7 stunning decor items under Rs 1,500 for a stylish home upgrade | Most Searched Products

When it comes to decorative pieces for a home, the list is endless. From mirrors, lighting, photo frames to showpieces, there is something for everyone. For a quick refreshment and upgrade, you can also swap conventional and overused items like lamps and lighting with decorative ones for an instant change. If you are looking for some inspiration for decorating your home, our handpicked pieces will surely impress you. Check them out below:

This handwoven rug will instantly upgrade your living space and make it look much more inviting.

Enhance the brightness and airiness of your studio apartment with this frameless mirror. A mirror creates a sense of space in rooms and also reflects light. This mirror is available for
Rs 1,299 only.

Bring home a rustic, nostalgic vibe with these tungsten lamps that emit a warm glow.

Wooden wall clock

Wall clocks have become a rare sight these days with most of us relying on the digital clock on our phone. This
wooden watch on the wall will look decorative and remind you of simpler times.

Rugs have the ability to add warmth to space. Cosy furnishings inspire a feeling of rest and calm. This rug will surely elevate the looks of your home. This rug is available in 3 sizes.

coffee table will enhance the looks of your living room without feeling obstructive. It’s thin legs in iron create an open space that can be further decorated with accessories and plants.

Turn your home into a calm haven with decor accessories that are understated and sophisticated. This white porcelain vase would look lovely paired with dainty flowers.

DISCLAIMER: The Times of India’s journalists were not involved in the production of this article. The product prices mentioned in the article are subject to change with offers given by Amazon.in

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Baltimore Ravens upgrade interior offensive line

A quarter of the way through the 2020 season and we have a brand new 2021 NFL Draft mock. In it, the Baltimore Ravens get themselves a brand new center.

Draft order courtesy of nfl.com, with picks 31 and 32 matched as a Super Bowl matchup.

1. New York Jets: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

The Jets might not win a football game in 2020. Thankfully, this lands them the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and the “winners” of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Sam Darnold is far from the problem in New York, but you can’t pass up a prospect like Lawrence. The Jets will auction off Darnold to the highest bidder and take the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck with the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

2. Miami Dolphins (via Houston Texans): Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

The Dolphins just drafted an offensive tackle in the form of Austin Jackson during the 2020 NFL Draft, but the team cannot pass up the potential that is Penei Sewell. Sewell is seemingly flawless and a future All-Pro at the position. Adding Sewell would allow Miami to kick Jackson to the right side permanently and give the offensive line bookend tackles.

3. New York Giants: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

The Giants could easily grab a quarterback here with the underwhelming play of Daniel Jones. Instead, they’ll get a top-flight wide receiver in Ja’Marr Chase and give Jones the opportunity to throw to a legit X-receiver. Chase would have been WR1 in the 2020 NFL Draft had been eligible. Chase is the do-it-all kind of guy quarterbacks dream of throwing to.

4. Atlanta Falcons: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami (FL.)

Despite investments to improve its pass rush, the Falcons simply can’t get it right. Gregory Rousseau could finally be the answer the franchise has been looking for off the edge. Rousseau is long and athletic and can even kick inside to give the defensive front more versatility. Rousseau will finally make Atlanta’s pass rush a respectable one.

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48 Cheap Things Interior Decorators Secretly Rely On To Upgrade A Home

Let’s face it: You have outdated countertops, plain white walls, and floors that are scuffed all over. That’s OK, though. It’s common for houses to need little upgrades here and there, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg on renovations. Just stick to all the cheap things on Amazon that interior decorators use to upgrade homes.

Giving your dull or worn-out surfaces a makeover can help breathe new life into a room — but if you’re living in a rental, you’ll probably want something that’s removable. The white marble contact paper I’ve included will bring your outdated space from 1970 into 2020. And if your counters are already pristine, you can just as easily use it as an accent wall to your kitchen (or even as a peel-and-stick backsplash).

Contact paper isn’t the only thing that decorators use to upgrade homes for less. According to designer tips by Family Handyman, you can prevent your home from feeling stale by switching up the textures in every room. Faux fur step stools and a wrought iron wine racks are not only functional, but they make your home feel more “you.” And in the event your home is already something straight from HGTV, there’s also a pastel rug that’s subtle yet chic, pendant lights for a farmhouse vibe, and even a mulberry silk pillowcase to upgrade your bedding.

So what are you waiting for? When you’re looking to upgrade your home for less, you can’t go wrong with all the products that designers secretly rely on. Keep scrolling to discover their picks.


The Molding Trim That’s Ultra-Versatile


A Roll Of Stylish Wallpaper For Renters


These Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Just pair these smart light bulbs with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to control them using voice commands. They’re energy-efficient to help you save on utilities, and each one has a lifespan of up to 35,000 hours.


A Light Switch Plate That Looks Like Glittery Granite


The White Noise Machine That Makes Your Ceiling Look Like Art

If you’re regularly having trouble falling asleep, it might be time to give this white noise machine a try. Unlike many competing machines, this one features soothing aurora night lights to help you ease into sleep, along with six built-in nature sounds. Plus, adding ceiling decor can revamp a room — and these lights can help.


An Affordable End Table That Comes In Different Colors

Coffee tables can easily add decor to any living room — and with raised edges along the top, this end table is a great addition. (It also makes it hard for drinks and items to fall down to the ground.) It’s made from rust-resistant metal with a wear-resistant coating, and there are six colors to choose from: mint blue, pink, dark green, and more.


These Magnetic Curtain Ties For Letting Natural Light In

Tired of your curtains falling loose? Keep them tied

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Easy, cheap tips to organize and upgrade your kitchen – Lifestyle – providencejournal.com

I bought a plastic-bag organizer recently, and the other day, as I was shoving a grocery bag into its neat confines, I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. It was an emotion that was hard to place, one that resided somewhere between calm — all too fleeting these days — and, dare I say it, joy?

So maybe you don’t have the energy for a full Marie Kondo-style purging of your household, but if the novelty of home cooking has worn thin as the pandemic continues, consider a kitchen overhaul.

Here’s a roundup of cheap — mostly free — tips for inspiration. If they sound like no-brainers, well, maybe they are. But both my husband and I have noticed how these minor adjustments have made our lives noticeably better — and easier. And who couldn’t use an easier life right now?

Do a deep cleaning

It may sound like a drag, but put on some dance music and see how much pent-up aggression you can work out. Do all the crummy jobs: Get in the corners; clean the grease off the tops of the cupboards; pull out the stove and the refrigerator. Getting rid of that blanket of dust on the fridge motor will make it function more effectively too. You need a clean slate.

Rearrange your refrigerator

Yes, clean it and throw out the long-expired condiments. But then, take a look at the shelves. Are you always struggling to find a spot for the milk? Consider reconfiguring them to eliminate minor daily hassles.

Rethink your drawers and cabinets

What other annoyances could you eliminate with a bit of rejiggering? Where else could you put the tongs that make the drawer jam every time you open it? How about employing a little-used vase as a utensil bucket so you don’t even need to open a drawer for those tongs?

Could you streamline your movements around the kitchen if you shuffled what you have in your cabinets? I’m not sure how I chose the cupboard for my plates when we moved in; I suspect it was the one closest to the box where the dishes were packed. Moving the plates made my prep area more efficient and saved a few steps — which may seem minor, but who has even a few steps’ worth of energy to spare these days?

Engage in some gentle KonMari

As you reorganize, think about what you have and whether you really need it; if you can shed it, get rid of it. Note what’s worn out and needs to be replaced. If you can afford to replace that dull can opener, do it; if not, put it on a list for down the road.

Invest in organizers for convenience

A small, cardboard box (free). Back when I tested a bunch of meal kits, one of the companies sent its produce in a small cardboard box (think shoebox), which I saved to keep onions, potatoes and other root vegetables in a dry cupboard. Should something rot

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These Efficient, Sleek Trash Cans Will Upgrade Your Kitchen

Let’s face it: As much as we need our kitchen trash cans, they usually aren’t very fun to look at. But a sleek garbage bin isn’t impossible to find—you just need to dig a little. “A good-looking, quality-made trash can may cost a little more upfront, but it will save you money through its durability and efficiency,” says NAPO board member director Jennifer Truesdale of STR8N UP professional organizing services. “It can save you time by providing for easy cleanup.”

However, with all the bins available on the market, separating the best-performing options from the lackluster ones can be tricky. There are, however, certain features to prioritize. “You never want a kitchen trash can to be too large, because the trash will sit for longer and start creating smells,” Truesdale explains. “Having a lid will help contain smells, and of course provide a cleaner look.”

Along with a lid, it’s also essential to look for a garbage can that streamlines disposal and cleanup. “Having a foot pedal is great for freestanding cans to avoid messy hands touching the lids and creating extra cleaning work,” Truesdale says. “Also, a trashcan made of material that’s easy to clean, like stainless steel or recycled plastic, will help lighten your housework-load.”

Of course, it also pays to have a bin that helps keep you organized, too. “Pull out trash bins are great for hiding unsightly trash cans and may often allow for multiple cans for both trash and recycling,” Truesdale continues. “They are also useful to keep pets out of trash cans or knocking them over.” Looking for a sleek, but reliable garbage can to help streamline your kitchen space? From polished chrome bins to super slim styles and more, read ahead for several of our favorites.

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12 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage

No matter what size kitchen you’re cooking in, it takes some true effort to keep it clean, functional and organized. But whether you’re in need of a better storage system in your pantry or you’re looking to maximize counter and cabinet space, there are several simple ways to whip your kitchen into shape.

From hanging pots and pans organizers to revolving spice racks, here’s everything you need to create a polished kitchen where you’ll enjoy spending time.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Patch may earn a small commission.

SimpleHouseware Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack Holder, $14.87 — Awkwardly stacked pots, pans and lids are a pain to access and a huge waste of cabinet and countertop space— which is why this pan organizer is ideal for your kitchen. The organizer can fit right in your cabinet or on top of your counter and neatly holds up to five pans.

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set, $25.47 — Organize your pantry like never before with these food storage containers. The set comes with seven BPA-free storage containers and lids, and a measuring spoon set, as well as a chalkboard marker and reusable chalkboard labels to label each of your containers. The canisters are ideal for all kinds of food, and their airtight lids ensure that food will stay fresh. They’re also stackable to minimize the space they take up in your pantry.

SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer, $14.97 — Your kitchen will thank you for these cabinet organizers that provide extra storage. Create more space in your cabinets with the stackable shelves, which will hold everything from boxes and cans of food to dinnerware and mugs.

Mr IRONSTONE Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack, $99.99 This convenient kitchen utility shelf will do wonders for your kitchen when it comes to storage and organization. Not only is it a stylish accent that’s available in colors and finishes that will match any kitchen, it will also organize everything in your kitchen from holding a microwave to housing pots, pans, dinnerware and more.

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, $22.87 — Cans can take up tons of space in your cabinets or pantry, but this can rack will create a more-organized system that will store up to 36 cans or jars. The sturdy stacker comes with six adjustable plastic dividers to help fit cans and jars of all sizes.

GOOD TO GOOD Silicone Sponges Holder, $12.99 — Soaps and sponges deserve a designated spot in your kitchen — and this silicone holder is the perfect home for them. The holder protects the sink area from soap scum or water and keeps wet sponges off the counter.

Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack, $38.99 — Cooks will love the convenience, organization and modern design of this spice rack, which is home to 20 spices including basil, rosemary, mint and more. The spice assortment comes in pre-filled glass jars with labels. And the best part? The rack

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24 decor pieces under $50 to upgrade your outdoor space

24 decor pieces under $50 to upgrade your outdoor space (Photo: Getty Images / M_a_y_a)

—Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

It’s nearly fall, which means it’s time for the leaves to turn and bonfires to burn, but… some of us are still stuck at home. Those of us who are lucky enough to have some outdoor space have got to be counting our blessings right now—but not all outdoor spaces are equal. There’s a huge gulf between an empty patch of yard, and a fully functional space for relaxing, entertaining, and gardening, or working outside.

The good news is that pretty much any space can rise to the occasion with some time and investment. Don’t worry—that investment doesn’t have to be huge. A few pieces of comfortable patio furniture, some attractive lighting, or the beginning of a grilling space can completely transform your backyard. To stoke your inspiration, here are 24 products under $50 that can help you take your outdoor space to the next level.

1. A classic swing to get the kids outside

This wooden swing is the next best thing to a dirty old tire…on second thought, maybe this is better (Photo: Home Depot)

Some of my best memories of childhood are of hurtling along on a rope swing, either in a backyard or over a body of water, feeling my body whip around in a way that was probably not totally safe. For a similar, but less precarious experience, check out this classic flat wooden swing that can attach with the included rope to a tree branch or separate swing set.

One reviewer calls this swing “perfect,” and mentions that it works great for their great-granddaughter. They also mentioned that the swing seat felt a bit slippery, but that adding a piece of anti-slip material meant to go beneath a rug solved the problem. One more word of caution—this swing only promises to support up to one hundred pounds of weight, so most of us adults and big kids should think twice before trying to recreate those childhood memories.

Get the Wooden Flat Bench Specialty Swing for Kids Playset from Home Depot for $13.53

2. A bug zapper to make your outdoor space actually usable

For a serious bug problem, you might want to consider an electric solution (Photo: Home Depot)

Depending on where you live, managing the insect population may be step one in your journey to create a functional outdoor space. No one is going to want to have dinner outside or take your work to the back porch if you’re in danger of being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

This bug zapper can help you spend time outside without being bothered by buzzing insects. It works by attracting bugs to the bright light, and then electrically zapping them—a sort of advanced flyswatter. Buyer Jeremy H was impressed by its performance, saying, “I don’t usually write reviews but decided to after how

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Target Is Selling Woven Raffia Pumpkins That’ll Upgrade Your Fall Decor

From House Beautiful

Some people prefer an extravagant display of autumn decor, while others go for a more low-key seasonal aesthetic. Thankfully, Target caters to both. The decorative raffia pumpkins the retailer is selling right now, though, are a find that anyone part of the latter group would love.

The light brown pumpkins from Threshold feature a woven raffia texture, making them the perfect addition to any neutral-toned space. They come in two sizes: 6.5 inches by 6 inches and 7 inches by 8 inches. The smaller one costs $10 and the larger one is $15. You can display one or multiple in the same size, or buy both sizes to create a faux corner-of-a-pumpkin-patch look.

These subtle yet stunning decorative pumpkins can be placed on a console, shelf, side table, along the edges of your front door, or even (a safe distance!) near the fireplace. You can also pair them with other fall decor, like Target’s pumpkin-shaped pumpkin pie scented candles. Target always has the hook-up for seasonal candles. Oh and if you’re willing to branch out into the more colorful decor space, Target is selling Disney-themed no-carve pumpkin decorating kits that are perfect for kids or Disney-loving adults.

As always, if you’re not sure what direction you want to take your seasonal interior design in, don’t fret. Simply let Target tell you what you need. There’s something for everyone!

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15 best home decor accents to upgrade your space

15 home decor products under $20 that will revamp your space (Photo: Etsy/H&M)

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

We’re spending more time at home these days, and seeing the same things in the same rooms every single day can get old fast. Fortunately, if you’re looking to change things up, you don’t need to hire expensive contractors or designers to give your space a makeover. Often, all it takes are a few well-placed home décor accents that cost no more than a couple lattes. From greenery to gold and marble to minimalist geometric patterns, the best home décor items you can buy are both stunning and affordable. Below are some of our top picks—and they all cost less than $20.

1. These lush faux vines

You have low-maintenance plants like succulents, and then you have no-maintenance plants like faux hanging vines. Bring the outdoors inside with this top-selling home décor accent boasting over 840 reviews. Of these five vines, customers note how well they pair with another trendy décor item: “Look amazing and very realistic, nice to decorate any space! Look great when coupled with some fairy lights.”

Get the Decorative Vines Set at Urban Outfitters for $14

2. These fairy lights

Set the mood without all the clunky lamps and fluorescent overhead lighting. (Photo: Twinkle Star)

Fairy lights are a super effective and budget-friendly way to update your space with a dash of glam and nostalgia. As a best-seller with over 20,000 Amazon reviews (you read that right), this decorative must-have includes eight settings like waves, twinkling, and steadily illuminated so you can instantly transform your home’s atmosphere. Since they’re waterproof, you can use them to update your outdoor patio, too.

Get Twinkle Star String Lights on Amazon for $17.99

3. This dignified sculpture

A soft feather in a sturdy brass design provides a texture contrast you never thought you knew you needed. (Photo: CosmoLiving)

It doesn’t get much classier than this five-star-rated vintage-inspired metallic quill resting daintily on a white marble base. At six inches tall, it’ll jazz up virtually any corner of your home while accentuating décor styles of all color palettes. Use it as a paperweight or bookshelf accent—you can’t go wrong.

Get the CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Aluminum Feather Sculpture at Home Depot for $18.36

4. These hand-painted hooks

World Market is your hookup for all things unique, hand-painted, and extremely useful. (Photo: World Market)

The key to décor that works for you—as opposed to against you—is to incorporate it into furniture and pieces around your home that you use every day. These top-rated hooks feature whimsical floral designs aimed to add a dose of levity to your space. Many reviewers note they loved the hooks so much that they even ordered more after their first purchase. Says one reviewer: “I had searched hard for small decorative hooks to use in the kitchen

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Square Shower Enclosure – Stylish Option to Upgrade or Transform Your Bathroom

At present life is running faster than ever. Everybody is in a hurry to finish their daily based tasks. Do you want to relax after a hard day at work? Are you so much conscious about your health and for this purpose you want to relax? The best option for your body after the tiring day is a nice bath in a Square Shower Enclosure.

The best place to relax:

Bath is not only considered to be the best place for hygiene, but also the place where you can easily relax and recharge yourself for the next working day. This enclosure comes with the modern look to make your bathroom looks good, permits you to relax and spend some good spare time.

Expensive Rates:

It is a myth that shower enclosures kits are very expensive, but in reality, it is not like that everybody has his in the bathroom. The price for these can vary according to the design, volume, and the material. Buying cheap version of these bath accessories doesn’t mean that their designs are very simple, in reality, expensive ones have a high level of designs and they also performing more than the affordable ones.

Why people gives importance to Shower Enclosures Quadrant:

Wanted to know that why people wanted to buy these? First of all, these Shower Enclosures are not costly at all and suits to every person budget. Second, it gives a modern and unique look to your bathroom. You can choose these in a wide variety of designs. Third, it saves the space, grasps the shower accessories, and easier to clean after many years.

Which is one famous more?

The most popular on the market today are offset quadrant shower enclosure. It is a great solution if you have small sized bathroom because make your bathroom looks bigger. Along with space, this enclosure will give a stylish and elegant look to your bathroom. When buying these then make sure that you choose the suitable one, which integrates your overall bathroom design, not disturbing from any point of view and its glass makes you capable of seeing clear. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom and have a lot of space in the bathroom, then you can think of buying it. These are normally located in the middle of the bathroom so that the glasses surround it from four sides.


When it comes to the Budget, they are available in the various different price range, but you have to choose the one according to your budget. If you like a shower which exceeds your budget, then you have to wait for the sale or choose any other design. Once you have installed it, they will stay for many years.

And for the end, this bathroom accessory are easy to clean, all the sides of it are made of glass and dirt can be realized easily. When it comes to the material of Shower Enclosure, it made easy for taking care of and spotless.…

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