Thailand’s upcoming ‘Meteor Garden’ remake starring BrightWin polarizes

Thailand’s upcoming ‘Meteor Garden’ remake starring BrightWin polarizes

Ratziel San Juan ( – September 18, 2020 – 7:07pm

MANILA, Philippines — Thailand will now have their own version of the hit Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden.” 

“2Gether: The Series” stars Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin will be playing the role of Thyme (Dao Ming Si’s counterpart) and Kavin, respectively.

GMMTV, which will produce the remake, said that BrightWin will star alongside actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul, and actors Nani Hirunkit Changkham and Dew Jirawat Sutivanisak.

GMMTV posted a teaser video of the show on their official Facebook account showing the cast. 

“The wait is over. #F4Thailandt,” GMMTV captioned the post. 

F4 Thailand, set to air in 2021, is the latest GMMTV project of BrightWin since the success of their BL series “2gether: The Series” and “Still 2gether.”

“Meteor Garden” also had adaptations in several countries, including Japan (“Hana Yori Dango,” 2005), South Korea (“Boys Over Flowers,” 2009), and China (“Meteor Garden,” 2018). 

The show tells the story of a poor girl who stands up for herself against the members of F4, the richest and most popular guys from her school, while also getting caught in a love triangle between two of its members.

F4 Thailand garnered understandably mixed reactions from fans, since BrightWin just came fresh from being an on-screen couple in “Still 2gether.”

Some fans took a hit at the show’s casting, with some explaining that they have not moved on from the Tine and Sarawat ship.



Meanwhile, other fans have shown support for the show, defending that the cast was carefully selected by the show’s director. They also asserted Bright and Win’s individual autonomy as actors to play other roles.



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