Why I Love These Shelf Risers from Open Spaces

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With space at a premium in tiny New York City apartments, mastering your storage can seem like a Sisyphean task. Just as you’ve found a place for that giant pack of toilet paper that was “too good of a deal to pass up on,” you realize that it’s cool enough to use your oven again, so you’ll also need to find a place for the pans you’ve been storing in there (or even clothes, for some).

Like many others, I’ve spent the last six months living, cooking, and working from home more than ever, which also means I’ve spent half my time constantly rearranging my apartment and organizing all aspects of my space. While I still haven’t figured out a way to magically turn my 900 square feet into 1000, I found a way to stack my storage, which has helped more than I thought possible. 

These shelf risers from Open Spaces instantly multiplied the amount of space I have in my kitchen. They provide a stable and beautiful storage surface that fits in cabinets and on counters or open shelving. With powder-coated steel rungs and wood surfaces, the risers are sleek in design but ensure that they can easily hold everything from dishes and glassware. Now the dozen or so bottles of cooking oils and vinegars that previously occupied an extremely messy, “disaster cabinet” in my home are neatly stored away. 

Besides helping me restore order in my kitchen, the shelf risers are also versatile. Meant to be used all over the house, I’ve used the risers to organize my dresser and refresh my bathroom storage. I’ve even been using one lately to prop up my laptop for a more ergonomic work from home setup—a perfectly minimalist solution for creating a home office on the fly. 

After a welcomed and very therapeutic overhaul, I now have a spot for everything in my kitchen, whether hidden away in a cabinet or thoughtfully stored within reach on my limited countertop. Paired with a coordinating set of small covered bins that fit perfectly underneath the risers, I can now hide all those tiny snack-packs my toddler demands, leaving my kitchen calm and clutter-free. 

Launched earlier this year, Open Spaces has a curated collection of home organization products. The collection is organized by both product type and room, making it easy to find simple solutions for that mess you can’t ignore during quarantine. Whether you’re the type of person who’s been binge-watching Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix, or the keeper of a couple “disaster cabinets” of your own, everyone deserves to find a little relief from a cluttered world. 

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Directions to Remove a Shelf From Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet shelves are very convenient fro storing kitchen accessories. Shelves are handy in a way that you can keep things which are not used regularly in the cabinets for future needs and keep your kitchen look clean. Without shelves your kitchen look like a mess with things all around on countertops, racks, tables etc. Shelves need regular maintenance. They sustain damage over time and need to be repaired or replaced. There are usually two types of shelves used; adjustable shelves and permanent shelves. Each has a different way of installation.

Required Material

– Reciprocating saw

– Locking pliers

– Flush cutting pliers

– Flat pry bar

– Hammer

Steps to Remove Shelf from Kitchen Cabinet

For Adjustable Shelves

1. Clear the area around the shelf which you want to remove. If shelf contains any items or accessories remove them.

2. Hoist the shelf up and spin the shelf diagonally. Hoist one side higher than the other; this will help it to clear the cabinet opening. To release the cabinet shelf you need to press the clip holding the pins and shelf in place. Usually, you can simply press the plastic or metal flap at the top of the pin to release the shelf.

3. Take the shelf away from the position carefully. Don’t drag or bump the shelf along the cabinet opening. Dragging or bumping may cause damage to surface.

For Permanent Shelves

1. Permanent shelves are installed in a number of ways. You have to inspect the installation for your shelf. Some rest on the horizontal runner fixed to the bulkhead or side panel of the cabinet. Some are simply glued or nailed on the outside of the cabinet bulkhead.

2. Tap front bottom edge of the runner gently with a hammer to remove the shelves. You might need a pry bar to pry up the shelf gently from the runner. The shelves are usually glued or nailed to the runner so it might need some force to remove them from runner. Repeat the same process on all the remaining sides to let the shelf free from cabinet.

3. Take a flat pry bar and use it to remove the runner from the cabinet sides. Place the pry bar edge in the seam behind the runner. Tap it with hammer from above to widen the gap in seam. Pull the pry bar away from the cabinet panel. Keep prying until the runner is free enough to be removed.

4. Take a hammer and tap the shelf near the bulkhead gently to remove it from the cabinet. Keep tapping until you see that the seam between cabinet and shelf is beginning to wide. Once the seam is wide enough, pull the shelf away from the bulkhead of the cabinet.

5. In the end use locking jaw pliers to pull the nails out so that it will release the bulkhead. You can also cut them by using a pair of flush cutting pliers.


– You can cut the stubborn …

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