Talus Expedition Gear’s CampPack and VenturePack for pickup trucks

  • Talus Expedition Gear created a camper van in a box that can be mounted on the bed of a pickup truck.
  • The aluminum box includes gear storage space and a kitchen with a refrigerator, stovetop, sink with an attached water tank, and power systems.
  • The box comes in two iterations: the $11,900 CampPack, and the $13,750 VenturePack, the latter of which has increased electrical power capabilities.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, Talus Expedition Gear’s creative director Caroline Sunderland has been employing the camper for errands by using the sink for handwashing after trips to the grocery store and gas station.
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Talus Expedition Gear created a camper van in a box that can be mounted on the bed of a daily driver pickup truck, such as a Ford F-150 or Toyota Tacoma.

The outdoor gear company was created after its two founding brothers, Dan and Will Sunderland, both broke their talus bones, prompting the pair to create outdoor products that could be used despite their injuries.

“We wanted to take the limitations we felt with our injuries and turn it into a new opportunity,” Will Sunderland said in a statement. “It only made sense to use the dual meaning of the word ‘talus’ as the company name—taking our broken bones and pointing toward the mountain slopes we want to reach.”

Boise, Idaho-based Talus Expedition Gear is currently offering two iterations of its lightweight but durable aluminum camper box: the $11,900 CampPack, and the $13,750 VenturePack.

Both products include the “kitchen and storage in a box” idea with propane-powered dual burner stovetops, a refrigerator, storage drawers, and a 16-gallon water tank that supplies the sink.

The main difference between the two offerings — and the explanation for its wide price difference — lies in the stronger power capabilities of the VenturePack, which, unlike the CampPack, can be charged with solar.

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