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— The COVID-19 pandemic has placed new demands on many charitable organizations, like the Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen, which has served the hungry in the Raleigh area for 40 years and has never struggled more.

Close to lunchtime, kitchen manager Michael K. Smith begins rolling out packed meals from the kitchen to the sidewalk on Morgan Street in downtown Raleigh where people line up for lunch.

“I love my job,” said. “I love doing this for my people.”

Shepherd's Table Food Kitchen in downtown Raleigh.

Smith is one of just three staff members in the kitchen providing hot lunches to people in need five days a week. In the pandemic, staff and volunteers now have to work harder than ever.

“They have been the backbone of this operation, because what 25 people used to do in a day we’re now doing with five a day,” said executive director Tammy Gregory.

Before March 11, Gregory said companies, especially those in the downtown area, encouraged their employees to spend time volunteering. Then health risks that came with COVID-19 changed everything, with volunteers and donations dwindling and dining rooms meals coming to a halt.

Gregory said it took a day to figure out their next step to feed those in need.

“We have kind of a drive-thru set up, and they can come get lunches,” she said. “We make snack packs too, so they have something for the evening.”

Shepherd’s Table also provides masks, hand sanitizer, sports drinks and water bottles.

Gregory said, since support from the community diminished, the number of hungry people increased.

“They still need food. They have no income. As you know, we’ve lost so many jobs in the hospitality industry,” said Gregory. “These are our neighbors — these are the people you see every day on the street.”

Gregory said the group needs help to meet the need.

“We have over 380 companies just in this downtown area within a four block radius and we’re getting no support,” she said. “We say kindness is shown in different ways. Well, write a check, because that’s kindness for us right now. We need that support now more than ever.”

Gregory said Shepherd’s Table also needs regular donations of canned foods and other non-perishable food. Learn how to support them online.

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Dear Annie: Divided kitchen table – Entertainment & Life – telegram.com

Dear Annie: My wife and I have just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. Two years ago, she decided to become a vegan for moral and dietary reasons. I respect her greatly for that, though I didn’t love constantly hearing about it. I have also adopted many of the same eating habits, but I do still eat meat. We have both learned to prepare very nice vegan dishes that the other enjoys. Lately, however, she has decided to adopt a whole-food, plant-based diet, she also has decided to use a lot of spices in her foods that I cannot eat. For the past two years, I have not cooked meat in our house nor have I fired up my barbecue out of respect for her. Now, I find myself wanting to again cook dishes for myself that I feel are healthy but that include lean meats: chicken fajitas, turkey chili, etc… Do I have the right to cook in my house and if so, how do I approach the subject with her in a way that she doesn’t “flip out”? — Omnivore Husband in Oregon

Dear Omnivore: Your wife wouldn’t appreciate it if you told her how to eat. She should respect your right to decide what you’d like to eat, too. However, I have a feeling that you may want to take a leaf from her book once you see the effects of a whole-food, plant-based diet. It’s one of the healthiest ways to eat and has been shown to be effective against many common chronic diseases, including heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. (Check out “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., and “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., for more information.) So, keep an open mind.

Dear Annie: I am going through a really hard time right now. My husband is dying with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the pancreas. His doctor told me that it’s getting to be time to call in our family. I’m with him 24/7. We have been married for 23 years and have three wonderful children together ages 17 through 21. My husband asked me to tell the hospital that he doesn’t want anyone in the room with him except for me, our kids and three other family members. This doesn’t include any immediate members of his family of origin, and they are blaming me for this. I am doing what my husband asks. His family has not been around us at all this whole time that he has been sick, and now they are wanting to act like they really care. Don’t get me wrong; I really do love my in-laws, but how do I honor my husband’s wishes while not hurting his family? I’m the one with him day and night, never even once leaving the room from him. I don’t want to hurt anyone! — Wife in the Middle

Dear Wife in the Middle: I am so sorry that your husband is dying.

There are no

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Green Kid Crafts launches Kitchen Table STEAM to Support Families This Fall – Press Release

Green Kid Crafts launches Kitchen Table STEAM

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sep 08, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — As families transition from summer activities to virtual, in-person, or hybrid schooling this fall, many caregivers are concerned about providing their children with activities that are fun and educational. Green Kid Crafts, a subscription box service centered on STEAM and nature-based activities, launched their Kitchen Table STEAM program on September 2 to give families extra support this fall.

The campaign color, pink, was chosen for its reference to the fireweed plant. Fireweed is often the first plant to regrow after a forest fire or volcanic eruption, making it a symbol of hope for families during this trying time.

“Coming up with fun, STEAM-based activities can be challenging even in normal times,” said Founder and CEO Penny Bauder. “Caregivers don’t have time to scroll through search results or go shopping for supplies. We want to alleviate the investment it takes to get started and bring exactly what families need to provide engaging hands-on activities right to their door.”

Jessica Whiting, a mom of two, was familiar with these struggles as she tried to work full time and provide quick activities for her daughters. “Everything we needed for each activity was in the box, and the kids had a ton of fun,” she explained. “We could quickly do these activities in between meetings and phone calls and everybody was happy. These boxes will stay in the rotation for sure!”

Caregivers like Whiting are ready for this fall’s Kitchen Table STEAM program, which includes four STEAM-based activity boxes designed by experts to meet the learning needs of specific age groups.

Additionally, subscribers will receive supplemental materials, including access to:

* Ask-a-Scientist sessions

* YouTube videos with activity inspiration from real parents

* Additional learning opportunities related to each box, including DIY activities, podcast, video and book recommendations

Caregivers will also have an opportunity to submit their child’s artwork to our Kitchen Table Show and Tell, hosted by CEO Penny Bauder.

About Green Kid Crafts:

Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box service that provides educational STEAM and nature-based activities that help kids connect, communicate and build relationships. Projects and ideas are researched and tested, saving families time and money on at-home activities. The organization has recently been honored with top Industry Awards: Parents Choice Award(R) and NCW Eco-Excellence Award(R). https://www.greenkidcrafts.com/awards

For more information about Green Kid Crafts Kitchen Table STEAM: https://www.greenkidcrafts.com/kitchen-table-steam/

MEDIA: Please contact Sara Kappler at [email protected]

*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/20-0903s2p-greenkidcrafts-300dpi.jpg

*Caption: Kitchen table STEAM social visuals.

News Source: Green Kid Crafts

Related link: https://www.greenkidcrafts.com/

This press release was issued on behalf of the news source, who is solely responsible for its accuracy, by Send2Press Newswire. To view the original story, visit: https://www.send2press.com/wire/green-kid-crafts-launches-kitchen-table-steam-to-support-families-this-fall/

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Real Estate Investing – Don’t Just GET THE DEED – The Infamous "Kitchen Table Closing"

Here is a question from one of my Clients about purchasing a house using a kitchen table closing. My quick answer… Beware!

Q: Hi Lou, I have a property under contract that I want to resell/flip as-is to a rehabber/renovator, but I may have to purchase it quickly and simply record the Quit Claim Deed, without using a closing attorney or waiting for a title exam. I need your advice.

The seller just called me and left a message on my voice mail stating she did not want to sell to me because she received a better offer. Now I do have it under contract, with a signed purchase and sales agreement from her, and I had her sign a Quit Claim deed, too. I did that because she was fighting with her sister over ownership of this property, which was given to her by her mom who passed away 2 years ago. The deed is in her name alone, not the sister’s, mom’s or anyone else. I did see the deed and made a copy of it.

I thought I should get the Quit Claim Deed (QCD), just in case I needed to record it because of the family issues. The Seller agreed as well. She said she just wanted to get rid of this property. I also filed at the courthouse an Affidavit for the property showing I had it under contract, as you recommend. I’m in the process of getting a title check done by my title company.

Now what do you recommend I do? Should I go back to the courthouse and record the QCD or wait until the title search is complete to record the deed; or should I walk away, or should I choose to wait and schedule an attorney to do the closing?

Thank you, G.

A: Hi G., what you’re describing is a little risky, yet it’s done fairly often as is commonly referred to as a “kitchen table closing” since they are literally often closed right in the Seller’s kitchen. It’s a VERY good idea to get title exam run first, before doing a “kitchen table closing” especially if you are giving any money to the Seller.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend you do your own closing, but since you’re rushing your purchase so you can “preserve” your deal before the other Buyer moves in and buys it, and/or before the sister does anything rash… just be sure that the transaction has been up front, and that you truly intend to move forward as you agreed. I think that I would go ahead and file/record the QCD. I don’t see that you have anything to lose, and a lot to gain.

I would then inform the seller that she can not sell to anyone else because she already has a binding agreement to sell to you, and that you already “technically” own the house (since you recorded the QCD). Let her know that your plan is to review title, and as long …

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The Kitchen Table – Who Invented It?

Many little things in our everyday life come to us unnoticed and unappreciated such as wheels, erasers, scissors and things that make our lives easier and more comfortable. Have you ever thought "How would my life be without a table?" Things aren't just there for any reason. Someone must've thought about why it should be there. Do you think kitchen's have tables just because?

But who invented the kitchen table? Although there have been no solid proofs that the Ancient Egyptians started using the kitchen tables first or at least invented it, many believe that the kitchen tables purpose was to keep everything organized in the kitchen and not just for dining purposes. During the middle ages, the kitchen table was said to have been been placed in the kitchen for the servants to dine on.

Not until October 6, 1896 did the kitchen table get a patent. One man, in the name of Henry A. Jackson, an African inventor decided it was time to organize the kitchen and patent his invention. At that time, kitchen counters or islands weren't famous yet. The kitchen table served its purpose for preparing food and dining.

Like everything that dates back to ancient history, kitchen tables too have evolved and modified since then. The kitchen table has taken changes in shapes, sizes, color, material and design.

It's hard to pin point as to who invented the table exactly. But for whoever he or she or they were, we should be grateful that we a have something to host every member of the family to bond over with for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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