Moving Your Fish Tank Decorations To A Different Tank

There will come a time when you may need to move your fish tank decorations to a different aquarium. This could be for a variety of reasons, for example because the number of fish that you have has outgrown your current tank, or it could be that someone had given you some second hand aquarium decor that you would like to use. For whatever reason it is, you would need to follow some rules to ensure that the fish tank decor is safe to be used in your new tank.

Why All The Fuss About Transferring Aquarium Decor

Can’t we just remove the fish tank ornaments from one tank and just drop it into the other? Why is there such a fuss or need to have proper preparation? The main reason is microbes.

You see, your fish tank decor has been soaking in the tank water for a very long time. Even with the best cleaning schedule, these ornaments are perfect surfaces for breeding bacteria and fungus. This is especially true for tank accessories that have detailed carvings and rough surfaces. The cracks and gaps between the details make it very hard to properly clean and will allow the perfect hideaway for these microbes.

Taking out the decoration from the old tank and putting it into the new one without any preparation will cause these microorganisms to be transferred into the new tank. With the conditions in the new tank being just right, it will cause a bacterial bloom that will be very unhealthy for your fish.

Furthermore, if you have new fish in the new aquarium that has not been accustomed to the microbes from the old tank, they will definitely fall ill and die. So preparation is necessary when transferring the aquarium decor.

But bacteria isn’t the only worry here. There are also snails. While it is fairly easy to spot a snail sitting on one of the ornaments when you remove it from the water, their eggs are almost invisible to the naked eye. Without proper preparation, you would be introducing these snail eggs to the new tank and once they take hold of the tank, they are really hard to eliminate.

How To Properly Transfer Aquarium Ornaments

It really isn’t that hard to transfer tank decor the right way. The key idea here is to properly sanitize the accessories and ensure there are no microbial transference. Here’s what you need to do is steps:

  1. Remove the item from the old tank and give it a good rinse. You do this to dislodge any larger debris from it so that we can properly clean it later.
  2. Using a soft tooth brush, give the decor a good scrub. Keep in mind that the cracks and details of the ornament are ideal places for microbe colonies so give them a good scrub. Dip the decor in plain water from time to time to get rid of the stuff you scrubbed off. Do not use any form of soap or
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Suitable Betta Fish Tank Decor

Betta fish are probably among the most popular fishes to breed these days and it is easy to see why. These fish look absolutely stunning with their vibrant colors and long gorgeous fins, it is hard to imagine that they actually originate from the murky waters of rice fields in Southeast Asia. Apart from how beautifully they look, another plus point of having the Betta fish as a pet is how tough they are. These fish come from some of the most dank and poorly aerated waters and have evolved to be extremely hardy. You can easily keep a Betta fish in a tiny little water container with no filtration and no aeration and they would still survive well. This is because it is one of the few fish that is actually fine with taking in atmospheric air if the oxygen concentration of the water is low.

But the downside to the Betta fish is that they are extremely territorial. In Southeast Asia, they are better known as Fighting Fish. When two male Betta are placed in close proximity, they would battle to the death, a brutal sport that the local kids partake in. You can easily tell the male and female apart, the male being the colorful ones and the females generally plain and unattractive. The female Betta also tends to be a little less aggressive. This would mean that you would only be able to keep one Betta in your fish tank and have no other fish in there or it might tear the other fish apart.

When choosing suitable suitable tank tank ornaments for your Betta fish, you would have to take into consideration their aggressive nature. You would need to ensure that your fish tank decor does not injure the Betta in any way.

The first thing to avoid is having any decor with a reflective surface. Avoid mirrors like the plague. If the Betta sees its reflection in the mirror, it will assume that there is another male in there with it and will go into attack mode. It will keep hitting itself against the mirror until it eventually bleeds and dies. You might find an aquarium toy sold with a mirror that is supposedly meant to keep Betta fish stimulated but it is not a good thing to have for this kind of aggressive fish, so I would recommend not getting it.

You would want to get an ornament that provides the fish with a small cave to go into. One great aquarium decor to get is a floating Betta log, which is a plain hollow log that floats at the surface. Since Betta fish breathe in atmospheric air as well, having them close to the surface during their rest time is a good idea. Betta do need a secluded place to go into and rest from time to time.

If there is space constraints in your tank and a floating log would consume too much area at the top, you could opt for …

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Is It Necessary To Have Fish Tank Decor?

Is it really that necessary to have any decor in your aquarium? Think about it, will the fish really feel at home swimming among the rotting hull of a sunken ship or will they ever feel excited about having aliens as their tank mates? The fact is they would definitely not know what that lump of resin you threw into the aquarium is meant to represent. So why is there a need to spend all that money and time designing the perfect aquarium theme? It is because there really is some major benefits to having tank ornaments, not just for you but for your fish as well.

Aquarium Decor Benefits For You

The aquarium is probably the one decorative item in your home that gets looked at, peered in and scrutinized the most. No one can resist peeping into an aquarium, watching the gorgeous fish swim in a tank. So it only makes sense that the most focused on decor in your home should be one that you spend the most time designing.

Secondly, having an aquarium that you have put your heart and soul into designing and creating a theme that mirrors that stuff you love in your world will maintain the interest that you have in it. Just a plain tank full of fish will eventually get boring and you might lose interest in up keeping it. But if the tank is made out to look like a hidden pirate cove or some other concept that you find fascinating, you will never get tired of working on it.

Fish Tank Decor Benefits To Your Fish

Well, your fish would never know the concept behind your theme, but they will definitely appreciate the benefits of your tank ornaments provide.

The first key benefit of tank decor to the fish is of course the cave. The cave is a vital factor in every tank design. Basically what it does is provide the fish with a place to escape to when they feel stressed. Fish get stressed due to numerous reasons throughout the day. This includes too much human attention as well as harassment from other more territorial fish. Fish that are stressed have a lower immunity and are prone to diseases.

The second key benefit to the fish is that the ornaments actually creates mini boundaries and sections within the aquarium confines. Quite a number of the gorgeous fish that we choose to keep in our aquariums are territorial. These include such famous breeds as Betta and Cichlids. Without proper boundaries, these fish tend to claim the entire tank as theirs and fights are frequent. But by placing tall tank decor such as Greek Columns in there with them, you would have sectioned off the tank into smaller areas that can be claimed by each fish.

Then of course there are the aerators. Instead of a plain air stone, you can now have fancy tank ornaments spouting out air bubbles that help aerate the water.

Fish tank decor are important …

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Ancient Egypt Fish Tank Decor

There are numerous ancient civilizations that have awesome fish tank decorations these days. These include the Mayans, Asian and the always famous Greek ruins. Using any of these would create stunning scenes of times gone by, producing an air of wonder and discovery in your very own room.

The one ancient civilization that I personally love to use in my tank designs is the Ancient Egyptians. Who has not seen at least a photograph of the Great Pyramids or the towering mighty Sphinx. With the cool and extremely detailed tank ornaments you can get these days, you will be able to bring the exact replica of the Egyptian landscape into your aquarium.

With the Egyptian tank decor, you basically have a couple of options. You could create an outdoor scene, an indoor scene or just use Egyptian artifacts.

To create an outdoor Egyptian scene, you would be utilizing replicas of the massive structures that are synonym to Egypt. These would include the pyramids as well as the Sphinx. This is placed on top of a sand colored gravel to give it the impression of being in the desert. If you plan to use plants, they should not be of the leafy variety. Java Moss is one option you can look into. To make the theme work, a great idea is to place a fish tank background depicting a desert scene. This would give it a 3D effect to the whole design.

For the indoor effect, you would use indoor structures such as Egyptian columns as well as the Pharaoh's sarcophagus. Place them to look like a scene from an archaeological dig. The gravel would still be sand colored. As a backdrop, you could either use one depicting Egyptian hieroglyphs or a rock face. These days you would be able to get 3D rock backgrounds where the rocks protrude out instead of a flat print. This makes theme look so much more realistic. Being indoors, you would not place any plants because they might make the theme look odd. You may place rocks if you wish, just make them out to look like they came crashing down from the roof of a temple. This means simply scattering them around the decor. Try not getting smooth faced river rocks, the ones you get should look as if they were once bricks that made up the walls.

Egyptian artifacts are new additions to the fish tank decorating scene. The most common ones that you can find are the Egyptian vases. Though they are only aquarium decor, they are made to look extremely authentic. What I love about the Egyptian vases is the holes that they always have in the side. These make awesome caves for the fish and if you have been following my posts all these years, you would know that I am big on caves for aquariums. Apart from the vases, another really cool tank ornament that I love a whole lot is a bust of Pharaoh. The bust is golden …

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