HomeAdvisor Expands HomeAdvisor Pay After Surpassing Millions of Dollars Worth of Home Projects

DENVER, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HomeAdvisor, a leading digital marketplace and operating business of ANGI Homeservices (NASDAQ: ANGI), has expanded its digital payment tool HomeAdvisor Pay to allow HomeAdvisor’s service pros to reach all homeowner customers nationwide. Service pros can now request and receive payments from any customer including HomeAdvisor customers and customers not from HomeAdvisor. According to HomeAdvisor’s  2019 State of Home Spending Report, 60 percent of consumers still pay for their home service projects via traditional high-contact methods like cash or check. HomeAdvisor Pay is making an easy, economical way for more home service pros to accept credit card payments and make it easier for customers to pay for home services.

“We love HomeAdvisor Pay,” said Seth Rambo, owner of Ascape Landscaping in Scranton, PA. “It’s a seamless way for our customers to pay for their invoices, that is not only user friendly for our customers, but user friendly for us as well. We can create a payment request and send it to the customer within a few clicks.”

Since its initial rollout in April 2020 amid the beginning of the pandemic, HomeAdvisor Pay has facilitated millions of dollars of total payments, processing on average $100,000 each day. The feature delivers both pros and homeowners a contactless, payment method that removes the friction associated with traditional payment options that often require frequent trips to the bank, handwritten checks, delayed invoicing and steep additional fees for small businesses.

“Right now, we are seeing people across the United States spend more time at home and take on home projects. For our pros, it’s important they are able to offer all of their customers the frustration-free, contactless option to pay for services through HomeAdvisor Pay,” said Brandon Ridenour, Chief Executive Officer, ANGI Homeservices. “We’re excited to expand our digital payment offering as we know that pros on HomeAdvisor look to us to deliver solutions that make their businesses run more efficiently and homeowners rely on us for friction free service.”

A recent survey from ANGI Homeservices, found that 92% of homeowners who typically hire home service pros plan to hire a pro this year and people are turning towards digital payment tools for home services, likely accelerated by homeowner preferences due COVID-19 pandemic and the growing number of Millennial homeowners who expect digital solutions. HomeAdvisor Pay removes all need for high-contact payments and allows for contact-free transactions. 

“HomeAdvisor is able to pass along technology, availability and fast business opportunities.,” said Sharon Hoekstra, owner of Ezekare, an exterior improvement and lawn company, based in Manchester, CT.  “I absolutely love HomeAdvisor Pay. We had been searching for credit card companies to use, but the rates were outrageous and many did not want to work with us. HomeAdvisor Pay is incredibly important for us.”

These new tools are available on the HomeAdvisor and HomeAdvisor pro app on Android and iOS. To learn more about the new features and HomeAdvisor, click here.

About HomeAdvisor
HomeAdvisor® is a digital

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A Garden Center’s Worth of Trees and Bushes Has Transformed the Street Outside Old Town Brewing Into a Green Escape

In most instances when you run up against one of those white- and safety-orange-striped “Road Closed” barricades, heavy equipment is on the other side ripping into the pavement, frustrating drivers now in need of another route along with neighbors who must put up with the sustained din of construction.

At Old Town Brewing’s Northeast Portland location, these blockades actually seal off a tranquil urban thicket right in the middle of the street.

This past summer saw every bar, brewery and restaurant in town expand into lanes of traffic if they had the means and ability. While many of these makeshift pandemic patios are nothing much to look at, Old Town’s is different: It immerses you in nature.

“I think one of the things that made such a drastic improvement were all of the trees,” says owner Adam Milne. “It made Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard look like a park. It’s beautiful.”

The temporary woodland—just off the major thoroughfare on Northeast Sumner Street—took more to create than just a run to the closest big-box store’s garden department. The trees are actually loaners from the city of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services as part of its effort to partner with the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Healthy Business program. And the agency didn’t just pick whatever extra available shrubs happened to be in storage, either—careful planning went into the selection of each flower and frond for Old Town and the newly launched Dream Street Plaza it’s a part of.

“They sent out an arborist who walked through the place to develop a ‘tree site plan’ to help support the goals of the plaza,” says PBOT spokesperson Hannah Schafer.

The plaza, which had its grand opening Oct. 2, is the result of a $25,000 National Association of City Transportation Officials grant that PBOT won to aid with pandemic response and recovery. Through Nov. 1, 15 vendors will be posted along Sumner. Spearheaded by the Soul District Business Association, Old Town’s side-street picnic table seating was also born of that group’s suggestion.

Right now, there’s no better place than the little forest sprouting from cement to enjoy a pizza and a Pillowfist, Old Town’s take on a New England IPA that is appropriately soft in mouthfeel and cloudy in appearance. While the temperature still allows, the oversized garage door at the front entrance will be rolled up, providing more airflow for anyone dining indoors.

But you owe it to yourself to find some solace among the trees—some squat and bushy, others taller than the red umbrellas shading the patch with blooming flowers in a complementary shade of crimson.

When not looking up at the flora, you’ll notice the landscaping and shaping extends to the ground. On one half of the road is a mural that looks like a postmodern game of hopscotch; the brightly colored squares and rectangles were designed by the owner of the neighboring boutique. Then, next to the curb is a wide strip of green artificial lawn, a purchase inspired by an

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U.S. Home Decor Market Size Worth $158,929.1 Million by 2027, With a CAGR of 8.0%

Pune, Maharashtra, India, September 23 2020 (Wiredrelease) Allied Analytics :According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled, U.S. Home Decor Market size was valued at $125,813.0 million in 2019, and is estimated to reach $158,929.1 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 8.0% from 2020 to 2027. In 2019, the floor covering segment accounted for significant contribution in the U.S. home decor market share, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% throughout the forecast period.

The U.S. home decor market has witnessed significant growth over the years, and is expected to grow at a steady pace during the forecast period. This is attributed to the fact that market players are focusing on developing eco-friendly products, owing to rise in environment awareness. The floor covering segment occupied the largest share in the overall home decor market in 2019, and is expected to maintain its leading position throughout the forecast period, owing to the wide adoption of floor coverings,

The home decor market in U.S. is driven by surge in disposable income and improvement in living standards. Moreover, the rise in affinity of consumers toward consumer-friendly home dcor products are anticipated to boost the demand for home decor products. However, availability of low-quality and counterfeit products and fluctuations in the prices of raw materials used to manufacture these products restrain the market growth. Conversely, surge in demand for trendy and unique furniture is anticipated to provide lucrative opportunities for the U.S. home decor market growth.

Available Sample Report in PDF Version along with Graphs and Figures @ https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/request-sample/7140

The U.S. home decor market is segmented based on product type, distribution channel, price, income group and category. Depending on product type, the market is divided into furniture, home textile, and floor covering. By distribution channel, it is fragmented into supermarkets hypermarkets, specialty stores, e-commerce, and others. Based on the price, the market is segmented into premium and mass. Based on the income group, the market is segmented into lower-middle income, upper-middle income, and higher income. Based on category, the market is segmented into eco-friendly and conventional.

According to the U.S. home decor market analysis the floor covering segment generated the highest revenue in 2019, and is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period. The flooring segment is also expected to witness the highest growth rate of 8.4% from 2020-2027.

According to the U.S. Home Decor market forecast based on distribution channel, the specialty stores segment was the highest contributor to the U.S. market in 2019 and is expected to remain dominant through 2020-2027. However, the E-commerce segment is expected to grow at a higher growth rate through the forecast period.

Based on the price, the mass segment was the highest contributor to the U.S. home decor market in 2019 and is expected to remain dominant through 2020-2027. However, the premium segment is expected to grow at a higher growth rate through the forecast period

Based on the income group, the higher income segment was the highest

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Why a Ginsburg replacement is ‘worth the White House and Senate’

WASHINGTON — Even before the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday night, November’s presidential election was shaping up to be the most consequential in modern American history. President Trump said so himself, as did his Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. A procession of crises — the coronavirus pandemic, protests and urban unrest, rampant wildfires — only heightened the sense that, come Nov. 3, voters would choose not merely a president but a direction for the country.

Then, on Friday, came the announcement that Bader Ginsburg had died at the age of 87 of pancreatic cancer. It was her fourth battle with cancer, one she had only recently been optimistic she would win. Aware, as she was dying, that her passing would almost certainly become a political fight, Ginsburg told her granddaughter, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

But only someone utterly unfamiliar with how Washington works could believe that wish would be heeded.

“I think a 6-3 court is worth the White House and Senate,” one communications director for a Republican member of the Senate told Yahoo News. “The pro-life community has been waiting on this forever. There has to be a vote.”

In the immediate aftermath of the announcement, tributes filled social media and cable news. These invariably noted that Ginsburg was a supremely gifted jurist. And as only the second woman to ever don the robes of a Supreme Court justice, she inspired a generation of female jurists. There are now more women than men attending law school, thanks in part to Ginsburg and pioneering women like her. 

But those tributes obscure intense maneuvering by both Democrats and Republicans seeking to gain advantage on a narrowly divided court. Now in control of both the White House and Senate, Republicans want badly to nominate and confirm a justice within a matter of weeks. That justice, the third appointed by President Trump, would tip the court decisively to the right, softening conservatives’ disappointment with Chief Justice John Roberts, who has generally driven in the center lane.

Democrats have one goal, and one goal only: to honor Ginsburg’s dying wish and keep her seat open until January 20, 2021. On that day, they believe, Biden will be sworn in as the next president of the United States. But even getting to Election Day without a new Supreme Court nominee will be a challenge. Then will come the “lame duck” congressional session of November, December and January, with its own weird political calculus. And the entire battle will take place in the middle of a pandemic, as Congress also fiercely debates a new coronavirus relief package. 

“This will be a campaign of relentless organizing until the next president is in office,” Ben Jealous, president of the progressive group People for the American Way told Yahoo News. “We are building a coalition like never before.”

In other words, a heated election has been doused

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Using your retirement savings to buy a house probably isn’t worth it

But is it a good idea to jump on these rates if you have to dip into your retirement savings to do so? Probably not. Major purchases like buying a house are about more than taking advantage of financial breaks, says Eric Roberge, a certified financial planner and founder of Boston-based wealth management firm Beyond Your Hammock.

“I never tell people to buy real estate because of the situation. It’s more about, were you planning to buy real estate to begin with? And if so, what were you doing to prepare?” says Roberge, who regularly advises those in their 30s and 40s. 

Make sure you’re buying a home for the right reasons

“Don’t buy real estate because rates are down or because of the pandemic — buy real estate because it’s the best choice for you,” Roberge says. 

Low interest rates don’t always add up to savings in your pocket. Over half of home offers tracked by Redfin in August were part of a bidding war, which can mean that the overall cost of the home is higher. While the interest rate may be low, if you’re paying a higher price overall to secure the home you want, it could end up costing you more in the long run. 

If you’re considering buying a home in the current market, look at your savings levels before you browse listings, Roberge recommends. Do you have your cash reserves for emergencies set aside, plus money available for a down payment outside of your retirement savings? 

“If not, it’s probably not a good idea to raid your 401(k) in order to make that down payment,” he says. That’s because when you take money out of your retirement accounts, it doesn’t “magically grow back,” Roberge says. “It’s money you’ve removed that you’ve worked so hard to save. By putting that money into real estate, it’s a coin flip on whether that’s going to be a good investment or not.”

When you’re buying a home to live in, it’s not an investment in the same sense as buying stocks, Roberge says. “It’s looked at as a utility. It’s a place to live…You’re building equity, which is a fantastic thing. But it’s not this secret solution that’s going to magically make your financial life better,” he says.

Plus, there are ongoing costs to owning real estate, such as property taxes and maintenance. Those costs can really add up, especially if you didn’t build them into your budget. 

“An investment provides you a return on your cash,” Ryan Guina, founder and editor of the website Cash Money Life, told CNBC. “Unless you are renting out rooms or otherwise earning cash flow from your home, it is a liability.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t make money when you sell your home,” Guina added. “But even paper gains can be misleading, as you need to account for the cost of the transaction, the carrying costs leading up to the sale and other factors.”

Retirement accounts can be tricky to use

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Son sells birthday whiskey collection worth over $53G to buy his first house

Saving up to a buy a house can feel like a daunting task, but one young man in England found a unique way to do it. It turns out, his father’s idea to invest in whiskey paid off, literally.

Matthew Robson would receive a bottle of Macallan single malt as a birthday gift from his dad, the BBC reports. Over 28 years, Robson’s father reportedly spent over $6,000 on the whiskey.


Which is probably money well spent, because Robson reportedly has a collection worth $53,000, which he plans on turning into a down payment on his first house.

Matthew Robson would receive a bottle of Macallan single malt as a birthday gift from his dad.

Matthew Robson would receive a bottle of Macallan single malt as a birthday gift from his dad.

Robson told the BBC, “Each year I received it as a birthday present. I thought it was quite a quirky little present as I was slightly too young to start drinking. But I was under strict instructions, never, never to open them and I tried my hardest and succeeded and they’re all intact.”


Robson’s father explained, “I thought it would be interesting if I bought one every year and he’d end up with 18 bottles of 18-year-old whiskey for his 18th birthday. It wasn’t the only present he got from us. It was just meant to be a unique present but it was a little bit of luck that we kept it going.”


The value of Macallan has reportedly risen over the last five to 10 years, making Robson’s collection significantly more valuable. He’s working with a whiskey broker to sell it and says that there’s already a lot of interest from buyers in New York and Asia.

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House and Home Insurance: A Guide to Evaluating the Worth of Your Home and Belongings

You know that you have to get home insurance of some kind to protect your dwelling, but there are so many options that you might feel overwhelmed. It's important to determine just how much insurance you'll need to adequately protect your home, property, and contents. Don't forget about the items inside your home, either. Some basic insurance policies only include coverage for the property itself. It's ideal that you search for house and home insurance that covers everything, including walls, furniture, appliances, carpet, jewelry, electronics, and so forth.

At the minimum, make sure you get insurance that covers the property itself, contents, legal liability should anyone become injured on the property, and loss of use so that you'll be able to pay for temporary housing while the house gets repaired. If you want money for the actual REPAIRS, you'll need additional coverage such as flood, fire, windstorm, and so forth. Depending on where you live, flood and hurricane insurance might be required anyway.

Think about how much it will cost to rebuild the home, and how much money you'll need to replace all of the belongings that you lost. House and home insurance is designed to help you plan for the absolute worst, whatever it may be. Don't just simply consider the cost of rebuilding, there are going to be market fluctuations to consider as well. Plus, the value of many of your belongings is likely to go down over the years. If you've done any remodeling or added new features, that will affect the overall value of the home.

House and Home Insurance for Worst-Case Scenario

How much will it cost to rebuild and replace in a worst-case-scenario? This is something you might want to work with an agent with, as well as the contractors who helped with the renovation.

Is a broader policy right for you or do you want specific add-ons? Is there anything you want to exclude? If you live in an area that experiences freezing cold temperatures during winter months, you might want to consider a policy that includes protection against freezing pipes. If you live down in a valley and could possibly lose your home to mudslides, or have room damage from falling rocks, consider a policy that includes protection from falling objects.

As for the contents of the home itself, go around room to room taking inventory. In addition to approximating the costs of valuables such as jewelry and electronics, you should also remember to include furniture, goods, appliances, wall art, and so forth.

Start looking into plans offered by companies such as Lemonade. With its helpful tools such as an artificial intelligence bot, you can get an estimate for house and home insurance in just 90 seconds. Lemonade discounts are among the best in the industry, and the company is very transparent.

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Why Is It Worth To Build A Garden Room?

Garden rooms have become a common trend over time, and there are many reasons as to their popularity. For one, they allow you to have more space such that you do not have to cram your activities in one place. The options on the market are also eco-friendly, thus allowing you to impact the environment positively. What’s more, they provide your garden with an aesthetic appeal. There are various kinds of garden rooms, and they all serve a different purpose. As such, you need not stick to one design. Here are some fantastic ways in which you can make use of a garden room:

An artist studio

Artists are always looking for environments in which they can unlock their imagination and get their creative juices flowing. Garden rooms offer you a peaceful atmosphere where you won’t get interruptions when working. Whether you are working on a jewelry collection or fine art, you can get a garden room suited to your needs to help you accomplish the tasks ahead.

Home cinema

Sometimes, it is much easier to catch a movie from home owing to the convenience. However, there is always that urge to watch a film in the cinema as experiences tend to be more entertaining in such situations. You can opt to forego the queues at the cinema by making one of your own. The good thing about garden rooms is that you can customize them to fit your needs. As such, you can have a reception area where your guests would take their popcorn before moving to the movie area. You can get comfortable reclining seats to enhance the experience further. You could also choose a simple look by having some thrown pillows on the floor and a screen to the front. In this way, you can get away from all the distractions around you and enjoy your movie. You can also add a booming sound system and thanks to the insulation panels, people from the outside will not have a clue as to what you are doing.

Dance studio

People dance for different reasons. It could be as a hobby or for exercise, or you could be a professional dancer offering dance lessons. Whatever the reason, having a room dedicated to this activity will help you dance freely without the fear of knocking things over or tripping. With these rooms, you can customize the floors to withstand dance activities by using oak flooring. You can also insulate the rooms to ensure that sound does not travel from within and disturb people on the outside. You can also have mirrors in place to create the illusion of a large room, and these will also aid you in taking note of your progress. What’s more, you can regulate temperatures in the space, depending on the weather. The best thing about this room is that it allows you to focus on your dancing without fear that you will interrupt the activities of those around you.

Office spaces

There are many reasons …

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Home Improvement Ideas: The 10 Most Worth It

Summarized below are 10 home improvement ideas that can make your place more productive and more fun filled than ever. Here are those:

1. Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen update not only will increase your house's purchasing value, but also its aesthetic appeal. One way to remodel your kitchen is to utilize tile backsplashes, which is a stylistic way of spicing up your kitchen interiors. A light green tile backsplash, for example, helps highlight your simple white wood cabinetry or white marble ledges. If there's a contemporary feel to your rooms, then you can choose from clear natural colors to bold tiles, like red or orange. Colorful recycled glass tiles, on the other hand, can contribute to a vintage room's pragmatic feel. In general, coupled with other remodelling ideas, the finished output is dazzling, yet not exaggerated, balancing the final design of your home.

2. Roof Replacement

Given the wide range of roof types and materials you can choose from, roof replacement can invariably alter the character and the vibe of your home. For example, if you want a natural feel to your roof, you can pick natural thin layers of slate. If, on the other hand, you want an energy efficient and a fire resistant roof that comes in designer colors, a metal roof is advisable. Actually, there are many other options other than these. But all in all, all roofing materials and types can add to your home's appeal, aside from it protecting you from catastrophes.

3. Deck Addition

Deck addition can increase the value of your home, it can also make it a more desirable area to go home to, after school or after work. I mean, there's nothing like relaxing on a deck, enjoying the view with a cool or hot drink in your hand, right?

4. Bathroom Remodelling

Bathrooms are more than merely a utilitarian area in your home, as you can put many twists on it. There are many available bathroom systems you can choose from. For example, you can install a bathroom system with a walk-in tub that will allow you to enter the tub with much ease, without the need to step over the awkward barrier of a traditional tub, which might cause you to slip or fall off . Aside from this, many other striking alternatives are available. You can also add faucets and mirrors, and then paint it to freshen it. In any case, building a better bathroom, to create an ideal at-home oasis, is legitimately necessary.

5. Reinventing a Room

You can reinvent your room by turning any unoccupied spaces in your home, like your attic and your basements, and convert it into a bedroom, a living room, or a game room instead. In that way, you can maximize your home's space, and also its value.

6. Set Up a Backyard Patio

With a backyard patio, you can have intimate and cozy gatherings with your loved ones, without the need to go out and spend lavishly. All the more, you can …

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