3 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling – What's In and What's Out

Are you considering a master bathroom remodel? Updating your master bathroom is a great investment in your home. Not only will you enjoy all the comfort and convenience of your master bathroom remodel but this important home makeover will also add value to your home.

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, you've got options. You might be interested in a smaller remodel with simple changes like a fresh coat of paint, added shelving and storage racks, or new towels, mirrors and other accessories. If you've got a bigger budget and a loftier bathroom remodel plan, it may include converting a traditional bathtub shower into a walk-in shower, and upgrading your toilets, cabinetry, flooring, lighting and sinks.

Before finalizing your plans for a bathroom remodel, learn about the latest design trends, materials and options. You want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment, and that you even enjoy a return for months and years to come.

3 Trends in Bathroom Design

1. Tub Showers Out, Walk-In Showers In: Shower tubs, while still functional, are less stylish for bathroom remodels. Showers are beginning to replace tubs because of their functionality and extensive design options. Today, many showers are made out of several different types of materials, including: marble, granite, tile and glass. Bathtubs tend to look stagnant with their simple porcelain design. Tossing out the tub for the elegant and spacious look a walk-in shower offers can definitely add a fresh look. While growing families may require a bathtub for smaller children, a walk-in shower can be just as functional for those older in age. A walk-in shower provides more accessibility and options to customize the look of your new bathroom.

2. Throw-Carpets Out, Tile In: Let's face it, throw carpets in the bathroom are typically a thing of the past. These pieces of fabric become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and even tripping hazards. Instead of adding a piece of carpet runner or slab, why not select a neat tile design to give your bathroom functional elegance? Today there are so many shapes, styles and colors of tile that you will love the way you can transform this space. Your tile should reflect your new bathroom style and add to the character of the space. For tile options, you might consider something unusual like faux-wood tiles or newer metallic designs, or you may opt for a timeless classic like subway tile. There are so many options available like faux-wood, Mediterranean tile art or even just the ever popular subway tile.

3. Loud Colors Out, Soft Colors In: Many bathroom remodels involve implementing an appealing design in a limited amount of space. Loud colors are not your friend if you have a tiny bathroom. Bright, harsh or dark colors oftentimes close-in a space. Soft and more neutral colors will brighten up your area and add a fresh open look to your bathroom.

When remodeling your bathroom, consider the latest bathroom trends including the three detailed …

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Rubber Vs Vinyl: What's the Better Type of Garden Hose?

Rolling out the garden hose to water the lawn, your flowers and landscaping is somewhat of a rite of spring. But do you know what type of hose is best for you? Yes, even the most seemingly simple gardening tools have a variety of options for homeowners to choose from. In terms of garden hoses, there are things like thickness, length and material that should be considered. The latter factor is one of the most important to consider and typically boils down to whether a rubber or vinyl / plastic garden hose is best for your situation.

So what will it be for you – plastic or rubber? Here's a look at the pros and cons of each.

Plastic / Vinyl

Generally speaking, plastic or vinyl garden hoses are the cheaper of the two aforementioned hose options. They're also better for more basic gardening needs, as these hoses tend to be lighter in weight and easier to handle, yet less durable than their rubber counterparts. Here's a look at more pros and cons of plastic or vinyl hoses:

PRO: Good for mild climates. Plastic has a tendency to warp when exposed to prolonged hot temperatures. Typically, the more mild climates are ideal for this hose type. While it can still be used in more extreme conditions, homeowners are often advised to store it when not using it to avoid warping and premature wear in such conditions.

CON: Kinks. Plastic or vinyl hoses kink much easier than rubber ones.

CON: Damage easier. Plastic / vinyl hoses don't roll up as easy as rubber ones and are more likely to crack and develop leaks in cold weather.


Rubber hoses are a more expensive option than plastic / vinyl hoses and therefore come with a greater up-front cost. But they are also more durable and ideal for more intensive gardening operations. Here's a closer look at some pros and cons of rubber hoses:

PRO: Long lasting. Rubber hoses are better quality than plastic / vinyl, meaning they last longer, are easier to store and more resistant to kinks . They are also better able to endure more extreme weather conditions than plastic or vinyl hoses. They can also be purchased with a reinforced lining which makes them more resistant to kinking and cracking.

CON: Heavy. Rubber hoses are more durable than vinyl hoses – that's good. But they're also heavier and more labor intensive to maneuver, which can be off-putting for many. If you're still not sold on either of the aforementioned options, why not consider a hose that's the best of both worlds? That's right, rubber / vinyl hose combinations are available that combine the lightweight of plastic hoses with the durability of rubber hoses. However, one con to this type of hybrid hose is that they are often priced more than standard rubber hoses, which are the more expensive option in the rubber vs. plastic garden hose arena. So a rubber / vinyl hose will likely be the most expensive …

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