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Derek Draper, 53, was put in an induced coma in March after being admitted to hospital where he still remains. She has been warned six times that he is not “going to make it” and does not know how much he “can see, feel or hear”. The Good Morning Britain host told Gardeners’ World that planting bulbs has given her, and the couple’s two children Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11, a sense of hope.

“It was rather sad because the radishes came, they’re one of Derek’s favourite vegetables, and we ate them and he still wasn’t better,” Kate, 53, told the BBC Two programme.

“So I then thought, we’ve got to go more long-term, planting things that were going to take longer to bear fruit. And I’d say, ‘Dad will be better by then’…

“And of course now that it’s been so long, we’ve got a huge basket of bulbs, so that when Dad comes home, the place will be full of colour. When you’re living day-to-day on a knife edge, doing something that gives you a future helps with a sense of progress, where there is none from the direct situation.

“It’s been the most important space for us. It’s been a place to find joy, hope, go a bit crazy and feel a bit unleashed in a stifling physical and emotional time that we’ve all lived through.

“It just gives you that sense of positive moving forward. You can’t think short-term in a garden, you have to plan. You have to have hope. You have to invest in a future.”

He has been battling coronavirus for longer than any other UK patient.

Kate added: “You don’t plant something unless you believe it’s going to come up, so by planting something and believing Derek will see it when it comes up, that gives us a sense of future.”

Gardeners’ World is broadcast tonight on BBC Two at 9pm.

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Matt Tebbutt hits out as Saturday Kitchen guests ‘takeover’ show ‘What am I doing here?’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Matt, 46, was on hand to host another instalment of Saturday Kitchen and was joined in the studio by television presenter Cat Deeley, 43, and chef Shivi Ramoutar. From the moment the BBC cookery show went on air, it was clear the former Saturday Morning TV star was very excited to be a guest as she explained she was a big fan of the show. However, as the broadcaster tried to inform viewers about what was coming up on the programme, he couldn’t get a word in edgeways as his co-stars were having their own conversation.

To begin the show, the presenter allowed Shivi to explain what she was going to be preparing, which she did with enthusiasm.

“It’s quite theatrical the show today,” Matt told those watching at home, with the guest chef explaining she was excited to be sharing the stage with Cat.

“I can’t contain myself,” she continued as the Let’s Dance star was seen sitting in the corner, bubbling with excitement.

With the women complimenting one another, it was at this point the host believed proceedings were no longer in his hands.

“I don’t know what I’m doing here, to be honest,” he hit out before Shivi asked if she could continue talking about the dishes she was going to create.

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The host told the chef to “carry on” so he could carry on with the rest of the programme before time ran out.

Even when it came to preparing his own dish, the presenter couldn’t talk through the process as in detail as he would have liked because Cat continued to go off on a tangent.

“I’m sorry,” the guest said several times as she shared stories from her career, to which Matt joked she was taking over his role.

“Give me a shout when you’re finished – I just want to recap some food,” he quipped with Cat becoming red-faced as she realised he was getting little air time.

“I feel like a personal chef come, waiter, today,” he continued to joke, telling viewers the recipes were all online in case they’d “struggled” to follow along.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home reacted to the scenes, with one writing: “Glad Matt asked if Cat’s microphone could be turned down on @SaturdayKitchen #SaturdayKitchen.”

“Blooming heck I thought I could talk but @catdeeley on #SaturdayKitchen beats me hands down. Think she forgot she’s on the telly,” a second added.

Whilst a third commented: “Thoroughly enjoying @SaturdayKitchen with @catdeeley as a guest. Don’t think we have had one as good since lockdown started. Genuine human repartee between the guest, host and chef. #SaturdayKitchen.”


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3 Tips For Better Haunted House Radio Commercials

You put your heart and soul into your haunted house attraction this year. You've spent day and night toying with each scene and scare, now you just need people to show up and experience your labor of love. How do you get them there? An effective haunted house radio commercial is a good place to start.

What goes into a good haunted house radio commercial though? Where do you start? Here are three tips to make your message stand out and hopefully draw larger crowds than ever before.

  1. Tell a story. Make sure that your commercial is not just a laundry list of directions and the types of scenes you've put together. Think movie trailer here. Truly good trailers suck you in, tell a story and make you walk away thinking "I have to see that!". The same should be true about your haunted house radio commercial.
  2. Make an offer that they can't refuse. Want to make your haunt the clear choice over all the other choices? Then be ready to make an offer like "buy one get one free admission", "take $ 10 off speed pass admission when you use code radio", or something of that nature. Sell ​​some extra snacks on site or add premiums like "speed pass lines" and you will make it up in no time. Plus the sheer amount of people who choose you over the others because of your crazy good offer, will likely work wonders at increasing attendance. But make the offer good. Do not skimp. That means "Take $ 2 off or 15% off" will not cut it. It makes you sound cheap and will be a turn off. Go big on the offer, or don't make any offer at all. Period.
  3. Create multiple versions of your haunted house radio commercial. Versions that run the day of the haunt that say "Tonight" or "this weekend". People respond to urgency. If it sound like all the fun is going on "tonight" vs. the "every Friday, Saturday and Sunday" version, they will be more likely to visit your haunt that night.

Most important is getting your message created and recorded by professionals. Don't skimp on this one. Having the local dj's do their "spooky" voice, will pale in comparison to the sound of a professional haunted house radio commercial company will deliver.

The message your customers hear on the radio is the calling card to your haunt, if its good you can expect long lines and happy customers. If it sounds lame, you and your crew will be in for a long, slow night.

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