WATCH: Fighter Kicks ‘Pervert’ for Using Sex Toy at Gym

Joe Schilling


Joe Schilling removes a man from his gym.

Kickboxer and Bellator mixed martial artist Joe Schilling found a man in the bathroom of his gym in Los Angeles using a sex toy. Videos were shared of the altercation by Schilling and UFC welterweight Daniel Rodriguez. In the videos, the man, who Schilling says is homeless, is removed from the gym.

Schilling proceeds to follow him, throwing what appears to be the man’s possessions at him. He then kicks the man twice and the camera catches what appears to be a sex toy. The video of Schilling’s altercation with the man was captioned: “Catch a pervert in your family business bathroom with a f****n’ dildo. I’m not sorry. F*** this POS.”

The incident was shared via Instagram Stories and the YouTube channel MMA WORLD compiled them.

Warning: The scene is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. Watch the incident, as well as Schilling’s explanation, below (timestamped at 7:53)

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Schilling Provided Context Around the Incident Involving the Man

The Bellator fighter and prolific kickboxer explained his stance on the situation and gave viewers more context around the incident. He said that the man snuck into his gym and started taking a shower.

Schilling said, “A couple students tell me that there’s a bum in the bathroom taking a shower. I get it, bums need showers too, although you’re trespassing. So I’m waiting for him to come out, water turns off, [I’m] knocking on the door and he won’t answer the door. He starts screaming when I’m knocking on the door. [He] finally opens the door and he’s f****** himself in the a** with a dildo. That’s why I did what I did and removed him from the property and that’s what you saw.”

He continued, “More people need to do this s*** because these sick perverts, that’s the same type of person that would rape or harm an innocent woman, innocent child. This s*** has got to stop. I wish there was more people that would beat these f*****s up”

Schilling Is a Highly Respected Kickboxer & Has Competed in MMA 10 Times

Schilling is one of the biggest American names in kickboxing, boasting a professional record of 23-9 with 13 knockouts. Although he has not competed in kickboxing since 2017, Schilling is currently on a four-fight win streak.

He has also competed in mixed martial arts 10 times with a pro record of 4-6, holding a notable victory over Melvin Manhoef.

Schilling has fought his last six MMA bouts inside the Bellator cage. He is currently 3-3 in the promotion.

Schilling last competed in October 2019 at Bellator 229 and was knocked out by Tony Johnson in the third round. The loss snapped Schilling’s two-fight win streak.

Schilling cornered UFC welterweight Daniel Rodriguez on August 22 at UFC Fight Night: Munhoz vs. Edgar. “D-Rod” defeated Dwight Grant by first-round KO, extending his

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The Doll House – A Toy That Never Loses Its Charm

Thanks to all the options in entertainment and technology today, I don’t think doll houses are quite as popular as they used to be. Still, doll houses are found in the rooms of many little girls. Even if they don’t spend as much time playing with them as some of their other toys, they are something that is treasured and can grow to have a special place in a little girls heart, especially when they have spent time designing and putting it together.

Dollhouses can be found in every style, including Georgian, Victorian and contemporary, You can buy dollhouses that are completely put together, but you can also buy dollhouses that you can build yourself, which are a little more challenging and may be a little more fun. This can provide a great way of spending time with your child. As you build the house, your child will learn not only about architectural design, but also about different elements of decoration and landscaping.

Once the house is all put together, the fun of decorating it begins. Your child can create the house with as much detail as she wants. The little family that lives in the doll house can be moved around from room to room as she pretends to understand what a family should be like.

The dollhouse provides a child with a way of practicing to be an adult, which is something all children love to do. With a dollhouse, your child will be creating a fantasy world that is much more a real experience than any video game can provide. A dollhouse can help her use her imagination as she makes up story lines for the dolls. Dollhouses are designed to be very highly detailed, with everything from the trees for landscaping to miniature books and cooking utensils.

The Victorian Doll house

Victorian dollhouses are very charming just like the full size houses built in the same style. Filled with personality, romance and elegance, each Victorian dollhouse has its own character. These doll houses are also a very popular collectors item.

Many years ago, Victorian dollhouses sometimes would serve as a teaching aid to show young ladies the proper way to behave and how to care for a home. Some Victorian doll houses were even large enough for the child to stand inside and learn how to perform the domestic duties that would some day be expected of her.

Whether it is a Victorian doll house or a modern one like a Barbie doll house, it is a way for little girls to be creative and have fun. It is also a good way for mothers to bond with their daughters as they help them decorate and even play sometimes.…

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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Toy Kitchen

I have a pastry chef and an expert in protocol at home. So I want to make clear something: The Kitchen is for Children and Girls.

You can spend hours playing together with the kitchen. And every year I like to order something new on the menu. This year there will be no kitchen since the new one does not have much time and is perfect. It is the wood of Ikea and it has been great.

I think this year we're going to tune it a bit and we'll paint it, we'll make some curtains, some extra hooks and we'll see what happens to us … I think I'm going to put some LED strips with this when the time change. They play and do not see what they cook. When we do, I'll show it on Instagram.

And now, I tell you three aspects that I think you have to take into account when choosing a good toy kitchen from my experience and not throwing money.

1. Perfect Size

My children wanted a small kitchen that they saw in an advertisement and that even had a refrigerator. Yes, beautiful but it is for those who have 100 square meters of the living room and want to put there.

But in my mini room where I have even the study corner mounted, it was not feasible. Be aware of the size of the kitchen and the space available at home. A kitchen is not something that you can assemble and disassemble every time you use it.

2. Material

I'm not very supportive of plastic kitchens, I'm more of wood. There are some very complete plastic and many details. It depends on what you are looking for. Normally wooden ones last longer than plastic ones but they also weigh more if you have to move them from one place to another to play. In my case, it is always in the same place so there is no problem.

3. Accessories

There are ideal kitchens with many accessories such as an oven, faucet, lights, and ceramic hob, coffee … I think it is very important at the time of choosing. It is what makes the game much more fun and realistic. Children love to imitate what elders do.

Nowadays there are accessories for kitchens exactly like the ones we use at home. You do not need to come in your own kitchen since you can always buy them separately.

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What is the Ideal Age of Children to Appreciate a Toy Kitchen?

As a parent, I am quite fond of toys that encourage imaginary play. It's believed to enthuse children and help cultivate their ingenuity and inventive juices. While I've been guilty of using the TV as a babysitter before just as many other parents have, it's important to understand the significance of keeping our children's minds challenged and engaged when ever possible. One favorite toy that helps to augment a child's artistic and innovative side is a play kitchen. But is there an age that is most appropriate for a child to begin exploring the idea of ​​cooking and / or is there such an age where the child will no longer recognize the value of a play kitchen?

As with anything there is never a hard and fast rule when it comes to the development of our children. Yet, it was a question I wanted to address because I often come across such an inquiry on various forums and blogs. Most often people are wondering if their child might be too young to play with a toy kitchen but on occasion, people ask if their child may be too old to appreciate such a gift.

So you may be asking, what is the best age for play kitchens and what are the reasons behind that answer? It can be connected that the ideal age to fully utilize and appreciate a toy kitchen is between two and half and 5 and half years old. Acquiring a play kitchen for your child under the age of two is certainly a prerogative but don't anticipate there to be much awareness until they are closer to two and a half. Imaginary play is a concept that is developed in children over the age of two and children younger than that are just not ready cognitively to grasp this idea of ​​pretend play. Although they may be captivated by all the bells and whistles, literally, they won't connect to the imaginative power of a play kitchen until they are a bit older.

Ok, but what about the kids that are over the age of five; would they have an attraction to such a toy? At this age, expect them to be more allured by the idea of ​​cooking with real food. They are ready to experiment using genuine ingredients while creating their own master piece. In conclusion, it seems to logical that the ideal ages to truly appreciate a play kitchen and benefit from imaginary play is between the ages of two and five; a limited window maybe but a great instrument none the less.

As I said, all children are diverse and some may really take pleasure in a toy kitchen outside of the ages I listed but for the most part, I think, as a parent you will be more satisfied with your purchase if you stay with in these guidelines.

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Top Best Wood Toy Kitchen of 2018

The toy kitchens or also known as wooden kitchens are one of the favorite toys for the little ones. Normally the kitchen toys are made of plastic materials. But the wood is really fantastic kitchen toys that have a good finishing, and it resembles much more to a real kitchen. Besides, it's much more resistant as well.

Throughout this complete guide we will help you in everything related to your choice, so you know where to buy toy kitchens with fast shipping. Just follow the three best toy kitchen:

1. KidKraft Vintage Pink

The first wooden kitchen option is this pink KidKraft, a toy that is designed to delight the little ones in the house.

It is an old style kitchen of pink color that does not lack even the smallest detail.

It has a refrigerator with water dispenser, microwave, sink, stove and oven with great detail for a more realistic gaming experience.

The main advantage of this product is that being a wooden toy kitchen, it will last much much longer. The used material is very resistant to the passage of time. Kids can play a large number of hours.

As a special feature, the sink can be disassembled for easy cleaning. It incorporates a multitude of buttons that make a sound for a more interactive experience.

The countertop of this vintage toy kitchen is 45 cm from the ground so it is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years. This kitchenette is also available in red.

2. KidKraft Modern Espresso

If you are looking for a modern style wooden kitchen of the best quality, the KidKraft Espresso is an option for boys and girls of all ages. It's big enough for them to play together at the same time.

It has every detail like a refrigerator with slate and ice dispenser, oven and fires with roulettes that move sound, dishwasher, microwave, tap and stand to hang the kitchen cloth. It has also supported for hanging saucepans and other utensils typical of kitchens.

The best thing about this wooden kitchen model is the finishes. It comes from a top-level manufacturer such as KidKraft.

Its main advantage is that it can be used by children of all ages .

The assembly instructions are easy and clear, and it is one of the best options to give to the smallest of the house.

3. Infantastic

The Infantastic is a toy kitchen that has many details that will make your daughter or son spend hours having fun in their new kitchen.

It has a refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, and tap so you can experiment and enjoy at the same time.

Like other kitchens, it's made of wood. The fridge comes fully equipped with shelves so that children can place any food in an orderly manner.

Under the sink, it has a curtain with a fairly large space to store everything you want.

For this reason, In fantastic is another of the manufacturers of wooden children's kitchens that offer the best relationship …

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