Toddler recovering at Boston hospital after suffering burns in kitchen accident

Seventeen-month-old Easton Rosen is recovering at Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston after being badly burned in a grease fire Saturday in his family’s Manchester, New Hampshire, home.

a group of people sleeping on the bed: Andrew and Easton Rosen

© Family Photo
Andrew and Easton Rosen

Despite suffering third-degree burns on his head, arm, foot and back, the boy was in remarkably good spirits Thursday.

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“That’s him, that’s his personality, he is by far the happiest baby ever,” said Sheila Chase, Easton’s grandmother.

“We’re hoping that the surgery goes well and we can finally get on the good road to recovery,” said Andrew Rosen, Easton’s father.

The family was cooking funnel cakes when the oil exploded onto Easton.

Andrew grabbed the flaming pan and tossed it out the door, but not before his arm was burned as well.

“I’m thankful he didn’t get any in his eye or we’d be dealing with a whole different situation right now,” he said.

Easton visited with his family Thursday through a window at the hospital, just hours before he was due to undergo surgery.

“To see him today now, it makes me see good, look at him, look at him blowing kisses,” said Vivian Rosen, Easton’s grandmother.

“Going through everything that he’s been through, so far to have him be smiling and waving, it’s nice to see him like that,” Andrew said.

Doctors are confident they can prevent major scaring and his hair will grow back. His first surgery is scheduled for Friday morning.

Easton’s father said the family will no longer cook with the boy in the kitchen. The family said it hopes others can learn from their experience.

Those who want to help the family can donate to their online fundraiser.


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Peer Lord Bethell heard swearing in House of Lords after suffering tech problems

James Bethell wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a building

© Provided by Evening Standard

A health minister was heard swearing during a House of Lords coronavirus debate after suffering technology problems.

Lord Bethell mumbled “oh for f***’s sake” when his second attempt to deliver a speech on Covid-19 regulations via the internet was disrupted.

The House adjourned for five minutes to see if the technical problems could be resolved but the minister did not fare better on his second attempt.

His final words to the chamber were: “May I say something about local restrictions.

“Over the summer recess we have combined tightening restrictions in areas with outbreaks with the easing of business restrictions…. oh for f***’s sake.”

“Peer heard swearing during coronavirus debate”



At this point, Lord Bethell cut out and Tory whip Baroness Penn completed his speech.

a room full of people: The peers were discussing Covid regulations at the time of the faux pas (HOL)

© Provided by Evening Standard
The peers were discussing Covid regulations at the time of the faux pas (HOL)

Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman Baroness Jolly later joked: “It’s not always helpful to have a minister with dodgy connections.”

The Government also came under fire from all sides for taking so long to bring forward the regulations for debate given they were implemented in July and August.

They included the reopening of certain types of businesses and £10,000 fines for illegal gatherings of more than 30 people.

James Bethell wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Lord Bethell was plagued with technical issues during a Covid discussion (PA)

© Provided by Evening Standard
Lord Bethell was plagued with technical issues during a Covid discussion (PA)

Conservative former minister Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, contributing virtually, said: “We are witnessing the strange death of parliamentary democracy in this country – there is no other way to describe the charade which we are involved today.

“Many of these regulations, as so many colleagues have pointed out, have long since taken effect. What are we meant to do?

“It’s government by press release… why are we not discussing the rule of six regulations today? This is the issue of the day. Why are we not discussing that?”

Lord Forsyth said the minister did “not have the courtesy to turn up to the House itself” and accused him of not answering questions.

He also added he could not visit his grandchildren in London but they could travel to see him in Scotland.

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, another Conservative former minister, said: “I very much regret the retrospective nature of this debate.

“It is sad but reflects an all too cavalier attitude to the law which seems to be permeating thinking at present and it needs to stop.”

Non-affiliated peer Lord Mann warned nights drawing in could affect the public mood to new lockdown restrictions.

He said: “Our lockdowns and big wave of the virus was as we came into warm weather, into spring, every night was lighter.

“I put it to Government that the public mood was much easier then than it will be going into winter when every night gets darker, and particularly the effect on children will be quite different when there are no gardens or open spaces that people particularly

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