Home decor ideas to transform your space into a cozy oasis

For many across the country, the leaves are beginning to change and with that, everyone is doing all they can to prepare their homes for the cold days ahead. (Photo: Getty Images)
For many across the country, the leaves are beginning to change and with that, everyone is doing all they can to prepare their homes for the cold days ahead. (Photo: Getty Images)

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there is nothing more satisfying than snuggling up on the couch with a nice cup of tea to watch a favorite autumnal movie. Bonus points if you’ve got a snuggly cat on your lap. For many across the country, the leaves are beginning to change and with that, everyone is doing all they can to prepare their homes for the cold days ahead.

While some may only opt for a small pumpkin on their coffee table to set the mood, there are plenty of other home decor ideas to make your living space as cozy (and seasonal) as possible. With the expertise of interior designers Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow and Jessica McCarthy of JAM x Creative, here are 10 products that are both affordable and chic to easily transform your space for optimal coziness.

When it comes to creating a cozy space, there is nothing that screams cozy like a delicious candle. “Changing your home’s scent during the seasons is a super easy way to make your home feel cozy and unique to your personal scent preferences,” McCarthy says. If you really want to push the fall theme even further, try this pumpkin-shaped candle that smells like a warm bonfire. The Autumn Bonfire scent is packed with fallen pine cones, red oak, fresh eucalyptus and juniper berry. Truly intoxicating to smell — and adorable to look at.

One of the simplest ways to transform a space is to add texture and comfortable places to sit. Guyton recommends to “layer on different textures that add an element of comfort such as rugs, accent pillows and throws” to curate a cozy environment. This soft floor pillow is a prime example. Made of 100 percent polyester, this blush pillow gives you comfort and warmth without taking up too much space. Floor seating just got a whole lot chicer.

If you are looking for a effortless way to create ambiance in a room, try string lights. Although people usually decorate with them around the holidays, don’t let that deter you from putting these up year round. They are popular for a reason! To classy up this cozy add-on, go for a design that is less traditional, like this playful curtain alignment. Made of LED lights, wiring and plastic, hang these as a statement wall piece for an instant eye-catcher. Nothing sets the mood quite like twinkling stars. 

Adding greenery to your space is an easy way to make it feel more homey and to bring nature indoors. But unless you have a serious green thumb, a faux plant is the way to go. It is the perfect way to make an environment feel cozier without breaking the bank or making a mess. This faux fiddle leaf, with gorgeous life-like

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Swiggy’s cloud kitchen model is set to transform dining

When food delivery startup Swiggy started cloud kitchens three years ago, it was a sideshow in its food delivery business. The concept caught on as restaurant brands that had a following in one area could expand easily into new localities or even other cities. Investment in real estate was reduced because these kitchens could be smaller and didn’t need premium locations, apart from doing away with seating and the staff for serving.

Various models arose. Some introduced cloud kitchens in addition to restaurants for expansion, like Chennai’s Buhari becoming available in Coimbatore. Others like Rebel Foods created fully virtual brands that only came from dark kitchens. This became a new real estate and services play as restaurants only had to provide cooking staff while everything else, including cleaning and maintenance, could be outsourced.

Cloud kitchens caught a new impetus after the covid pandemic struck this year. Now even high-end restaurants in luxury hotels resorted to those as eating out took a nosedive and is yet to return to anywhere near the pre-covid levels. For example, Swiggy rolled out a Marriott-on-wheels with menus and prices tailored for delivery at home. Marriott could launch online-only brands whose specs varied from those of its on-premise dining.

“We help create new brands out of the existing kitchens of fine-dining restaurants,” says Vishal Bhatia, CEO, Swiggy New Supply. “For example, a premium restaurant for Chinese cuisine can use the same infrastructure to produce mass Chinese brands. We can help with the catalogue, pricing and discounting for it.”

This helps restaurants find new consumers and partially offset the under-utilization of kitchen facilities and culinary staff. “Everyone’s volumes have dropped and they’re looking for new revenue avenues,” says Bhatia.

Swiggy has co-created nearly 200 brands since the launch of this model using existing kitchens of restaurants in February. It’s too early to say how many restaurants will persist with these if they’re able to restore dining on premises, which gives them far higher margins. What started as a stopgap arrangement could get entrenched as a parallel business.

Plenty of challenges remain. Data analytics is one of the levers of online food delivery catering to mass consumers. “We can match cuisines to gaps in delivery. Then we can plug restaurants to those locations to fill the cuisine gap,” says Bhatia.

But this is still an imperfect science because consumer tastes, behaviours and cultures vary. Besides, the huge number of brands jostling for attention on a food delivery app creates a problem of visibility for all but the best-known brands.

Hygiene is another issue that cloud kitchens will have to address increasingly. The mass consumer may have been blase about this before the pandemic, but covid has raised awareness of cleanliness and what goes into food.

“We have food safety rankings and a checklist for a food safety audit of cloud kitchens. During the pandemic, because the safety team wasn’t able to visit the kitchens, we installed cameras to ensure safety protocols were followed. If the protocol isn’t followed,

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Ideal Victorian five-bedroom home took over two years to transform

Kate bought her detached Victorian five-bedroom home, in a conservation area in Hereford, in 2017 (Picture: Richard Weaver Photography)

Nomadic interior designer Kate Hollingsworth finally feels settled after creating her ideal home – after two years of hard graft.

For Kate, there is no greater thrill than finding a beautiful but unloved home, restoring it back to its former glory – and then immediately getting started on another project.

‘I’ve renovated at least eight houses, and then have always sold up and moved on, as I get bored,’ says Kate. ‘This time, though, I’m just not feeling the itch again. There is so much scope at my present home, it is like a great big gorgeous doll’s house.

‘And I haven’t even got cracking on the garden yet.’

Kate, 43, bought her detached Victorian five-bedroom home – which she shares with her two teenage sons and two cats – in a conservation area of the ancient cathedral city of Hereford in the winter of 2017.

‘I had my eye on the house for quite a while, but its last owners just hadn’t been ready to sell it,’ says Kate. ‘It had been reconfigured into seven separate bedsits, so they did a great job converting it back into one large family home.

The detached Victorian five-bedroom home in a conservation area of the ancient cathedral city of Hereford (Picture: Richard Weaver Photography)

‘It was pretty old-fashioned, though, stuffed full of furniture, and the whole house smelt of dogs. But the large-scale rooms were so impressive and they’ve been perfect as not just a space for me and the boys, but for shoots and product launches.’

If you suspect Kate’s home looks like a campaign for a luxurious homewares store, well, that’s because it partly is.

Sleek and chic: chalky painted floorboards, sparkling chandeliers, pink velvet-upholstered chairs, indulgent sheepskins, cushions and delicate vintage-style glass vases (Picture: Richard Weaver Photography)

In 2016, with her two sisters, Michelle and Sarah, Kate founded central Hereford homewares boutique and online store Camperdown Lane, showcasing products from both small independent designers and big manufacturers.

Named after the location of their favourite childhood home, also in Hereford – where their interiors-mad mum let them design their own bedrooms – the shop has become a local byword for comfort and luxury.

The store sells everything from plush, hand-made British furniture, carved Indian cabinetry, soft wool throws and candles to lamps, baskets and tablecloths.

An eclectic spot: bright and colourful with a trace of vintage (Picture: Richard Weaver Photography)

Against a backdrop of pale grey and hot pink Farrow & Ball wall shades, chalky painted floorboards and sparkling chandeliers, some of Kate’s carefully curated pieces – pink velvet-upholstered chairs, indulgent sheepskins, cushions and delicate vintage-style glass vases – are on display. So far, so unashamedly feminine.

But eclectic items such as wooden carts and artfully rusted benches, along with upcycled mahogany furniture, wait in the wings to find their perfect spots in the house and grounds.

‘Both my sisters and
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Couple transform their ‘dated’ kitchen with genius whiteboard pen hack

This year, Brits have spent more time in their houses than ever before.

And as a result – many have turned their attention to long-overdue DIY projects that have been on top of the to-do list for years.

Transforming an entire room in your home can get pricey, but a savvy Bolton couple managed give their kitchen a contemporary new look while sticking to their budget.

Sean Kay, 30, and his wife Leah, 23, gave their ‘dated’ kitchen an impressive makeover using a lick of paint, budget-friendly accessories, and whiteboard pens to upcycle the kitchen tiles.

Sean said: “As I am a teacher, I had lots of whiteboard markers lying around my house.

“As the black grouting pen wasn’t showing up very well we decided to get colouring in the grout with the whiteboard markers and it looks amazing!

“It wiped off the tiles so easily but stayed in the grout. It was done in two hours.

“We are so proud of ourselves for making our vision a reality on a budget.

“Previously, we didn’t spend much time in our dated kitchen but now we don’t want to leave it!”

Sean posted before and after pictures in the DIY on a Budget Official Facebook and received more than 768 likes and more than 100 comments.

In the post, Sean wrote: “Nearly finished our kitchen transformation using hornblower blue frenchic paint and we love it!

“We’ve just got our new glass top table today and we are waiting for our blue velvet chairs to arrive.

a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets: Before picture of the kitchen

© Sean Kieran Kay
Before picture of the kitchen

“Everything bought has been haggled and searched for until we grabbed bargains.

“We used white dc fix fablon on the worktops. We used white board markers in the grout of the tiles.

“Just awaiting our curtains blinds and other accessories now!

“We now need to change the flooring as the current vinyl has got so many stains, holes and paint on it!

“Thanks for all of your comments. It’s been hard work over the last few weeks but worth it.”

a kitchen with a sink and a mirror: Sean and Leah's stunning kitchen transformation

© Sean Kieran Kay
Sean and Leah’s stunning kitchen transformation

Sean and Leah, a part-time GP receptionist and owner of the Leah Kay The Body Shop at Home Facebook group, began to use social media to boost their DIY skills.

The couple, who also have a two-year-old son called Terry, joined the Frenchic Fan Forum Facebook group for tips and tricks and watched YouTube DIY tutorials in their spare time.

Sean said: “To prime the cupboards we first cleaned them with frenchic sugar soap, wiped them down with water, lightly sanded them by hand and wiped off any dust.

“After that the paint went on like a dream – a little paint goes a long way. You are supposed to use it sparingly and it dries really quickly.

“After the first coat, they looked awful and we were starting to regret it but after the second and third cost they looked great. We applied three coats leaving

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Square Shower Enclosure – Stylish Option to Upgrade or Transform Your Bathroom

At present life is running faster than ever. Everybody is in a hurry to finish their daily based tasks. Do you want to relax after a hard day at work? Are you so much conscious about your health and for this purpose you want to relax? The best option for your body after the tiring day is a nice bath in a Square Shower Enclosure.

The best place to relax:

Bath is not only considered to be the best place for hygiene, but also the place where you can easily relax and recharge yourself for the next working day. This enclosure comes with the modern look to make your bathroom looks good, permits you to relax and spend some good spare time.

Expensive Rates:

It is a myth that shower enclosures kits are very expensive, but in reality, it is not like that everybody has his in the bathroom. The price for these can vary according to the design, volume, and the material. Buying cheap version of these bath accessories doesn’t mean that their designs are very simple, in reality, expensive ones have a high level of designs and they also performing more than the affordable ones.

Why people gives importance to Shower Enclosures Quadrant:

Wanted to know that why people wanted to buy these? First of all, these Shower Enclosures are not costly at all and suits to every person budget. Second, it gives a modern and unique look to your bathroom. You can choose these in a wide variety of designs. Third, it saves the space, grasps the shower accessories, and easier to clean after many years.

Which is one famous more?

The most popular on the market today are offset quadrant shower enclosure. It is a great solution if you have small sized bathroom because make your bathroom looks bigger. Along with space, this enclosure will give a stylish and elegant look to your bathroom. When buying these then make sure that you choose the suitable one, which integrates your overall bathroom design, not disturbing from any point of view and its glass makes you capable of seeing clear. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom and have a lot of space in the bathroom, then you can think of buying it. These are normally located in the middle of the bathroom so that the glasses surround it from four sides.


When it comes to the Budget, they are available in the various different price range, but you have to choose the one according to your budget. If you like a shower which exceeds your budget, then you have to wait for the sale or choose any other design. Once you have installed it, they will stay for many years.

And for the end, this bathroom accessory are easy to clean, all the sides of it are made of glass and dirt can be realized easily. When it comes to the material of Shower Enclosure, it made easy for taking care of and spotless.…

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Transform Your Bathroom Decor With These Ideas

If you want ideas to update your bathroom décor then you only need to look to magazines, books and the internet to be bombarded with inspiration. Your bathroom is a private area where many of us retreat to in order to enjoy some much needed me-time and generally chill out. Bathrooms are often calm and serene places and it is important that the décor repeat this.

The first thing you need to do when changing your bathroom décor is to come up with a theme or an overall decorating scheme that creates the sort of style you are looking for. You need to come up with a plan of how to revamp your bathroom décor that includes three main areas: decoration, color and style. If you are just looking to freshen up your bathroom décor then this is probably the easiest and cheapest room to tackle in the house, however when it comes to a full overhaul you may end up spending quite a lot more.

Lighting is an essential part of any bathroom décor. You want to let as much natural light in as possible as this will create a fresh, airy and relaxed atmosphere. Don't worry if your bathroom doesn't have that much natural light, you can always rely on lights. Make sure the lighting isn't too harsh though as this could ruin the calm ambience of your bathroom. Spotlights are a good idea and some people like to install a dimmer switch so that the lights can be softened when taking a relaxing bath for example. As a general rule of thumb, if your room is dark in color you should choose bright lights and if your room is light and airy, go for dimmer lights.

Flooring is an essential part of any bathroom. Nowadays, most people are choosing to install laminate flooring in their bathrooms as it is functional and looks sleek and modern. It is also great if you are on a budget and want to create professional finish.

The sink in your bathroom is often a focal point of the entire décor. The most popular type of sink is white ceramic but there are a wealth of other styles and colors to choose from nowadays. If you want to create a modern look then a good tip is to choose a copper sink. You can paint this or just leave it as it is, both ways will look beautiful. Another idea to create a sleek, modern look is to purchase a marble sink. These come in a range of different colors so you are sure to find something that will fit in with the overall décor of your bathroom. You could even go for a glass sink but you need to get the rest of the décor right to get the best effect.

There are so many different bathroom designs around these days that it can be hard to know where to start. There are three main, well known styles that most people choose …

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