These Rainbow Kitchen Tools From Amazon Will Brighten Up Any Space

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

From Delish

Your holiday food spreads are bound to look amazing–especially if you happen to follow any of our Halloween and Thanksgiving classic recipes. That being said, delicious food deserves to be displayed in a way that makes it look even better and these colorful serving utensils from Amazon are a great way to add personality to a table setting.

Similar in color to the fan-favorite Aldi rainbow utensils, these serving spoons and tools are rainbow metallic and will catch the light beautifully. The 13-piece set from Amazon comes with a ladle, skimmer, slatted turner, pasta server, cooking spoon, potato masher, egg whisk, slatted spoon, tongs, flat turner, flexible spatula, basting brush, and a matching holder to keep all of the tools displayed on your counter. You can get all 13 items from Amazon for just $45 and it’s eligible for Prime shipping so it can all be at your door in two days.

This colorful aesthetic has found its way onto so many kitchenwares, like the aforementioned Aldi rainbow utensils, as well as these glass iridescent wine and Champagne glasses at Nordstrom. For a Halloween-themed aesthetic, you could pair the vibrant servers with matte black wine glasses for contrast and a dark look to match your spooky baked goods and appetizers.

Each utensil in the set is rust-proof, dishwasher-safe, and non-stick so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps in your kitchen…besides struggling to decide where exactly you want to put these on display, that is.

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Teacher Fights Ban on LGBTQ ‘Signage’ With Rainbow Classroom Decor

A Nevada teacher responded to her school district’s restrictions on LGBTQ “signage” by making a TikTok video that shows her classroom plastered with rainbow decor. 

Jennifer Leja, whom BuzzFeed News identified as a teacher of middle school students in Reno, Nevada, posted a video on her TikTok last week showing off her rainbow posters, teacher’s desk, and duct tape separating student desks. 

According to her TikTok video, the school said talking about LGBTQ issues would be considered “supporting a single political party.” 

“And if anybody asks, I just really like rainbows, like, I just really like rainbows,” Leja says.

She takes the viewers on a tour of different parts of her classroom, including a pen stand flaunting rainbow feathers and a sign above her classroom door, decorated in rainbow colors. 

“No politics in Ms. Leja’s classroom,” she says. “She just likes rainbows. Rainbows aren’t political, not at all, rainbows are just colorful.”

The video then lands on her wearing a face mask with a rainbow heart. She says, “What, this? This is not political, this is just that I really like rainbows.”

She told BuzzFeed News that students often come to her when they’re exploring their identities.

She has always kept a rainbow flag, but a new policy issued by the Washoe County School District bans political “signage” and “partisan political activities,” according to BuzzFeed News. 

In an email reviewed by BuzzFeed News, banned “political activities” include signs supporting LGBTQ issues, Black Lives Matter, pro-life, and pro-gun campaigns. An official for the school district said, however, that teachers are still allowed to share their sexuality or talk about same-sex partners with students.

Leja’s video has garnered thousands of “hearts” and comments, with many pointing out that one’s ability to love or identify with their gender is not a matter of politics.

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2020, 4:48 pm

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Bigg Boss 14 House Pictures: Rainbow Couch, Metallic Decor And More

a close up of a brick building: Representational Image (Bigg Boss 13)

© Vineeta Kumar | Entertainment Desk
Representational Image (Bigg Boss 13)

The audience is all set for the latest season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. The Salman Khan-hosted show is going to premiere on October 3 and the new reports even emerged to claim that the actor will be shooting for the promo on October 1 with the contestants at Mumbai’s Film City. Now, a few pictures have gone viral on social media and the fans claim that these are the glimpses of the house this season. An Instagram account that goes by the name Bigg Boss Khabri shared a few photos online claiming that this is how the Bigg Boss 14 house looks from inside. The pictures show the living area, the bedroom, and the washroom area. One can see a rainbow designed couch along with a statement metallic silver one and other stunning decors. Check out these pictures: While these photos are not official and one can’t claim their veracity, it seems like the glimpses of the Bigg Boss 14 house are all real. The sets are once again created in the Film City and several names from the contestants’ list are already doing the rounds on social media.

Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Jaan Kumar, Shubhangi Atre, Karan Patel, Nishant Malkani, Eijaz Khan., Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Shagun Pandey, Pavitra Punia, and Naina Singh among others are a few names that are being strongly speculated as the participants for Bigg Boss 14.

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New Mario Kart Turns Your House Into Rainbow Road

Mario turns 35 this year, and Nintendo is celebrating the anniversary of its beloved Italian plumber/aspiring princess rescuer with a slew of new products. There’s a special edition retro Game & Watch device, a battle royale version of the original Super Mario Bros. for Switch, and remastered versions of 3D Mario games, which tend to be less celebrated than their 2D counterparts.

But the coolest new Mario product has to be Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a blended experience that combines remote control cars, augmented reality, and the gameplay that made Mario Kart a classic.

Here’s how it works.

Using four “course gate markers,” you can set up a physical track in your house that a small, physical Mario Kart — both a Mario and a Luigi version are shown in the announcement video — can navigate. Each one has a camera that streams video back to your Nintendo Switch, making it possible to see where you’re going.

Classic Mario Kart items, virtual opponents, and track boundaries are overlaid on the Switch’s screen, and you play just like you would a normal Mario Kart game: targeting stars and coins, swerving to miss shells, and cursing the heavens when you get struck by lightning.

It all adds up to an experience that’s half physical and half digital, one that is definitely a gimmick but, like all good gimmicks, one that will be difficult to resist.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be released on October 16 for $99.

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