PRIDE Centric Resources Re-Launches The Kitchen Spot

Shifting focus, PRIDE adjusted the strategy behind this robust website, focusing less on individual product transactions but instead on providing the connection to dealers. The exclusive dealer locator tool gives end-users access to a multitude of desired brands, foodservice specialties, and customer service capabilities.

“The PRIDE dealers are uniquely positioned to provide precise solutions and exceptional customer service to commercial kitchen operators looking for assistance to elevate their operations,” says Karin Sugarman, CEO at PRIDE Centric Resources.

The benefits of The Kitchen Spot include:

  • Connecting end users with nearly 100 restaurant dealers that offer tailored solutions
  • Access to a variety of restaurant design and build specialists
  • Connecting end users with an expert locally
  • Access to over 100 of the top foodservice brands
  • Library of helpful content for foodservice operators

For more information on The Kitchen Spot, visit  

About PRIDE Centric Resources: PRIDE focuses on providing robust resources for foodservice equipment and supply dealers, including marketing, financial, training and information technology. PRIDE offers best-in-class services and programs, and continuously strives for progressive and unique offerings to benefit their dealers’ future success.

SOURCE PRIDE Centric Resources

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House Minority Leader Patrick Neville won’t seek re-election for top GOP spot

Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville announced Friday that he won’t seek to retain his House leadership post, months after news reports that he would be challenged for the seat and likely lose it.

“There’s been a lot of folks that have been, quite frankly, spending all their time trying to run against me instead of … helping Republicans win elections,” Neville said.

The Castle Rock Republican said he plans to instead focus on getting reelected to serve his district for the next two years. He also plans to complete the last year of his executive MBA at the University of Denver.

The divide has grown between supporters of Neville, who holds far-right views and associates with groups like the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, and Republicans who say the party needs to make changes to get elected in an increasingly blue state.

Hugh McKean, R-Loveland, had previously announced he would seek the minority leader’s spot, with backing from many in the Republican caucus.

Neville said he came to the decision a week ago and decided to announce it before the election in hopes that it will help Republicans focus on flipping Democratic seats. The House leadership vote takes place after the election.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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White House, a coronavirus hot spot, is cold on contact tracing despite Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis

a man holding a sign: Wearing protective suits, masks and gloves, demonstrators call attention to the outbreak of coronavirus in the White House. Photo: AP

© AP
Wearing protective suits, masks and gloves, demonstrators call attention to the outbreak of coronavirus in the White House. Photo: AP

The Trump administration’s resistance to contact tracing since the president tested positive for Covid-19 reflects a calculation that there’s little political upside in highlighting this close to the election the number of people at the pinnacle of US power potentially exposed to the virus by him, say health experts and political analysts.

Masks and contact tracing – used effectively in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and elsewhere – are proven tools in breaking the chain of infection in lieu of a vaccine, medical experts say. But their success can depend on many other factors.

Public health experts have traditionally focused on the profile of the virus and therapies to combat it.

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“But it turns out the most important thing in fighting it seems to be effective political leadership, and in the US we don’t have that,” said Ronald Waldman, a global health professor at George Washington University and former investigator at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “If your primary priority is getting elected, that’s great for the virus.”

Analysts say President Donald Trump and aides appears to have concluded that robust tracing of hundreds, even thousands, placed at risk by his inner circle would only spotlight the virulence of a disease he has repeatedly downplayed, claimed would disappear or decried as a hoax.

It also could highlight his controversial policies and behaviour, and the particular vulnerability of top Republicans central to his legacy and re-election effort, they add, hardly a good look for a president losing support in the polls.

“From the White House point of view, it probably doesn’t make sense to pursue contact tracing,” said Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette Law School Poll. “A stricter testing regime risks showing second- and third-order infections. That’s not something you want to expose.”

Who in Trump’s orbit tested positive for coronavirus

But the president’s doctors’ and spin doctors’ apparent disregard for the basics of crisis management – disclose bad news fast and fully – has have been badly undercut by a drumbeat of daily headlines detailing new infections and quarantines hitting the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, presidential press corps and Secret Service.

Among the latest, the US Marine Corps’ No 2 general, Gary Thomas, said on Thursday that he had tested positive after huddling with top military leaders a week earlier.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie: Recent news is ensuring that public attention remains focused on President Donald Trump's management of the pandemic until the November 3 election. Photo: Abaca Press/TNS

© Provided by South China Morning Post
Recent news is ensuring that public attention remains focused on President Donald Trump’s management of the pandemic until the November 3 election. Photo: Abaca Press/TNS

This drip drip of news not only ensures that public attention remains intently focused on Trump’s management of the disease until the November 3 election. It also hampers the ability of top advisers to carry out policy or craft damage control as

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Concern rises for White House residence staff as their workplace emerges as a virus hot spot

His uncle, John Johnson, was also a butler, and the flouting of safety protocols that has made the White House a coronavirus hot spot has also put the career civil servants who work where President Trump and first lady Melania Trump live at risk of exposure. It has Allen puzzled and incensed.

“I would be begging my dad and uncle, ‘You need to get the hell up out of there,’ ” he says. “It’s like, ‘Get out! Get out!’ ”

The White House residence staff members are largely Black and Latino, and often elderly, according to Kate Anderson Brower, who compiled a trove of interviews with former staffers for her book, “The Residence.” Numbering 90-some full-time ushers, butlers, housekeepers, valets, florists, engineers and cooks charged with maintaining the historical house and creating a comfortable home free from prying eyes, they work more closely with the first family than perhaps anyone else in that building. These employees often keep their positions for decades and work for administration after administration, viewing their job as holding up the integrity of the White House regardless of who is in office.

“They’re supporting an institution, not a singular presidency,” says Anita McBride, who was Laura Bush’s chief of staff and is a White House historian for American University.

Discretion, too, is a key component of a residence staffer’s job. Speaking out about anything, including working conditions, can be a cause for dismissal. The New York Times reported Monday that two members of the housekeeping department who tested positive were told to use “discretion” when discussing their diagnosis.

As the residence staff has been caring for the first family, a chorus of concern has started to rise among former White House and residence staff members about whether the first family and this administration are taking care of those civil servants in return. For months, this administration has treated the White House as a bubble immune to the coronavirus, ignoring guidance from their own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by refusing to wear masks, failing to maintain social distance and relying on rapid coronavirus tests that have been shown to miss infections. With the president, the first lady, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, top aide Hope Hicks, former counselor Kellyanne Conway and an ever-growing number of administration officials testing positive for the coronavirus, that bubble has burst. Now others are trying to give voice to those working behind the scenes in that building who cannot speak on their own behalf.

“I know that people in there are scared,” says Sam Kass, head chef for the Obamas for six years. “I know that they are concerned about their own lives and their families, and feel very torn about balancing their responsibilities to their country, as they see it, and putting themselves in harm’s way.”

On Sunday, the chorus rose on behalf of the Secret Service, a growing number of whom have been voicing, in unprecedented fashion, outrage over the president’s seeming indifference to the health risks faced by

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Can Lowe’s Overtake Home Depot’s Top Spot?

Where do you shop for home improvement projects? For many Americans, increasingly, the answer is Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW). Home Depot (NYSE: HD), a Dow Jones Industrial Average component and the largest U.S. home improvement retailer, benefited enormously from the recent positive trends in home improvement. But competitor Lowe’s did even better, and is right on its heels for the top spot. Can Home Depot keep its lead, or is it in danger of being overtaken by Lowe’s?

Why Home Depot needs to worry

Home Depot has been the leading home improvement chain for decades, being the first to create and expand its big box stores across the U.S. Annual sales came in at more than $110 billion in 2019, a 2% increase over the prior year. The company is admired as solution-driven and agile, and as it helps people across the country with do-it-yourself building projects, sales continue to grow.

Lowe’s is smaller than Home Depot in both store count and sales, and was struggling before Marvin Ellison joined as CEO in 2018. He set a plan to turn the company around, and it’s starting to take shape.

White king knocking off black king in Chess.

Image source: Getty Images.

As recently as February of this year, Lowe’s had an inadequate digital program, running way behind Home Depot, and almost all of its growth came from stores. But that gave the company great leverage, because as soon as it invested in a digital overhaul, sales exploded. The second quarter’s huge increase was powered by a 135% digital spike.

Lowe’s is making all sorts of improvements through its retail fundamental strategy. It revamped its website and mobile app, and moved over to the cloud. During the next year and a half, it’s planning to open a large number of distribution and fulfillment centers. It recently launched a professional tool rental program, and is focusing on pros with a new loyalty program. It’s also investing in renovating and modernizing stores. And it’s already No. 1 in certain categories. The company recently announced that it’s starting locker pickups, an innovation that Home Depot began two years ago. 

Lowe’s fiscal 2019 sales were $72 billion versus Home Depot’s $110 billion, but second-quarter 2020 earnings were creeping closer, with a 34% sales increase versus Home Depot’s 23% rise.

Metric Q2 2020 Q1 2020 Q4 2019 Q3 2019
Home Depot comps 23% 6% 5% 3%
Lowe’s comps 34% 12% 3% 3%
Home Depot digital 100% 80% 21% 22%
Lowe’s digital 130% 80% 3% 3%

Data source: Home Depot and Lowe’s quarterly reports.

How Home Depot is keeping its lead

Home Depot has an eye on the future, and that led to its multi-billion dollar investment in its One Home Depot strategy. This is meant to integrate all aspects of the company’s operations for a seamless shopping experience. This digital and distribution overhaul impacted its earnings in the short term, but long term, it has already paid off in big wins during the pandemic. And it means the top home improvement retailer still

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This 95-year-old Peninsula company found a sweet spot during the pandemic: Your kitchen

By Alicia Wallace | CNN Business

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US, some businesses held fast and hunkered down. Torani, the 95-year-old company that makes those colorful bottles of flavored syrup at your local coffee shop, didn’t have that luxury.

Torani needed to follow through on a plan that had been years in the making: a relocation of its headquarters and manufacturing operations from South San Francisco to a brand new building across the Bay. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, turned what was already an ambitious and expensive undertaking into a dramatic exercise in operational gymnastics.

Torani was slated to start its move in March to a spacious, 327,000-square-foot San Leandro building that would house its offices and state-of-the-art production lines. It also would serve as a Willy Wonka-esque, tourist-friendly “Flavor Factory” with a coffee-making “receptionista,” a “customer play area” to try some of the 150-plus flavors, and a speakeasy that could be accessed via a secret passageway behind a bookshelf.

But then the shelter-in-place orders came down, and restaurants and cafes were ordered to temporarily close their doors. Torani entered into pandemic planning mode and conducted a financial analysis to determine if it could weather sales drops of 20%, 30% or even 50%.

The company had borrowed around $40 million in loans to invest in its Flavor Factory.

“Could we make it? Could we hold onto everybody?” Torani CEO Melanie Dulbecco told CNN Business. “Could we pay off these loans we just borrowed? Could we keep the business running for our customers and make it?”

The privately held company, which got its start in San Francisco’s “Little Italy” neighborhood of North Beach, has been accustomed to double-digit annual revenue growth for decades. It now was projecting a 40% sales drop for the month of April and bracing for the worst.

Coffee shop sales tanked during that time. According to survey of more than 5,000 shops by payment processor Square, median revenue tumbled 55.4% between March 1 and April 30.

When April was said and done, Torani did have a sales decline on its books, but only 20%.

“And then business came back like crazy,” Dulbecco said.

What happened was that sales of Torani’s syrups started spiking at the retail store level. Americans working remotely during the pandemic had brought their coffee shop habits home with them.

And as the homebound turned to homemaking, Torani syrups and sauces were landing in concoctions such as mixed drinks, kombucha batches, and even sourdough starters, Dulbecco said.

The pickup in store sales also meant that Torani had to increase supplies of its 375-milliliter flip-cap bottles often found at retail. Coffee shops typically buy the bottles that are twice that size.

“We had to shift a lot around in our supply chain to have all the packaging materials,” Dulbecco said.

Torani, which makes syrups used in coffees and Italian sodas, completed a move of its headquarters and manufacturing facility during the pandemic.(Torani) 

Happening in the background of this was the move from

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A Beer Garden, Taco Spot, and Charcuterie Shop Open at The Roost This Week

Kitchen sink nachos, tacos, and wings from Hi/Fi Taco at the Roost. Photograph by Stacey Windsor.

Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s food hall The Roost began its rollout in Capitol Hill two weeks ago with the debut of Cameo, an eco-conscious coffee shop, and Shop Made in DC, selling local goods. The “culinary clubhouse” will introduce ten more concepts in the coming months, starting with three this week.

The latest additions include beer garden Shelter, Hi/Fi Taco, and another location of the group’s Red Apron Butcher. Only Shelter will host seating for now, but menus from all three spots will be available on the beer garden’s 100-seat patio (plus 20 indoor seats that open up to the outside). Order in advance at for pickup and delivery.

Here’s what to expect:


Opening Thursday, September 24

Greg Engert is the mastermind behind some of DC’s top beer bars, including ChurchKey, the Sovereign, and Bluejacket brewery. At Shelter, he’s giving special attention to low-alcohol brews with about half the list devoted to session drafts. The lineup won’t be quite as vast as Engert initially planned; Due to the pandemic, many brewers have slowed production of kegs and casks in favor of cans and bottles. Still, look out for everything from a lambic with apricots from Belgium’s famed Cantillon brewery to an American blonde ale with galaxy hops from Bluejacket.

You can also get a sneak peek at the Roost’s forthcoming wine and cocktail bar Show of Hands, which will debut in the next few weeks. Spirits director Nick Farrell has bottled up cocktails for two, including a Mediterranean-style sangria with pomegranate, orange blossom, and Greek honey as well as a pineapple Chartreuse rickey. The cocktails, along with a curated list of beers, natural wines, and spirits, will be available to-go via a small retail shop.

Hi/Fi Taco

Opening Thursday, September 24

Red Apron Butcher’s Nate Anda at Hi/Fi at the Roost. Photograph by Stacey Windsor.

Red Apron butcher/chef Nathan Anda will bring his meat expertise to tacos at this new joint. Among his creations: an orange-soda braised carnitas taco paired with curtido (Salvadoran cabbage slaw), smoked crema, American cheese, and chicharrones as well as as a crunchy-shelled ground beef, shredded lettuce, and queso taco appropriately named “Taco Night in America.” It’s not all meat though—you’ll find fried avocado and catfish options too. Queso comes three ways, including a “bacon cheeseburger” version. Try the cheese dip with chips or smothered on “kitchen sink” nachos.

Tacos from Hi/Fi Taco at the Roost. Photograph by Stacey Windsor.

Red Apron

Opening Saturday, September 26

The fourth location of this charcuterie-and-sandwich spot will offer a menu of its greatest hits. Of course that means plenty of cured meats, pickles, and hot mustard served with English muffin-like tigelles.  There are a couple salads, but the heartier plates are the main attraction. Think poutine, dan dan noodles with Szechuan gravy, and burgers with beef-fat fries. RBG gets a nod with the “Roost Bader Ginsburger”—a burger with beef and chorizo patties,

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Can You Spot the Ring Hiding in the Garden?

This field of carrots and hungry bunnies is no place for a valuable diamond ring!

There are few feelings more irritating than knowing you’ve lost something valuable, especially when you have no idea where it is—say, your wedding ring. But when it’s just a hypothetical situation—say, a visual brain teaser—it can become a bit of fun!

That’s the purpose of this tricky visual puzzle from jewelry company William May. It challenges you to find the lost diamond ring in this garden. According to William May, the average amount of time it took people to spot the bling was 93 seconds—though it took one eagle-eyed participant only 20 seconds. See how long it takes you! Once you’ve found it, see if you can spot the single bear without a bow tie.

Note: This puzzle is not to scale. Also, for a little help, the ring’s band is yellow in color and has a pretty good-sized white diamond!

If you need a hint, this anecdote that inspired William May should help you narrow down your search. A woman in Canada once lost her ring—only to find it 13 years later in her garden, stuck around an overgrown carrot! (True story!)

Ready for the answer?

find the ring in the garden answer

Courtesy William May

Sure enough, it’s sitting right on top of a carrot toward the middle right of the image! It seriously blends in, doesn’t it?! Now, if only you could get a “solution image” for things you’ve lost in real life. If you’re ready to tackle another challenge, see if you can spot the difference in these 10 pictures.



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How to Clean a Bathroom Without Missing a Spot

How to Clean Your Bathroom in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1- Clear surfaces

Before you do any spraying or scrubbing, clear out all the things laying on these surfaces-toothbrush, lotion and shampoo bottles, cotton ball container, etc. The point is to be able to spray and wipe without worrying about your bathroom cleaner getting onto everything else. You should also move any dirty towels or laundry out of the bathroom, as well as trash cans. Once you've cleared everything away, you can start spraying your surfaces with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2- Spray and wipe

Using gloves, wipe down your sink and counter, making sure you get behind and under the faucet. When you're spraying and wiping, you want to make sure you're spraying onto the surface, not the cloth, because you want to let the ingredients of the bathroom cleaner work their magic before wiping it away. Make sure to spray shelves, mirrors, counter tops, and any bars that usually hold up your towels and toilet paper.

Step 3- Scrub it down

Apply a soap scum remover in your shower to make sure you're getting rid of any build up. You can also get a tile and grout cleaning product to make sure your tiles stay looking like new. As for your toilet, you want to make sure you get any buildup and stains that accumulate in the bowl and under the seat. Keep a toilet scrubber next to it to keep your toilet bowl fresh between cleanings. Sweep and mop your floors with a floor cleaner and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down any other surfaces that haven't dried yet.

Step 4 – Organize

Now that you're done cleaning, it's time to put everything back in its place. This is the time to declutter and get rid of anything you're not using in your bathroom. Take out the trash and replace your towels before patting yourself on the back.

Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner as Time Passes

It's easy to take any cleaning product and use it as a bathroom cleaner, but you might be missing out on some heavy duty ingredients that do more than the usual cleaning product. For example, you can find a bathroom cleaner that also helps remove soap scum or a bathroom cleaner that effectively reduces the look of grout and leaves your tiles sparkling. Whatever you decide to use, you can keep your bathroom cleaner over time just by doing some quick cleaning every so often. If you see the sink has a spot, don't wait until cleaning day. Have a rag nearby for quick spot cleaning to make cleaning day more bearable.

Find the Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

When you think about bathroom cleaning products, you might be wondering if there's a solution for you that might work better than others. Overall, what you can try to focus on are the ingredients the bathroom cleaning products themselves are made with and how effective they're known to be. Read reviews and …

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