The confusing and contradictory statements about Trump’s health

Information about President Trump’s condition has been incomplete, confusing and, at times, contradictory since early Friday morning when the commander in chief announced that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Trump’s medical team, led by White House physician Sean Conley, has been criticized for painting a rosy portrait of Trump’s condition Saturday, without disclosing that the president had been given supplemental oxygen or put on a steroid that is usually reserved for severely ill coronavirus patients.

[Trump returns to White House, downplaying virus that hospitalized him]

“I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president, over his course of illness, has had,” Conley said. “I didn’t want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction. And in doing so, you know, it came off that we were trying to hide something, which wasn’t necessarily true. … The fact of the matter is that he’s doing really well.”

Conley and his team cleared Trump to be discharged from the hospital Monday evening, though many experts note that the president is still at a stage in the illness when patients are prone to unexpected complications, and Conley himself acknowledged that he wouldn’t take a “final deep sigh of relief” until early next week.

Mixed signals on the severity of Trump’s illness

Trump and his doctors have repeatedly assured the public that all is well, though Robert Wachter, chairman of the University of California at San Francisco’s department of medicine, told The Washington Post that, based on the details we know about the president’s hospitalization and treatment, it seemed unwise to discharge him from the hospital.

“For someone sick enough to have required remdesivir and dexamethasone, I can’t think of a situation in which a patient would be okay to leave on Day 3, even with the White House’s medical capacity,” he said.

Conley and his team have also refused to discuss the president’s lung scans, saying only that “there’s some expected findings, but nothing of any major clinical concern.”

Statements are from Trump’s doctors, President Trump or other White House officials.

Friday Oct. 2
Friday afternoon
Friday evening
I’m going to Walter Reed hospital. I think I’m doing very well. President Trump
Saturday Oct. 3
Saturday evening
The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning, and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery. Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff
Saturday night
President Trump continues to do well, having made substantial progress since diagnosis. This evening he completed the second dose of Remdesivir without complication. Sean Conley
Sunday Oct. 4
Sunday morning
The President has experienced two episodes of transient drops in his oxygen saturation … It was the determination of the team … that we initiate Dexamethasone. Sean Conley
Sunday morning
[Asked why he was
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In response to IHC, interior ministry says Cynthia Ritchie must be stopped from making controversial statements

The response comes after the IHC expressed displeasure over the ministry’s comments at the previous hearing. — 

ISLAMABAD: The interior ministry on Friday submitted its comments to the Islamabad High Court in Cynthia D Ritchie’s case, stating that the American blogger should be stopped from making controversial statements that go against the basic rights of citizens.

The response comes after the IHC expressed displeasure over the ministry’s comments at the previous hearing, instructing it to provide relevant records of its business visa policy.

In its response to the IHC today, the ministry stated that the American citizen’s visa had been extended twice during 2018-19 which was against the law.

It mentioned that the blogger had applied for her work visa extension two times, but she was given a business visa by the authority against the visa policy, adding that her company was not registered in Pakistan either.

The ministry, on Wednesday, had rejected Ritchie’s visa extension application and asked her to exit the country within 15 days.

IHC expresses displeasure

In Tuesday’s hearing, the additional attorney general informed the court that the American blogger had told the ministry she was not associated with any government institution.

Responding to the AAG’s comments, Chief Justice Athar Minallah noted that previously the ministry had adopted the stance that the blogger had been serving government institutions.

Justice Minallah said that the ministry had not adopted a clear stance so far in the matter.

Expressing displeasure with the representative of the interior ministry, the judge asked: “Is there any law or policy?”, questioning whether the ministry had any documents which explain the visa policy for foreigners.

The court asked whether the same treatment would be given to someone who would come tomorrow on a business visa and start giving statements against the prime minister.

The court ordered the ministry to bring details of the policy in the next hearing.

Moreover, it ordered Ritchie to stop making any controversial statements against politicians.

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