15 popular decor items you didn’t know Home Depot sold (Photo: Reviewed.com)

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If you know me well, you’re probably aware that I’m not always the happiest shopper. Some of my friends love wandering the aisles of big stores, searching for deals and inspiration to keep their homes fun and fresh. Not me—if I have to go to a big-box store, I want to focus my laser vision on whatever item I’m buying, grab that item, and get out of the building as quickly as my short-girl legs can carry me.

Given this, some of my loved ones might be surprised to hear I’ve become such a convert to Home Depot decor. But they shouldn’t be! When it comes to decorating, Home Depot offers everything I could ask for: a huge range of high-quality products that cover practically every style; surprisingly affordable prices; and, often, free shipping, so I don’t have to leave the house.

It’s easy for me to say that Home Depot’s offerings are built to last, but you don’t have to trust me. We’ve gathered some of Home Depot’s highest-rated pieces of home decor to prove it deserves to be your new interior decorating go-to.

1. An alarm clock that gets you out of bed without keeping you up at night

It’s much easier to put your phone down at night when you’re not constantly asking yourself if you remembered to set your alarm (Photo: Home Depot)

I am obsessed with sleep. I’m fiercely protective of my bedtime routine, and the best birthday present I received this year was an amazing new memory foam pillow. But even I sometimes struggle to stay off my phone before bed. At the very minimum, I can’t go to sleep without reassuring myself that my alarm is set

There’s an obvious solution here—an analog alarm clock. I love that this clock glows through the dark, cutting down on the temptation to check your phone if you wake up in the wee small hours, and that the light is a soft green instead of the classic (and stressful) blaring red. Reviewer Zippy assures browsers that the glow is gentle. “Love this analog alarm,” they write. “Also appreciate the dimmer on the green light, as it is not distracting and easily controlled. Have had this for about a month and the alarm is not so loud that it startles you awake…very easy on the ears as it is on my side of the bed.”

Get the Large 4.72 in. Black Analog Alarm Table Clock with Night Vision Technology for $16.11

2. A lightweight mirror that will actually last

Bring light and space into your home with this generous mirror (Photo: Home Depot)

I love mirrors, and not just because I’m a Leo (happy birthday to us!). Mirrors are endlessly versatile pieces of decor that can actually make your space look bigger, while also maximizing natural