Tennessee man shoots deputy, killed when SWAT enters house

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man who held his girlfriend hostage and shot a deputy while barricading himself in a home in Tennessee was killed when a SWAT team entered the house, authorities said Thursday.

Jonathan Darsaw, 49, was fatally shot early Thursday during an “armed confrontation” with Shelby County sheriff’s deputies called in to help authorities in adjoining Fayette County, authorities said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Fayette County authorities received reports Wednesday that a man had shot his girlfriend multiple times and was holding her hostage in a house in Moscow, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of Memphis.

The man, identified as Darsaw, allowed his girlfriend to leave and barricaded himself in the house, the TBI said in a news release. The woman was hospitalized with injuries that were not critical.

Later Wednesday, Fayette County deputies tried to arrest Darsaw when he stepped onto his back porch. Darsaw shot at deputies, hitting one of them, the TBI said. The deputy received treatment for undisclosed wounds and is recovering, the TBI said.

Shelby County’s SWAT team was called for help and members entered the home at about 4 a.m. Thursday. Darsaw was fatally shot during a confrontation that is under investigation by the TBI, which will forward its findings to the district attorney.

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Man Blows Up Kitchen While Trying To Swat Fly

Man Blows Up Kitchen While Trying To Swat Fly

A man in France blew up his kitchen while using an electric fly swatter (Representative)

We have all been annoyed by a small insect or a fly at some point or the other, but one man accidentally blew up part of his house while trying to get rid of a bug. The man, who has not been publicly identified, reportedly blew up part of his house in France while trying to kill a fly. According to local news outlet France Bleu, the 82-year-old had just sat down to dinner last Friday in his house in the small village of Parcoul-Chenaud when he became annoyed by a buzzing bug. 

The Frenchman began to swat the fly with an electric racquet – not realising that a gas canister was leaking inside his house. 

A reaction between the electric fly swatter and the leaking gas caused a reaction, reports the BBC. The resulting explosion brought down part of the kitchen and partly damaged the roof of his house.

Fortunately, the octogenarian managed to escape without any major injuries. He sustained only a burn to his hand and was transported to a hospital for a check-up.

While his house is temporarily uninhabitable, he is staying at a local campsite. His family members as repairing the house. 

It is not clear what happened to the fly that caused the whole mess.

This is not the first time that a small bug has spelled big trouble for homeowners. In 2018, a man in California set his parents’ house on fire while trying to burn some spiders. Also in the same year, an Australian blew up his house while trying to burn cockroaches. 

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Man Blows Up Part Of House While Trying To Swat Fly

A man who was chasing a fly with an electric swat accidentally blew up part of his house on Sept. 4 in the village of Parcoul-Chenaud in Dordogne, in Southwest France.

The unidentified Frenchman, in his 80s, was piqued by the buzzing sound the fly was making while he was having his dinner. The man then picked up the electric racket designed to kill bugs and took an aim at the fly, while being unaware of a gas cylinder leakage at his home.

The gas, upon coming into contact with the swat, caused an explosion, and part of his kitchen was blown up as a result. The blast also damaged the roof partly and the home was left inhabitable, Sky News reported.

The man, who could potentially die, managed to escape with just a burn to his hand, according to the publication. The man is since residing at a local campsite while his family is working to repair his house, according to French news outlet Sud-Ouest.

What happened to the fly remains a mystery.

On Sep. 6, a mother-of-three in Texas, Kate Wise, suffered severe burns after her hand sanitizer allegedly caught fire. The bottle exploded after coming into contact with the flames of the candle that she lit at her home. She immediately ran away from the home with her disabled daughter and pets, while her other two daughters alerted the neighbors. Wise was rushed to a hospital with severe burns to her entire body and remained in the Intensive Care Unit as of Sep. 4.

Flying Ant Photo of a flying ant Photo: Pixabay

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Man, 80, blows up his kitchen while trying to swat a fly

There’s definitely a moral in here somewhere (Picture: Google Maps/Getty Images)

A pensioner blew up his own kitchen while trying to kill a fly with an electric bug zapper.

The man, 80, was trying to reach the buzzing insect, but he hadn’t planned for the fact that gas was leaking into the property.

He waved the bug zapper – which looked like a tennis racket and is designed to burn flies the moment there is contact – but instead of swatting the fly, the hot instrument ignited the gas.

The kitchen and part of the roof was destroyed, but the man escaped serious injury by diving on the floor.

He was treated in hospital in Libourne following the disaster, which took place in the French village of Parcoul-Chenaud, north east of Bordeaux, at around 7.45pm on Friday.

An investigating source said: ‘On this occasion, gas was leaking into the man’s house.

He was using an electric flyswatter which looked like a tennis racket (Picture: Getty)

‘The very hot zapper ignited the gas, causing a sudden explosion.

‘The man was lucky to get away with a burned hand after diving on the floor, but the kitchen was destroyed along with part of the roof.’

He has not been allowed to return to the house, and is instead staying in a local campsite until repairs are carried out.

It is not known whether the offending fly survived the blast.

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Man Tries to Swat Fly During Dinner, Blows Up Kitchen

A man accidentally caused an explosion in his home as he was trying to kill a fly with an electric rackuet in Southwestern France.

The incident, which happened on Friday according to local news website Sud-Ouest, occurred at around 7:45 p.m. just as the 80-year-old resident would be having dinner.

He then heard the fly and picked up an electric rackuet designed to kill flying bugs, and began swatting at the pest.

The man did not realise, while he was aiming for the fly, that his gas cylinder was leaking and a reaction occurred as his electric swats came in contact with the spilling gas.

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House fly
A housefly sits on nets at a housefly farm on October 25, 2007 in Gaochun County of Jiangsu Province, China. Trying to kill a fly with an electric racket caused an explosion in the house of a 80-year-old man in France
China Photos/Getty Images

As a result, there was an explosion in his home, located in the mountainous village of Parcoul-Chenaud, in the Dordogne commune of Southern France.

His kitchen was blown up, and the roof of his home was also reported to have partially collapsed, rendering the 80-year-old house’s inhabitable for now.

The man suffered a slight burn to his hands in his attempt to kill the fly and was transported to a local hospital in the commune of Libourne, some 27 miles from his home.

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Unable to go back to his usual residence, reports say that the man’s family has checked him into a campsite as his home is repaired.

On the other side of France, another man found himself at odds with a pest. Paul Genet, from Saint-Nicolas de Port, in northeastern France, dodged the amputation of his arm after being bitten by a spider in his sleep.

Genet woke up in early June with a prick on his hand, which within days had swollen and left him in a lot of pain. He had to be transported to two different hospitals before finding a doctor who could operate his hand.

When he arrived at a suitable clinic, he was told that he had 48 hours before his arm would have to be amputated.

The 60-year-old was successfully operated on and had a skin transplant from his own stomach to repair the damage caused by the spider, but still has several weeks of treatment ahead of him.

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