Kitchen Features to Consider If You’re a Regular Entertainer

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If you love to entertain, you’ll want to make sure your home—and specifically your kitchen—is up to the job. Luckily, a few simple upgrades can transform your space, turning it into a hub perfect for hostessing. Here, Breegan Jane, a designer, entrepreneur, and Extreme Home Makeover personality, shares her kitchen must-haves for regular entertainers.

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Bar Seating

Bar seating is a really great way to include guests while you’re busy in the kitchen. “Whether it is off the island or on the other side of the cabinets or something entirely unique, this will allow you and your guest to interact while you cook or prepare the meal,” she says. “Nobody wants to be all alone in the kitchen while your guests are over, and this way, you can entertain while still being part of the conversion.”

Man-Made Countertops

Upgrading the area you spend the most time in can be expensive, so Jane suggests making some less costly swaps that pop. “A great stone or marble countertop can really elevate your kitchen, yet natural stone and marble are quite expensive.” Her solution? Beautiful man-made mediums—they are more affordable and easier maintain: “Most people won’t know the difference, and when your guest spills red wine on your white countertop, it’s no big deal!”

Updated Hardware and Paint

Something as simple as changing out your hardware, like pulls and faucets, or repainting dull or outdated cabinets can enhance this area—without taxing your wallet. “Finding interesting colors or finishes can elevate the space,” notes Jane.

Makeshift Island

Kitchen islands are always a great feature, Jane says, but matching them to your existing cabinets and countertop can be tricky and costly. Plus, if you already have an extended dining room table, you may not always need that added space. “A great alternative is getting an old table or cart second-hand, fixing it up, and painting it a cool color. Bam—you’ve got a great statement piece for the center of your kitchen,” says Jane.

Fridge with a Glass Front

A secondary built-in refrigerator with a glass front is a perfect place to put grab-and-go items that your guests won’t feel intimidated to help themselves to. “You can see exactly what is available without feeling like you’re being nosy or intruding,” she says. It doesn’t have to be big; a simple under-counter fridge will work. “This speaks to your guests visually and says something like, ‘Hey, maybe you’d like sparkling water or even a beer—help yourself,’ and thus, makes people feel more at ease and welcomed,” says Jane.

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The Importance of Regular Home Improvement

Home improvement, by definition, is making changes to one's home by making improvements on the house's looks. Home improvement is usually done by professional contractors, handymen, and even the house owner himself. Home improvement is important because real estate's value appreciates more if a property is well-maintained. Home improvement is seen by many as unnecessary cost. However, losing value of a real estate is usually caused by neglect in a property's maintenance. Therefore, in the long run, regular maintenance is crucial for the property's value to appreciate.

Regular home improvement jobs and renovations will surely make your current living conditions more favorable. People do not easily notice that some areas of the house need improvement. In the long run, regular maintenance will reduce the serious structural damages to your property. It is also important to note that there are different maintenance schedules for different areas of your house. For instance, plumbing should be checked monthly. Ovens, heating systems, smoke detectors, and the like should also be checked monthly to prevent unfortunate disasters. The garden area should be maintained regularly and should undergo rigorous maintenance every four months. This is to prevent insects and termites infestation which can cause significant damage in infrastructure. The landscape of a house should also be in good appearance to help preserve your property's value. Refrigerators should be checked every three to four months. Check for faulty or loose wiring and avoid energy overload. The roof, on the other hand, should be checked at least every six months. Check for shingles and leaks and take care of them right away. Watch out for blocked gutters as this can lead rainwater to go inside your house. If your house is made mainly of wood, have a regular termite exterminator team visit your house.

Aside from these standard areas in the house that need improvement, remodeling or renovating is also a good idea. It can also add value to real estate. Remodeling can be as simple as changing the paint color in your living room or laying a different color of carpet in your bedroom. Something this simple can make significant changes in your house's ambience. Renovating can be as major as tearing down the common wall of two rooms to make them one big room. Tearing down walls creates a bigger space which can be used for many purposes. Additional extensions can also be done. Additional space that can be used as garage space is useful. Home improvement tasks that require massive construction should be done by professional contractors. Make a list on what you want changed inside your homes and consult with a team of contractors. This way, you will have an idea on the costs that will be incurred as well as the extent of the repairs and improvements you can do.

Home improvement is important because essentially, it is considered taking care of your home. Aside from the additional value it gives your property, preventive maintenance and remodeling is always good to decrease future …

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