Celebrity Halloween decorations 2020: From Reese Witherspoon’s pumpkins to Stacey Solomon’s DIY crafts

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As the weather turns autumnal and Halloween is on the horizon, these celebrities have been spotted upgrading their home décor with the addition of pumpkins. The likes of Reese Witherspoon, Stacey Solomon and more have proudly displayed their pretty pumpkin displays inside and outside of their homes.

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There are light-up ones, spray painted ones and Stacey even got crafty and turned old socks into pumpkins – it has got to be seen to be believed!

Get inspired with these epic pumpkin decorations from the A-list…

Stacey Solomon

Loose Women presenter Stacey often takes to social media to share her DIY home projects. This time she really wowed us with a thrifty project transforming old socks into pretty pumpkins. She uploaded an Instagram Stories video to show us how it is done.

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon and Laura Whitmore show off their Halloween decorations

First, she cuts a sock in half, then she fills with rice and adds old tights for padding. Then the genius part comes when she sews loops around the ball to create sections – and a pumpkin is then created before our eyes. Topped with a twig and a spray-painted leaf, Stacey proudly held up her creation to the camera.


We love Stacey Solomon’s autumnal home display

In addition to her own mini sock versions, we have also spotted a pumpkin lantern Stacey has, styled up next to dried flowers and dried oranges in a very autumnal display.

Laura Whitmore

Presenter Laura has totally transformed her front door area for the new season, opting for a huge floral display, abundant with bright flowers and rust-coloured foliage.


Laura Whitmore’s impressive font door display

We can see from the Instagram Stories video she shared, the arrangement reaches up her door and there are also leaves entwined in her balcony. Accompanying this, we can see a collection of pumpkins displayed on Laura’s steps, ranging in sizes.

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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon caught our attention with a pumpkin display selfie outside her American home. The actress even co-ordinated her attire, sporting a cosy orange cardigan in the spirit of the season.


Reese Witherspoon snaps a picture with her pumpkin display

Behind her we can see a collection of mis-matched pumpkins, which are in keeping with the rustic theme of her front porch.

Billi Mucklow

Former TOWIE star Billi updated her Instagram followers with a snap of her doorstep display. This included not one, not two, but 19 pumpkins arranged outside her front door. The collection included some that were spray painted white, gold and metallic pink.


Former TOWIE star Bili Mucklow shows off her Halloween

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Should You Use Your Good Kitchen Knives to Carve Pumpkins? Here’s What the Experts Say

Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner. And what better way is there to bring in the season than to carve some pumpkins with your loved ones? (Bonus points if you grew them in your garden.) Whether you are a seasoned pumpkin carver or do it just for the family fun, the right tools make all the difference. But should you use your good kitchen knives for carving pumpkins? We checked in with our Test Kitchen and a Vice President of WÜSTHOF, Adam Fischer, to learn more.

a wooden cutting board: Getty Images/Basak Gurbuz Derman

© Provided by EatingWell
Getty Images/Basak Gurbuz Derman

Our Test Kitchen Manager, Breana Killeen, told us that she would definitely use her kitchen knives to carve pumpkins. “We cut squash with our knives, so why not pumpkin?” Killeen adds. Our test kitchen recommends getting your knives sharpened frequently (around twice a year) to keep them in tip-top shape, which would make it less likely to get dull (or stay dull) after carving a pumpkin.

Senior Food Editor, Devon O’Brien, adds that many of her knives are too big for pumpkin carving. “That being said, I always use my paring knife for details and bread knife for taking off the top and bottom,” she says. However, be careful to use sturdier knives when carving a pumpkin. Some thinner knives or serrated knives can break, our Food Features Editor, Carolyn Malcoun, speaks from experience.

Fischer echoed the recommendations of our test kitchen and assured us that you absolutely can carve a pumpkin using a kitchen knife. “Like any task, using the right tool can make the job easier and more fun,” stated Fischer. “That being said, it’s important to be mindful of proper care of your cutlery. A serrated utility knife (like this WÜSTHOF one from Williams Sonoma, $45) will cut beautifully into the pumpkin… but stay away from cutting the pumpkin stem. The stem is much harder and could dull your blade.” He also added that a smaller blade will help you be more precise in your carving, and the serrated edge will help you cut through the thick skin and softer interior flesh of the pumpkin.


© Provided by EatingWell

Even though it may be totally fine to use your kitchen knives to crave pumpkins, some may still prefer to have tools specific for the task at hand. Lucky for us, Amazon has this all-purpose pumpkin carving set from Elmchee for only $15.99. With 13 different pieces, you can get as creative and specific with your pumpkins as you like. And don’t forget to save the seeds for delicious recipes like Everything Bagel Pumpkin Seeds and Cinnamon-Sugar Pumpkin Seeds. Happy (early) Halloween to you!

a wooden cutting board: Become a pumpkin-carving pro with these tips and tricks from our experts. Plus, some tools you can snag for less than $20!

© Getty Images/Basak Gurbuz Derman
Become a pumpkin-carving pro with these tips and tricks from our experts. Plus, some tools you can snag for less than $20!

Video: How To Preserve Pumpkins To Keep Them Looking Fresh for Longer (Southern Living)

How To Preserve Pumpkins To Keep Them Looking Fresh for Longer

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These festival finds around the Chattanooga area include giant pumpkins, fair foods and Christmas decor

It’s fall, y’all, but in Lebanon, Tennessee, they’re thinking about Christmas — and making no apologies for the nod toward the next season.

“I once read somewhere that 70-80% [of consumers] start thinking about and purchasing their first items for Christmas in the month of September,” said Kristi Rowan, president of Midsouth Media Group, which produces Mistletoe Merchants, scheduled Friday through Sunday in Wilson County’s Farm Bureau Expo Center about 30 miles east of Nashville.

It’s one of five festivals happening or continuing in the tri-state area this weekend. A sixth, the DeKalb County VFW Agricultural Fair in Fort Payne, Alabama, starts Monday with a nightly carnival and other entertainment leading up to an all-day celebration on Oct. 3.

Other day-trip options include a jaunt to Marietta for a flavorful alternative to the North Georgia State Fair, happening the next two weekends, or to Pigeon Forge for the opening of the six-week Harvest Festival and Great Pumpkin LumiNights at Dollywood.

Closer to home, the Pumpkin Palooza family festival will take place Saturday at Greenway Park & Pavilion in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Rowan said Mistletoe Merchants is one of six spring and holiday markets her company produces in Tennessee and Mississippi.

“Last year we had about 5,000 shoppers, doubling from the previous year of 2,500,” Rowan said of the market, now in its fifth year in the Nashville area. “This event is really catching on and will soon be like our seasoned shows with 15,000 shoppers.”

Her 20-year-old Memphis show typically draws crowds of that size, she said, but it has been canceled entirely this year due to coronavirus concerns. For the Nashville event, several popular mix-and-mingle activities have been dropped, including Cupcakes & Cocktails, Muffins & Mimosas, Sangria Sunday and Santa appearances. However, general-admission shopping among the more than 100 vendors will take place as scheduled.

“This is a shopper’s chance to shop some of these unique businesses that you would not normally see, all while supporting small businesses and our economy,” Rowan said.

Likewise, the North Georgia State Fair has scaled back this year, canceling the midway and blue-ribbon competitions and revamping as Taste of the Fair.

Visitors will drive through to view the menus of at least 15 food vendors, then park for in-car or walk-up service. In-car service will provide a limited menu and an attendant who will take and deliver orders. Walk-up service will provide a full vendor menu, and visitors will leave their cars to order directly from the vendors. Masks are required for anyone choosing walk-up service.

At Dollywood, the seasonal programming includes more than 800 concerts by Southern gospel and bluegrass artists over the next six weeks, along with demonstrations by resident crafters and visiting artists, set amid the autumnal beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. New for 2020 are pumpkins weighing up to 1,000 pounds each, great for using as photo backdrops or just for marveling at their colossal size. As the sun sets, the theme park transforms into a whimsical display of

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Target Is Selling Woven Raffia Pumpkins That’ll Upgrade Your Fall Decor

From House Beautiful

Some people prefer an extravagant display of autumn decor, while others go for a more low-key seasonal aesthetic. Thankfully, Target caters to both. The decorative raffia pumpkins the retailer is selling right now, though, are a find that anyone part of the latter group would love.

The light brown pumpkins from Threshold feature a woven raffia texture, making them the perfect addition to any neutral-toned space. They come in two sizes: 6.5 inches by 6 inches and 7 inches by 8 inches. The smaller one costs $10 and the larger one is $15. You can display one or multiple in the same size, or buy both sizes to create a faux corner-of-a-pumpkin-patch look.

These subtle yet stunning decorative pumpkins can be placed on a console, shelf, side table, along the edges of your front door, or even (a safe distance!) near the fireplace. You can also pair them with other fall decor, like Target’s pumpkin-shaped pumpkin pie scented candles. Target always has the hook-up for seasonal candles. Oh and if you’re willing to branch out into the more colorful decor space, Target is selling Disney-themed no-carve pumpkin decorating kits that are perfect for kids or Disney-loving adults.

As always, if you’re not sure what direction you want to take your seasonal interior design in, don’t fret. Simply let Target tell you what you need. There’s something for everyone!

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