfortable when trimming rose bushes, picking weeds.”

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