Stream These Spooky Haunted House Movies

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The B-movie maestro William Castle lards “House on Haunted Hill” with one high-concept hook after another: A millionaire (Vincent Price) offers a $10,000 prize for anyone who can survive his “haunted house” party, complete with loaded pistols issued to guests in miniature coffins, and a burbling vat of acid on site. Part chiller, part whodunit, the film is like witnessing a deliciously macabre parlor game.

Four people are summoned to a creepy mansion for a paranormal investigation, but the house itself is the star — all creaky floorboards, pulsating walls and a doorknob turning back and forth. The awful 1999 remake turned Hill House into a C.G.I. light show, but Robert Wise’s original, shot in luxuriant black-and-white, burns on a slow wick of shadows and suggestion. There are haunted house movies of greater psychological complexity and invention, but “The Haunting” remains the gold standard.

Fresh from a stay in a mental institution, Jessica (Zohra Lampert) seeks refuge at an old Connecticut farmhouse, which happens to be the site where a woman drowned on her wedding day in 1880. As she, her husband, their friend, and a mysterious drifter settle into the place, the bizarre events that follow — and the sinister whispers and tension between the conspiratorial townspeople (all wearing bandages) and these hippie interlocutors — loosen Jessica’s tenuous grip on her sanity.

“The Belasco House” was named after an unspeakably perverse, six-foot-five millionaire who indulged in every vice imaginable, running the gamut from alcoholism and heroin addiction to incest, necrophilia, bestiality and cannibalism. “Bad vibes” don’t begin to describe the psychic energy on the premises, but four intrepid paranormal investigators poke around anyway, including a half-dazed Roddy McDowall as a man who visited the house before and barely lived to return. The libertine sexuality of early ’70s cinema gives “The Legend of Hell House” a sensual charge, but it’s equally blessed by the dry British humor that undercuts the horror.

Released at a time when “Scream” and its knockoffs were simultaneously deconstructing and reviving the slasher genre, “The Others” moved decisively in the other direction, introducing modern audiences to the classic (and good-for-all-ages) style of classic haunted house movies. Nicole Kidman’s haircut alone is a time machine, as are the atmospheric mysteries shrouding a Victorian home visited by ghosts.

In J.A. Bayona’s gothic Spanish frightfest, a woman and her husband buy the creepy seaside orphanage where she was raised with the intention of turning it into a home for sick children. What follows is a barrage of horror tropes: Children as ghouls in burlap masks, references to fairy tales like “Hansel & Gretel,” Super 8 home movies, the séance of “Poltergeist.” Rooted in the scares is the vulnerability of the young

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22 Sleek and Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Decorating for Halloween is an exciting time of the year, but it can become repetitive when you use the same traditional decorations as every house on the block. Make this the year that you stand out and get creative with your Halloween decorations. Let’s elevate your haunted house by spicing up your gothic abode with some ghoulishly glamorous Halloween decor. It’s easier than you think, too. These unique items will have your friends asking to borrow your decorations for their next Halloween costume party. We’ve got a little bit of everything in the ole candy bag for ya:

  • Flameless Black Candles
  • Neon Skull
  • Bloody Edison Bulb Lights
  • Creepy Canvas Art
  • Boo-tastic Bar Essentials
  • Crystal Ball
  • Ouija Board Serving Platter

We’ve included items that are easy to set up and some of them could even stay out year-round. And because Halloween knows no barriers, the list also features a number of spooky selects that could be used indoors or outdoors.

Trick out your pad with these seriously stylish treats: here are the best Halloween decoration ideas you need this year.


1. Eldnacele Store Flickering Candles

There are tons of battery-operated electric candles out there, but none feature the unique detailing that these spooky beauts offer. The set of three candle pillars boast detailed illustrations of a spider web, a skull, and a raven. The simple black and white color scheme doesn’t detract from the warm glow of the faux flame and will go with any design theme.

halloween decor skull candle, spider candle and raven candle

© Provided by SPY
halloween decor skull candle, spider candle and raven candle

Buy: Eldnacele Store Flickering Candles $28.99


2. Clever Home Spell Books

From curses and potions to brews and spells, these decorative resin books are a spellbinding addition to any shelf or side table. The stack of books look perfectly aged and go great with any magical tarot or Hocus Pocus theme.

Halloween decor spell books

© Provided by SPY
Halloween decor spell books

Buy: Clever Home Spell Books $18.97


3. What on Earth LED lit Skull Light

This funky piece of Halloween decor is made out of mercury glass. When the light is turned off, it boasts a colorful iridescent facade, but when the inside light is turned on, the skull takes on a galaxy appearance that’s hauntingly gorgeous.

Halloween decor light up skull

© Provided by SPY
Halloween decor light up skull

Buy: What on Earth LED lit Skull Light $50.65


4. Yihong Store Orange Fairy String Lights

If you’re looking to add an orange glow to your spooky set-up, these battery operated lights should do the trick. The set comes with two ropes that each have over 50 LED twinkle lights and stretch up to 16.4 feet in length. Plus, they feature eight different light modes –– from slow glow, to flash, and even wave –– allowing you to change the entire vibe of your space with the click of a button.

Halloween decor orange fairy lights

© Provided by SPY
Halloween decor orange fairy lights

Buy: Yihong Store Orange Fairy String Lights $10.99


5. H&D

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Walmart’s Selection of Affordable Halloween Decor Will Get You in the Spooky Spirit

While many aspects of day to day life are different this year, let’s be clear about one thing: Halloween is definitely not canceled. And one of our favorite parts of the spooky season is adorning our homes with all the pumpkins, bats, and black and orange decorations we can find.  

There’s really no limit to how early you can put up Halloween decor, and really, who doesn’t need a little extra holiday spirit in their lives (and homes!) right now? Whether you decide to go all out or just add a few accent pieces, it’s time to get started on making your house the best-dressed in the neighborhood so that you and your family can enjoy the tricks and treats for as long as possible.  

Not sure where to start? Walmart has a top-notch selection of affordable Halloween decor to get you in the spirit ASAP. From themed wreaths to tabletop decorations to outdoor ornaments, here are eight popular Halloween accessories that’ll help you create the festive home of your dreams (or nightmares?). Prices start at just $1 (yes, really), and every item on this list is reusable, so you can rest easy knowing your decorations arsenal will be stocked for years to come.

Halloween Fall Bottle Brush Tree Set

This set of three mini trees is a subtle way to get your home in the holiday spirit, whether you use them to spruce up a mantel or dining table or arrange them along a staircase. Available in three autumn-ready colors and 5-inch heights, they’re the perfect seasonal decor to display all fall. 

Buy It: Halloween Fall Bottle Brush Tree Set, $14

Glitter Halloween Ornament Wreath

Get your neighbors in the Halloween spirit by displaying this festive black, orange, and white wreath. The mix of glittery, metallic, and matte ornaments add a playful dimension that’ll make this pretty decoration the perfect addition to any front door, porch column, or mailbox.

Buy It: Glitter Halloween Ornament Wreath, $35

Way to Celebrate Halloween Light-Up Pumpkin Trio Decoration

This light-up pumpkin figurine displays a trio of stacked, smiling jack-o-lanterns. At just $15, it’s an adorable and lasting way to make your doorstep a Halloween treat for guests. 

Buy It: Way to Celebrate Halloween Light-Up Pumpkin Trio Decoration, $15 

Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Ceramic Halloween Tree

With 57 orange and purple pre-lit light bulbs, this Halloween-inspired ceramic tree is a small yet bold addition to your home’s decor. Bats and black cats add a spooky touch to the orange base, while the 15-inch size means you can display it on any tabletop for a fun piece that’s not overbearing. 

Buy It: Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Ceramic Halloween Tree, $45 (originally $65)

Way to Celebrate Wood Pumpkin Antique Truck Table Top Halloween Decoration

Set the ultimate Halloween table with this set of two wooden trucks, each toting a load of straw and tiny pumpkins. The antique colors and intricate detailing make these centerpieces a welcome addition to any decor style. 

Buy It: Way to

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8 Rooftop Photoshoot Ideas For Fall To Recreate With Spooky Decor & Your SO

The seasons are changing, and the content on your Instagram feed must change with it. Although there are no specific rules to social media, it’s a home-run level move to trade your beach pics for pumpkin ones as soon as the calendar reaches September. The perk of this seasonal shift is the world is nudging you to challenge yourself creatively and make the most of autumn props, spooky decor, and new #looks. Start with one of these rooftop photoshoot ideas for fall and see where it takes you.

After spreading out a blanket, lining it with twinkly lights, and capturing a pic of your SO lighting a candle nearby for a fall date night, you may be bursting with ideas for whimsical, romantic, or tasty photoshoots. Those candy apples you can pick up at your local farmer’s market and the cool witch’s hat you have tucked into your closet are definitely ready to make their IG debut. It’ll be hard to pass up their spirit for the season for something much less creative and social media-worthy.

Not to mention, props like those are included in some of the other ideas we have for you. Scroll down to see how you should set up your rooftop this fall with spooky decor and your SO for a photoshoot that’ll look so boo-tiful on the ‘gram.

1. Tape Fall Flowers To The Ground And Sit Amongst Them

Purchase a bouquet of fall flowers and tape them to the roof of your building so they don’t blow away in the autumn breeze. At sunset, take a picture in your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans and sneakers, sitting amongst the flowers you spread out. Make sure the petals are facing your camera and throw up a peace sign to happily transition from summer to fall.

2. Enjoy A Cup Of Tea While Wrapped Up In A Blanket

For this picture, capture the warmth and bliss that comes with fall. To do this, grab a fall-inspired tea press and mug, and brew a cup of black tea on your rooftop with your SO. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket right as the camera goes off, and close your eyes as if you’re soaking in the good vibes and hot steam.

3. Wear A Spooky Tee While Holding Binoculars

Spooky season is upon us, and you’re heading to your rooftop to look for ghosts, right? That’s why you should wear this ghostly shirt alongside your SO and pose with binoculars. Take this picture to the next level by using Adobe Photoshop to add in ghosts and ghouls, or by quoting your fave Halloween movie in the caption.

4. Take A Mirror Selfie With A Pair Of Orange Heels

Your bathroom isn’t the only place there’s a mirror with good lighting. Once you bring your vintage or handheld mirror up to your rooftop, you’ll have a new place to have a photoshoot and pose with this pair of designer orange heels.

With the help of your

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Halloween Decor That’s Sure To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

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There’s nothing quite so exciting as reaching the point in the year when it’s acceptable to put out Halloween decor. Some folks wait until October, when there’s a chill in the air and all the leaves have already changed color. Me? I whip out my pumpkins and other spooky knick knacks when it’s still sweltering outside. As far as I’m concerned, once August is over it’s totally appropriate to start celebrating Halloween. Other folks put up their holiday decorations before Thanksgiving arrives, so why not stick with the trend of starting early and get your home ready for spooky season early, too?

If you assume that Instagram-worthy Halloween decor is merely a few pumpkins and faux cobwebs thrown around, think again. Decorating for spooky season is an art—and you’ll need certain tools to master it. Pumpkins are a must-have, yes, but cute Halloween decor requires so much more. Thankfully, it’s available in spades each year.

Before you start adding a million different items to your cart (which is tempting, I know) let’s first take a moment to decide what types of decorations your home might need. Just like regular home decor, Halloween decor differs from person to person. Do you like spooky or cutesy? Gory or glam? Some folks like to go all-out with a totally haunted house vibe. Others like to keep it light and fun with smiling pumpkins and maybe some paper bats on the wall. There are so many different ways to decorate for Halloween, and you should know exactly what style you’re going for before you shop.

For those who want a classic Halloween situation, you can’t go wrong with pumpkins of all kinds—real, glass or even fabric. Plastic pumpkins are fine, too, but if you’re looking for a little bit of elegance, steer clear of anything that resembles a child’s candy bucket. In addition to pumpkins, you can also replace your usual candles with Halloween-inspired picks (like black candles or festive pumpkin-scented ones) and maybe add a fun throw pillow or two. Before you know it, your home will look like a Halloween wonderland.

If you want to take a step further, though, I hear you. After all the pumpkins, candles and pillows are set out, opt for some faux fall leaves around your space—on the mantle is a particularly great spot. Add some Halloween garland to the walls and set your table with a spooky tablescape. You can easily find faux skulls and other ghoulish finds that work well strewn throughout your home, as well as a Halloween-inspired centerpiece, of course.

However high or low your level of Halloween obsession is, you can easily create a fun decor situation with pieces available from your favorite retailers. And once you know which Halloween decor vibe you like best, all there’s left to do is shop for the pieces. (This is, obviously, the fun part.)

To help get you started, I’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween decor you

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Halloween Decor Ideas – Easy Tips for a Spooky Home

Entry : The entry to your home is the first impression visitors get of your home. Too often we forget how much impact this can have when decorating for the seasons.

  • Halloween Display. Make the most of it by creating a simple display of Halloween figurines set on a small table covered with a black or orange tablecloth. The 4 to six inch figurines are inexpensive enough to even use outside if you have room enough for a small table by your door. Inside, you can go with this same concept, even adding spooky lights and garlands available at dollar and discount stores.
  • Animated Items. Animated Halloween figures can add instant festivity to a boring entry table. These figures can move, have sound, and some are even motion activated. A great way to make your entrance one to remember! With increasing popularity, these items are now appearing in dollar and discount stores.

Living Room / Family Room : To dress up the rooms where your family spends the most time, use most of your Halloween decor ideas in these rooms.

  • Figurine Display. Use your mantle, a wall shelf, of even your coffee table to display an assortment of inexpensive Halloween figurines. Mantles are normally overlooked until Christmas, but fireplaces are a great staging area for many seasonal displays.
  • Halloween Curtain Tie-Backs. To add a spooky touch to your room, add a garland of skeleton heads as tie-backs to your curtains. These garlands are available at most dollar stores and one garland can be cut in half to use on a pair of curtains, you can use another garland across the top for a little added Halloween fun.
  • Candy Bowls. Halloween is all about candy. Display candy corn and other themed candy in bowls for a decorative and tasty touch.

Dining Room : turn any October meal into a Halloween party with fun and expected seasonal touches.

  • Spider Napkin Rings. Turn any napkin ring into a Halloween hit by using hot glue to attach the spiders from cheap Halloween rings to a napkin ring. These are very inexpensive and normally sold in bags at discount and dollar stores. A very small investment for a unique decorative touch.
  • Placemats and Tablecloths. Go ahead and invest in either an orange or black tablecloth or placemats. This simple change adds instant Halloween charm to any table.
  • Spooky Centerpiece. Add a touch of the unexpected with a large glass bowl filled with tiny skulls. These can be purchased either in a bag or attached to a garland that can be coiled inside the bowl.

Outside : Only the Christmas season surpasses Halloween when it comes to outside decorations. Be the talk of the neighborhood with decorations that go beyond the predictable jack-o-lanterns.

  • Tombstones. Turn your front yard into a graveyard with tombstones made from inexpensive foam board and a little paint. Thinner than the ones you can purchase in stores, you can personalize these for your family (pretty morbid), your favorite horror film characters, or
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