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Clean your exhaust fan regularly. It’s not a difficult job; simply turn off main power to your bathroom, locate the fan, remove the vent cover, then remove the fan blade if possible. (Take care of those screws — you won’t want to lose them!)

Use mild soap and warm water to clean both the cover and both sides of the fan blade. Let them fully dry before reinstalling them. While they’re drying, inspect the vent and clean whatever you can reach. If you need a quick fix and don’t want to take the assembly apart, blow the fan and vent with canned air. It won’t get rid of all debris, but it’s a quick refresher.

If you want to replace your exhaust fan, or install a new one, make sure you hire the right person for the job. Some localities and states allow handymen to do this job, but some require a licensed electrician. You’ll pay between $165 and $350 for this work.

When hiring, ask them the right size fan you need. All ventilation fans have an airflow rate measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The Home Ventilating Institute recommends one CFM per square foot of bathroom area. Add 50 CFM for each toilet, shower and tub. You might need a higher-rated fan for a bathroom with a particularly high ceiling.

Some fans are louder than others. Be sure to buy one with a noise level you can live with.

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Real fire demo shows public dangers in the kitchen and how to prevent a blaze

GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) presented a real-fire demonstration to remind people the dangers of simply preparing a meal in your kitchen. 

It can happen quite literally in a flash. That’s why the DFPC teamed up with the Fairmount Fire Protection District to cook up a little demo.

“It’s important that we be safe in the kitchen,” said DFPC Section Chief Christopher Brunette.

It was the perfect place for the fire show: the Fairmount Fire Training Facility just outside Golden.

Under the watchful eyes of fire fighting professionals, fires were intentionally set in a controlled environment, all to send a message:

“Thanksgiving is our biggest day for home fires and so if we can start to illuminate those fires and teach people how to be proactive and safe in the kitchen, then we can illuminate a lot of the casualties,” Brunette said.

The fires here were easily ignited and put out, but the one that starts in your home — not so easy.

Some things to keep in mind while you’re in the kitchen, cooking up your favorite dish:

“You need to keep a three-foot radius around the cooking area. Don’t leave any cooking unattended,” Brunette said.

What about soup? 

“You absolutely can burn soup,” Brunette said.

And if your stove fire starts to get out of hand, put a lid on it, literally. If that doesn’t work, call 911.

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TikTok hack claims to prevent kitchen food spills, goes viral

Picture this: Your counter sticky with spilled food. Your dishes caked with drippy residue. Somewhere, an infomercial of your plight plays.

Well, you’ll no longer have to struggle with these issues when cooking, thanks to a TikTok video which extolls the virtues of basic physics in the kitchen.

TikTok user Andrew Gatt has recently gone viral with a video demonstrating how home cooks can avoid kitchen spills after pouring food into another vessel.

To demonstrate the pouring pitfalls, Gatt showed himself pouring scrambled eggs from a bowl into a skillet. He then points to the runoff spilling over the lip of the bowl, which continues to drip.


Gatt, who tipped the bowl to his left, explains if he tips it back to the right — as most people normally would when pouring — “it’s going to drip” on his counter.

However! In a moment of brilliance, Gatt continues turning the bowl to the left, allowing physics to kick in, and the drippings to fall back into the bowl — and not on the counter, or whatever surface is below.

“How old were you when you learned this life hack?” Gatt writes on the video.

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times and has nearly 50,000 likes from, assuming, eager kitchen novices.


Now his video can join the pantheon of “mind-blowing” kitchen hacks, like these little-known egg-cooking tricks, or this mom’s “perfect” cheese-cutting technique.

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Kawartha Lakes, Scugog raising awareness to prevent kitchen fires

KAWARTHA LAKES/SCUGOG: The 2020 edition of Fire Prevention Week runs from Sunday, October 4th until Saturday, October 10th, and local fire departments are preparing to handle the occasion a little bit differently.

The City of Kawartha Lakes is holding scavenger hunts at 13 parks and outdoor spaces in the municipality.

“All you have to do is, visit one of our participating park locations, find the seven secret safety phrases and complete our online form. If you submit the phrases correctly, you’ll be entered into our draw. Find the clue poster, scan the phrase’s QR code and the secret phrase will appear on your phone,” a poster for the event explained.

The theme for this year’s Fire Prevention Week is “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!”

Kawartha Lakes fire prevention inspector and public educator Alana Erwood told The Standard why they decided to run this type of event.

“We chose the scavenger hunt as a fun social distancing activity that can be completed as a family. Each scavenger hunt clue contains a phrase to be entered online, along with kitchen fire safety tips,” she stated.

Ms. Erwood said the theme of this year’s prevention week is timely because “cooking fires continue to be the leading cause of home fires in Ontario.”

For more information on participating locations, and how to enter the contest, go online to

Meanwhile, Scugog Township is doing online activities and contests.

Residents are encouraged to go to to get fire safety tips and enter contests, like the junior fire chief for a day contest and the colouring contest.

“Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries in Canada, and we know that cooking fires can be prevented! Please join us for a week of fun and education to embrace Fire Prevention Week, virtually,” read a statement from Kristy-Lynn Pankhurst, Scugog’s Fire Prevention Officer.



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House Democrats unveil reform package to ‘prevent future presidential abuses’

House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a sweeping reform package to impose new checks on presidential power and potential wrongdoing in the executive branch, while toughening enforcement of ethics rules and congressional subpoenas — proposals they believe are necessary to “prevent future presidential abuses” and “restore checks and balances” to government after nearly four years of battles with President Trump and the White House.

Nancy Pelosi wearing a blue shirt: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol, Sept. 23, 2020.

© Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol, Sept. 23, 2020.

Drafted by party leaders at the direction of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the 158-page proposal would add new reporting requirements to the president’s use of the pardon power, and amend federal bribery law to include offering or granting of a pardon or commutation.


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(MORE: President Trump commutes sentence of longtime friend, adviser Roger Stone) (MORE: Trump’s impeachment trial: How we got here, what happens next and what to watch)

Democrats liken the package to the series of post-Watergate reforms passed in the wake of President Richard Nixon’s resignation – which included changes to campaign finance regulations, added oversight to the intelligence community and transparency to government with the Freedom of Information Act.

“The rule of law applies to every person in this country, including the president and members of the administration,” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., said Tuesday at a news conference with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., and other senior Democrats to roll out the package.

“We owe it to the American people to put meaningful constraints on power, fix what is broken, and ensure that there is never again another Richard Nixon or Donald Trump from either party,” Schiff said. “Even in a dangerous world, the threat to our democracy from outside the country is less than the threat from within.”

The package would suspend the statute of limitations for any federal crime committed by a sitting president or vice president – before or during terms in office – while making it more difficult for a president to profit off of the presidency, codifying the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and beefing up enforcement of any violations.

It would add new insulation between the Justice Department and White House to prevent political interference in law enforcement matters. It would require the attorney general to maintain a log of contacts between the White House and DOJ, and mandate reporting to the DOJ inspector general.

Donald Trump standing in front of a crowd: President Donald Trump charges up the crowd while speaking of the need to win the upcoming election during a campaign rally at the Toledo Express Airport on Sept. 21, 2020 in Swanton, Ohio.

© Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images
President Donald Trump charges up the crowd while speaking of the need to win the upcoming election during a campaign rally at the Toledo Express Airport on Sept. 21, 2020 in Swanton, Ohio.

After struggling for years with the Trump administration’s resistance to congressional oversight, House Democrats would add teeth to their subpoenas — setting up an expedited process for the House and Senate to enforce subpoenas in civil court and greater penalties for noncompliance. Their proposal would also toughen

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House Democrats unveil reforms to ‘prevent future presidential abuses’

Taken together, the proposals represent the Democrats’ long-awaited attempt to correct what they have identified as systematic deficiencies during the course of President Trump’s tenure and impeachment, in the style of changes Congress adopted after Richard Nixon left office.

Unlike the post-Watergate reforms, however, which took years to enact, today’s House Democrats have collected their proposed changes under one bill reflecting several measures that have been percolating piecemeal through the House.

“It is time for Congress to strengthen the bedrock of our democracy and ensure our laws are strong enough to withstand a lawless president,” the chairs of the seven House committees who curated the legislation said in a joint statement. “These reforms are necessary not only because of the abuses of this president, but because the foundation of our democracy is the rule of law and that foundation is deeply at risk.”

It’s unclear precisely when lawmakers would take up the legislation, though it will almost certainly be after November’s election or sometime in the new year.

The Protecting Our Democracy Act, as it is titled, is being rolled out almost a year to the day after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the House would pursue impeachment charges against the president. It faces long odds in the current Congress, where the Republican-led Senate is all but guaranteed to eschew the legislation.

Yet its release less than six weeks before Election Day signals the changes congressional Democrats envision pursuing under a possible Joe Biden presidency, or if the party seizes a majority of Senate seats in November.

The measure includes several provisions to speed up judicial rulings on congressional subpoenas and emoluments cases, in which the House or Senate alleges that a federal official violated constitutional prohibitions on accepting gifts without congressional permission. The bill states that both types of cases should be decided by a panel of three judges, and that any appeals would go directly to the Supreme Court.

The slow process of judicial review has been a frequent stumbling block for House Democrats attempting to subpoena Trump administration officials, leading the party to decide to avoid court battles entirely during Trump’s impeachment process, for fear of getting bogged down. A suit the House filed last summer to enforce a subpoena against Trump’s former White House counsel Donald McGahn is still working through the appeals process; last month, a federal appeals court panel in Washington, D.C. ruled 2-to-1 against the House, arguing that Congress hadn’t passed a law authorizing itself to sue to enforce subpoenas. The bill unveiled Wednesday expressly gives Congress that authority.

The package mirrors several measures to better regulate the relationship between the White House and Justice Department, which Democrats believe has been too cozy under the leadership of Trump and Attorney General William P. Barr. It reflects a proposal from Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) requiring the attorney general to keep a log of certain communications with the White House and periodically share it with the DOJ inspector general and Congress, and a bill from

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Cleaning Dryer Vents – Tips To Prevent A House Fire!

Make It A Ritual!

If part of your household maintenance plan does not include cleaning dryer vents then it should. Every year there are over 15,000 home fires caused by dryer fires with over 300 injuries and leading to 30 deaths. Not cleaning dryer vents also causes 90 million dollars in damages in the United States alone. Based on these statistics, it is important for every homeowner to be aware of the recommendations and procedures for cleaning dryer vents that will keep them safe and comfortable in their home for years to come. Take a look at these important questions about cleaning dryer vents and facts to consider when you are deciding how to do it, when to do it, and who should do it.

What Are Clues Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?

If your dryer is taking longer to dry a load than it used to, then the vents may need cleaning. As a general rule, dryer vents should be cleaned every six months. A simple reminder is to start cleaning dryer vents the same day you change your clocks for daylight savings.

What Is The Purpose Of Cleaning Dryer Vents?

As your clothes dry, they produce lint, and the lint trap doesn’t catch all of the lint that goes through your dryer. By cleaning dryer vents that are outside of the lint trap, you are removing this excess lint.

Where Are The Dryer Vents?

When cleaning dryer vents, you need to make sure you clean the vent located at the rear of your dryer, as well as the route of the piping to the outside of your home.

Should I Clean My Vents On My Own?

You can easily hire someone, or if you are comfortable and willing to purchase the proper tools, you can easily clean the dryer vents yourself. You can find tools at hardware and home improvement stores, or online made specifically for cleaning dryer vents. When cleaning dryer vents, you will need a circular or horizontal brush that is on the end of a plastic/metal pole or durable line. Ask a professional to help you find the best tool to match your dryer’s needs and shape.

Take this simple step towards fire prevention in your home that will go a long way toward keeping your family safe.…

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