Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert pummel Trump and White House for its coronavirus spread

“A massive outbreak at the White House is not karma, it’s consequences,” Noah said on “The Daily Show.” “It’s not karma to get hit by lightning when you’re standing on the roof of a skyscraper holding a metal rod while there’s lightning. The universe didn’t do that s— to you. You did that s— to yourself!”

While details remain murky about Trump’s true condition and questions linger about the White House’s lack of safety protocols and decision not to do contact tracing amid the mass outbreak, late-night comics lambasted Trump on Monday over his own infection and his handling of the pandemic.

“They are inveterate liars, they can’t help themselves. They’re also really bad at it. Seriously, what’s more troubling — that they lie all the time or that they lie all the time and have shown no improvement in lying?” Seth Meyers said on NBC’s “Late Night.” “It’s like sending your kid to math camp for a week and when they come back, they tell you it was the toughest nine days of their life.”

Several hosts homed in on a staged photo op the White House released of Trump working inside Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital over the weekend. Although the photos showed the president sitting in two different rooms, metadata reviewed by The Washington Post showed the images — including one of Trump writing on a blank sheet of paper — were taken minutes apart.

“People are saying that he’s just writing his name on a blank piece of paper. But that’s not true,” Jimmy Fallon said on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” “That’s not a blank piece of paper. That’s just his entire plan to stop covid.”

“President? He looks like he should have a booth at Comic-Con,” Meyers said.

Trump also drew particular scorn from the comics over his decision on Sunday to ride in an SUV so he could wave at supporters outside the hospital, potentially exposing Secret Service members to the virus.

“Nothing projects strength like waving from the back seat of an SUV like a kid headed for soccer practice,” Meyers said. “Smart move keeping your juice box between your knees.”

The president’s stay in the hospital didn’t stop him his usual Twitter rants. On Sunday, Trump posted a video of him standing in his hospital suite, which Meyers said “cost more than the $750 you paid in taxes.” In that video, the president said he had “learned a lot about covid” from his treatments.

“Really? You’re learning now?” Stephen Colbert said on CBS’s “The Late Show.” Imitating Trump, Colbert added: “For the last eight months, I’ve heard about millions of people getting infected with covid, hundreds of thousands of [them] dying. But how could I know these people were real if they weren’t me? But now they are me. My thoughts and prayers go to all of myself.”

Meyers noted that it was no surprise that at least 10 guests at a White House event introducing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney

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