Mr. Cabinet Care Awarded Orange County Register’s 2020 “Best Kitchen & Bath Company” – Press Release

Mr. Cabinet Care, a family-owned and operated kitchen and bathroom renovation company, was recently announced the Orange County Register’s “Best Kitchen & Bath Company” for 2020.


Oct 2, 2020 – Anaheim, CA – Mr. Cabinet Care, a family-owned and operated kitchen and bathroom renovation company, was recently announced the Orange County Register’s “Best Kitchen & Bath Company” for 2020.


The annual Best of Orange County readers’ choice award celebrates the area’s most popular attractions, restaurants, and businesses. The Orange County Register asks readers to cast votes for their favorite local businesses who continuously excel in service and quality. A 14-time winner, Mr. Cabinet Care was again named the winner and voted #1 in the “Best Kitchen & Bath Company” category at the 27th Best of Orange County Awards, which reaffirms its commitment to local clients and acknowledges its leadership and exceptional quality and service.

Mr. Cabinet Care Awarded Orange County Register’s  2020 “Best Kitchen & Bath Company”

“We want to thank all of Orange County for voting us the winner of this competitive category,” remarked Sid Jaridly, CEO of Mr. Cabinet Care. “It’s truly an honor to be named the best in our industry, particularly during such challenging and unprecedented times. We continue to maintain our commitment to exceptional quality and service, and it is a privilege to have that commitment recognized 14 Times. Each day, we continue to find new ways to get our clients the best value in kitchen and bathroom renovations.”

Hardworking businesses, including winners like Mr. Cabinet Care, continue to come out on top among Orange County Register readers despite such trying times. Each day, Mr. Cabinet Care reins as a leader in kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovation, kitchen design, and quartz and granite countertop installations. Using only the highest quality products and services to give clients the overall best value, Mr. Cabinet Care builds to custom specifications and maintains affordability in custom remodels. In kitchen cabinet refacing projects, various designs, woods, and stain options, with new panels, hinges, and custom milled moldings, are available to achieve a brand-new look.

“The events of 2020 have required us all to adapt to a new environment,” added Ron Hasse of the Orange Counter Register. “The Best of Orange County had to adapt as well as businesses faced unprecedented challenges that required them to excel in newly competitive environments.”

“Considering there are hundreds of contractors in Orange County, winning this award was truly an honor,” added Jaridly.

About Mr. Cabinet Care

Mr. Cabinet Care is a family-owned and operated kitchen and bathroom company located in Anaheim, California. With over 30 years of industry-leading experience, Mr. Cabinet Care has emerged as an expert in kitchen remodeling, cabinet refacing, quartz and granite countertops, and related services for clients across the region. Satisfying over 20,000 clients, Mr. Cabinet Care has established itself as a dominant and innovative leader by offering unique services that meet client budgets and world-class craftsmanship expectations.

To learn more, please visit

For further information about Mr. Cabinet Care’s “Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company” award, or to schedule an interview with

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The White House press secretary declines to explicitly denounce white supremacy, saying the president has already done so.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, repeatedly refused to denounce white supremacy on Thursday, insisting that President Trump had already done so and angrily accusing the media of refusing to accept his answer.

In a series of remarkably heated exchanges with reporters, even by the standards of the Trump White House, Ms. McEnany said that Mr. Trump has “always denounced any form of that” and read from past quotes from the president in which he condemned bigotry and racism, including “the K.K.K., neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups.”

But she would not explicitly condemn white supremacy from the briefing room lectern or specifically denounce the Proud Boys, a far-right group that Mr. Trump said should “stand back and stand by” during Tuesday’s presidential debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr.

When Ms. McEnany was asked why the Proud Boys, an extremist organization that embraces violence and hate against minorities, was celebrating Mr. Trump’s debate comments, she once again declined to denounce the group and noted that the president on Wednesday had clarified that the group should “stand back” and let law enforcement do their jobs.

Under repeated questioning by reporters from CBS, Fox News, CNN and other organizations, Ms. McEnany lashed out, blaming journalism organizations for publicizing the Proud Boys in their stories. She told a CNN reporter that “truth is of no moment” to the cable network and complained when a CBS News reporter interrupted her.

“It’s quite funny that the media goes haywire about interrupting and debates and then chooses to pursue that very same tactic themselves,” Ms. McEnany said. “This is a White House briefing: You ask a question and you give me time to answer.”

The president has — as Ms. McEnany said — at times denounced the K.K.K. and other hate groups. But he has often done so under pressure, and only as part of a broad condemnation against violence in which he quickly attacks left-wing groups as the bigger threat to the country.

In the debate, Mr. Biden said that antifa, a left-wing movement that has perpetrated violence, was “an idea,” different from specific right-wing hate groups, citing recent testimony by Christopher A. Wray, the director of the F.B.I., who described antifa as an “ideology or movement” rather than an organization.

Ms. McEnany mocked Mr. Biden’s answer on Thursday.

“Ideas do not target police officers. Ideas do not burn down buildings. Ideas do not kill innocent Americans. Organizations do,” she said. “And Democrats should condemn that shameful group in the same manner President Trump continues to condemn white supremacy.”

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I Luv Company, Specializing in Silicone Kitchen Utensils and Idea Consumer Goods, Speeds Up the Entry into Overseas Markets – Press Release

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I Luv Company, which sells silicone kitchen utensils and idea consumer goods to hypermarkets and home shopping in Korea, is accelerating its entry into the overseas market.

I Luv Company is loved by housewives in their 30s, 40s and 50s, dealing with silicone and novel idea kitchen utensils and daily necessities, as well as safe consumer goods and cost-effective consumer goods.

I Luv Company owns 1 patent and 2 trademark registrations, 1 design, and 1 intellectual property rights, was awarded in the Trademark Design Rights Fair in 2018, and received a commendation from the Shared Growth Committee and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2019. 

The main product of I Luv Company is silicone cooking utensils, and what’s special is that it is entirely made of silicone, unlike general cases where only part of the product is made of to lower the mass production cost, so it’s safer and more hygienic. 

The silicone material does not generate harmful components and can survive in boiling water by withstanding 250 degrees to minus 50 degrees Celsius and can be disinfected. Also, because it is flexible, there is no sound or scratches on cooking utensils, pans, etc., preventing the growth of secondary bacteria in advance.

Among the products of the I Luv Company, the chopping knife basket was selected as a global luxury product by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. Moreover, in 2020, a dedicated R&D department was opened to accelerate product design. I Luv Company is actively working as it supplies to large-scale marts in Korea such as E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Nonghyup Distribution, E-Land Retail, GS Retail, Mega Mart, Seowon Distribution, etc.

I Luv Company has its own kitchenware brand, Aerang Cook. Aerang Cook is attracting attention by housewives with the theme of adding love to cooking by combining a Chinese character, “Ae,” which means love and Korean “rang,” and English, “cooking”.

I Luv Company has exported its products to Kenya, and is preparing to export to Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. As it entered the US online market Amazon and Southeast Asian market Shopi, it promoted the products of the brand Aerang Cook and went on export. In addition, overseas buyers who prefer Korean products will supply products to overseas buyers through ODM orders.

Taking this opportunity, Ji-yoon Seong, CEO of I Luv Company, said that it plans to introduce kitchenware that consumers can trust and use safely, and that it plans to promote and export Aerang Cook products, I Luv Company’s brand, to 40 countries.

Media Contact
Company Name: I luv company
Contact Person: Chang yoon Lee
Email: Send Email
Phone: +82 10 5060 6406
Country: South Korea

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Insights on the Kitchen Appliances Global Market to 2025 – Key Drivers and Restraints – – Press Release

DUBLIN–(Business Wire)–The “Kitchen Appliances Market – Forecasts from 2020 to 2025” report has been added to’s offering.

The kitchen appliances market was estimated at US$103.067 billion in the year 2019.

The primary growth factors for the kitchen appliances market to surge throughout the forecast period include rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles of the people due to the rising disposable income which is amplifying the demand for numerous appliances, especially in the developing economies. Kitchen Appliances are those appliances that are designed to make cooking easy and smooth. The major applications of these appliances include cooking, storage, and cleaning among others. Furthermore, the growing innovations by key players in the kitchen appliances market for the development of new and advanced products with an aim to cater to the burgeoning consumer requirements is also one of the major factors that show the potential for the market growth during the next five years.

These appliances further allow smooth functioning in the kitchen activities along with offering numerous benefits to their use. In addition, the rising penetration of energy-efficient appliances coupled with the increasing focus of the market players towards their investments in the development of low energy consuming devices is also anticipated to positively impact the market growth throughout the forecast period and beyond. Also, the changing consumer lifestyle is adding further leading to increased adoption of convenient and hassle-free products as the hectic lifestyle is further promoting the use of various kitchen appliances for time-saving purposes is also projected to support the market growth in the coming years.

Urbanization plays an important role in driving the demand for various products as more and more people are moving towards urban areas is leading to change in their lifestyles and standards of living. This, in turn, is significantly driving the demand for kitchen appliances especially in the developing economies which include India, China, and Indonesia among others. A notable surge in the urban population is driving the market growth for kitchen appliances in the next five years. For instance, according to the World Bank Group, the percentage of the urban population out of the total population in India increased from 30.246% in 2008 to 34.03% by 2018. Similarly, in China the total Urban Population reached 823,827,650 by 2018 from 616,481,190 in 2008.

Booming residential construction will surge the market growth

The booming residential construction around the globe due to Impressive economic growth, rising disposable income, and improvement in the standard of living are driving the demand for these appliances throughout the globe. The construction of new housing units is further leading to an increase in the number of kitchens thereby anticipating the demand for these appliances over the next five years. According to the Ministry of Housing and Government Affairs, the number of construction of new residential houses increased from 1, 25,551 units in 2015-16 to 1, 82,861 units in 2018-19.

Online sales to show notable growth

On the basis of the distribution channel, the global kitchen appliances market has been classified into

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The Kitchen Easy Pod: A Microwave Vegetable Steamer, Poacher & Roaster In One – Press Release

Cestari, an innovative kitchen products designer based in Littleton, MA, is pleased to announce that customers may now purchase their Kitchen Easy Pod online. This pod, which can be used as a microwave vegetable steamer (among many other uses), is available on multiple platforms, including Amazon as well as Cestari’s own website, making it as convenient to obtain as it is to use.

While referring to it as a vegetable steamer may imply that it should strictly be used for vegetables, anyone with a little bit of experience making family meals will know every product has its hidden uses, and Cestari’s little pod is no different. It does, as the company is proud to demonstrate, cook vegetables quite well, but it can also be used to poach fish and chicken.

Fans of the quick-and-simple meal will want to know if this includes making omelets or reheating leftovers; Cestari is pleased to share that this is indeed the case. They expect it to be used most often for vegetables but they also encourage their loyal customers to experiment as they see fit. For instance, they call attention to the fact that the Cestari Kitchen Easy Pod boasts a non-stick surface. This opens up the possibilities for what family-favorite meals can be created with it, and Cestari suggests that new users try roasted potatoes if they want to see how easily such foods come out for themselves. Certain kitchens may have more stringent standards to go over before they give a new tool a pass, but the company is confident their steamer will stand up to any reasonable test.

The steamer can be used in one of two main configurations at any time: as a pod or unfolded into a bowl. In its pod configuration, Cestari explains that it can be used to substitute out parchment paper or foil for moist heat cooking (this makes it excellent for use in oven recipes). Its uses as a bowl are far more obvious — it can take the place of virtually any container on the table, holding salad, sauce, rice or anything else that may catch the user’s fancy. Here, Cestari reminds their community to make sure the bottom is clean of any residue if the steamer was used to cook anything immediately prior to its function as a serving dish, but that should be the biggest problem they face (if any). Its soothing green color also makes it the perfect backdrop for many dishes and family dining room environments.

The microwave vegetable steamer does have one secret use, however. Should it be rolled up at one end, its flexible yet firm nature means that it can be used as a funnel to collect cooking juices for a sauce or gravy. There are probably many other uses that the pod can be put to, and Cestari is always eager to hear back from customers who discover new possibilities.

Finally, those who are careful about their purchases will be pleased to learn that Cestari has

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Garden Grove, California, Goes Live with CentralSquare Finance Enterprise Software – Press Release

Lake Mary, Fla., Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector software, announced today that the City of Garden Grove, California, has successfully gone live with CentralSquare Finance Enterprise software. The two-phase technology upgrade will replace the City’s 40-year-old legacy system with a modern software suite to enhance operational efficiency, facilitate transparency, enhance internal controls and integrate administrative business functions.

“To replace our decades-old system, we needed a solid ERP system with strong reporting and control structures alongside a foundational chart of accounts to serve as the backbone of our entire finance system,” said Finance Director Patricia Song. “The configurable platform in CentralSquare supports more than data analytics, cost tracking, budgeting and other capabilities; it’s helping us to transform our operations because we can apply best practices for strategically enhancing efficiencies across our organization.”

With the new system, Garden Grove gains a centralized financial management software suite that combines finance, human resources and payroll into one fully integrated suite upon completion of the second phase of implementation. By offering one point of data entry for all information, the system reduces the need for redundant data processes. In one example, the city is realizing an immediate efficiency upon completion of its first phase of implementation: centralized invoice processing. Previously, invoices might bypass the Finance Department altogether if routed directly to a department or employee outside of Finance. Employees who received the invoices would manually review and code the invoices before sending to Finance, bypassing the ability to ensure compliance with budget and purchasing requirements and limiting visibility into the overall spending status.

“The new system really pushes us as an organization to transform our processes,” added Song. “Now, invoices can be applied to purchase orders without our team having to find the relevant information from user departments. Not only does this save time and reduce stress, it helps us to solve a reporting deficiency identified in previous audits.

“In terms of updating our internal control processes, we’re benefiting in three distinct areas: system configuration allows us to design and set up security protocols for ensuring checks and balances; automation removes any manual manipulation, preventing fraudulent activity; and login reports detect user access. Compared to before, management has greater confidence because we’re making sure transactions are monitored and fraudulent activities are prevented.

“From a workflow perspective, the automation has given us another immediate improvement. Approvers get an automated email, and they can simply reply with ‘Y’ or ‘yes’ to approve the transaction or ‘N’ or ‘no’ to reject. This is significant because our approvers often are away from their desks. The capability of reviewing and approving the transactions by a mobile device improves efficiency and ultimately enables us to better serve our community.”

The fifth largest city in Orange County, Garden Grove’s Finance Department consistently receives high marks for fostering a culture of accountability. The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to the city for its

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STOCKROOM Hong Kong Supplies Various Style & Material Sofa To Meet Homeowners and Interior Designers Different Demands – Press Release

STOCKROOM is an online furniture store having a huge collection of Living Room Furniture Sets, Home Office Desk Furniture, Dining Room Sets, Sofa set, Coffee tables, Bookcases, and Shelves provides; all under one roof.

Give the home and office a modern and minimalist appearance with STOCKROOM’s elegant furniture pieces. Unwanted bulky furniture will minimize the floor space and mess up the premise. Instead, opt for these types of furnishings as they can be used in numerous areas and rooms. Clients should definitely grab an opportunity and shop the various products available at fantastic sale prices. These modern pieces of furniture are superbly stylish and can be well equipped with large storage spaces. Therefore clients need not invest in expensive, bulky furniture for additional storage. They are specially manufactured to complement the interiors and exteriors with a modern-day look that matches the room’s elegance and charm. Hence while choosing the right kind of product, customers need to take into consideration the Sstyle and color of the room, space availability, storage requirements, and room interiors and not to forget the Big B- that’s budget! And to take care of this, this online furniture site provides fabulous discount deals and fantastic sale prices. Customers can get top brands at really affordable and truly affordable prices. With discounts ranging from free shipping to further reductions that clients cannot find at any local store. The company spokesman said this online furniture store is the next big thing in the world of interior and exterior decorating, as they give customers the benefit of glancing over all the possible options at the comfort and convenience of their house. 

STOCKROOM Hong Kong Supplies Various Style & Material Sofa To Meet Homeowners and Interior Designers Different Demands

Leather sofa Honk Kong is the symbol of luxury and elegance. It is the inescapable piece of furniture to add a touch of sophistication to the home or office. In addition, they invite and impress visitors who visit the house and immediately feel at home in the softness and comfort of these sofas. This leather is elegant to look at and exudes a certain amount of rich feel. Many people are attracted to them because they are durable and can withstand wear and tear. In contrast to other fabrics, stains are difficult to soak in leather. Therefore, a leather sofa is easy to maintain, and users can easily remove stains. Over time, this piece of furniture will remain as impressive as most fabric sofas, which will wear out over time.

The L shaped Sofa Hong Kong is appealing to many homeowners and interior designers because it’s incredibly stylish and still provide a comfortable seating solution for small or large rooms. This comfortable sofa not only provides a cozy seat but often calms the users in their dreamland when they decide to take a little nap.

With the demand for Sectional sofa Hong Kong on the increase day by day, we see this store having an extensive range of sofas accessible. These sofas are attractive to many homeowners and interior designers because they are stylish and can still provide a

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Walla Painting is Adhering to Strict CDC Guidelines as Their Busy Interior Painting Season Gets Underway – Press Release

Interior Painting

Walla Painting would like to let both home and business owners know that they are still providing interior painting services and these can be done safely. They say that because of that, there is no good reason for people to postpone this painting task if they feel that painting the inside of their home or business is needed. The company assures its customers that they are diligently following CDC guidelines and taking all necessary precautions during these challenging times. Interior house painting will give any home or business a fresh new look. They also offer a wide variety of low VOC interior paint color choices; some of which are even thought to enhance people’s moods. Walla Painting provides its reputable interior painting services to residential and business customers in and around the Carmel, Indiana area.

Jonathan Walla, the company owner, says, “We find that many people assume we are not doing interior painting projects at this time because of the threat of the spread of Covid-19. Rest assured that is not the case. Although we do have to distance ourselves from our customers more than we would like and take other precautions, we are still doing all sorts of commercial and residential interior painting jobs. As the weather in the Carmel area starts to slowly go downhill as winter fast approaches, it’s the perfect time for you to call us and schedule the interior painting work that you need done.”

The company owner continued by talking more about the safety pre-cautions they are undertaking at this time when working on their interior painting projects. He says that his employees are doing such things as frequently washing their hands for twenty seconds at a time throughout the day and applying hand sanitizer after that has been done. They are also using sanitizing wipes on their equipment regularly and they will even use gloves and shoe covers if a customer requests it. Walla says that most important of all, they are urging employees to stay home if they are feeling ill. He says that their interior painting customers can also do their part by rescheduling the work if anyone in their household is experiencing flu-like symptoms and by taking advantage of such things as virtual consultations and doing bill paying by credit card over the phone.

According to Walla, those at the company are also excited about the wide array of interior color choices they are now offering. He says that among the most popular interior colors they are using now is grey and it has replaced beige as the dominant interior base color. He says that their customers are also selecting blue paints if they want a room to feel more peaceful and serene, yellow if they want a room to feel warm and cheery, and are even using orange in workout and activity areas because it supposedly helps people feel energetic and enthusiastic.

Walla Painting’s services are also very highly regarded by those that have used them. J.G. states, “This

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Eight Tips On How To Choose The Bathroom Mirror – Press Release

The mirror you’re looking at every day is a big deal!Good bathroom mirror not only shows clear, reflect true, service life is long, return not easy bad. A stylish, clear bathroom mirror will make you feel better. So, what kind of mirror should the bathroom choose? Following the bathroom mirror factory to understand:

Bathroom mirror selection:

Framed or unframed bathroom mirror who is better

Will tell from the convenience that use and maintain, the bathroom mirror without a frame is better than the design that has frame, because the inside of the bathroom often is in wet condition, material of frame such as woodiness, leather uses time after long easy occurrence changes; and tell from beautiful angle, the bathroom mirror that has a frame has an advantage over rimless mirror again, but the moistureproof quality that has taller requirement to the material of frame, the plating film circumstance that should notice frame when buying.

Anti-fog bathroom mirror is it necessary to buy:

Special antifogging bathroom mirror, the price is expensive and the practical to the bathroom is not big, do not have the necessity that buys commonly, the mirror of high grade has basic antifogging antirust function commonly.

If the bathroom environment is too much water vapor, you can choose and buy an anti-fog film flat paste in the bath mirror;We can also be dishwashing liquid or soapy water daub on the mirror, can effectively prevent water vapor in the mirror condensation, play the role of anti-fog.

On the discrimination of two-sided mirror:

The perspective direction of the double-sided mirror is determined by the intensity of the light.At night, when the indoor lights are turned on, the outdoor can see the indoor, and the indoor can’t see the outdoor. Some people like to do floor mirror in the bathroom, also can use this kind of mirror.

Distinguish bathroom mirror is double sided mirror to have very simple and effective method, stick small make up mirror to go up to this mirror contrastive the face that sees oneself (or same object), the word of double face mirror image can compare small make up mirror brightness is much darker.

Bathroom mirror size:

Install the mirror in toilet had better choose dimension as far as possible big dot, because if people are in when looking in the mirror, the upper part of the head has very big space if, mean career piece is bright. But also should not be too large, too much space will easily make people in daydreaming. Absolutely cannot choose the kind of mirror that can see a face only, it is very disadvantageous to the development of the career of reside. From geomantic say, go up, on certain level, the mirror in toilet is bigger, the more good luck to the person that reside.

Shape of bathroom mirror:

The mirror in toilet suggests everybody had better choose square most appropriate, this is because the thing of square represents balance and orderly. Remember not to use a mirror with sharp

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Houston Botanic Garden Officially Opens, Showcasing Bayou City’s Biodiversity in New Living Museum for Plants – Press Release

HOUSTON–(Business Wire)–Houstonians no longer have to take the Gulf Freeway all the way to Galveston to escape to an island, now that the Houston Botanic Garden, the city’s new living museum for plants, has opened its gates today to the public, just east of I-45 South on Park Place Blvd. Approximately half of the Garden’s 132 acres – which was once a municipal golf course – are on the Island, a feature completely surrounded by the original Sims Bayou meander on three sides, and the later Sims channel to its south.

The Houston Botanic Garden has transformed the Island, and the adjacent South Gardens on the opposite side of the Sims channel, into an oasis of learning, discovery, and horticultural beauty, with outdoor gallery spaces displaying a collection of tropical, sub-tropical, and arid plants from around the world to showcase the biodiversity that thrives along the Texas Gulf Coast.

“Adding a world-class botanic garden to enhance the breadth and depth of Houston’s cultural offerings has been a long time in the making,” said Claudia Gee Vassar, president and general counsel of the Houston Botanic Garden. “We believe the benefits of an extensive outdoor museum like the Houston Botanic Garden will be especially desirable at a time when so many are looking to engage with and be inspired by nature.”

Through its design and programming, the Garden, a collaboration with West 8, an award-winning international landscape designer, seeks to enrich lives through discovery, education, and the conservation of plants and the natural environment.

“The intent of the site design is to seek balance in all aspects, from planting and soils, through topography and materials—the careful juxtaposition of order and chaos that is at the heart of enduring gardens,” said Donna Bridgeman-Rossi, PLA, director of implementation, West 8 NY. “With this being Houston’s first garden of this kind, it was exciting to be working with a client group that not only expects best practice but is open to the complexities required to push status quo into new territory or specification.”

Each time visitors come to the Houston Botanic Garden, they will exchange the bustle of the city for the enveloping serenity of multiple features, which include:

  • Global Collection Garden: Three acres of regionally themed zones that demonstrate the wide variety of diverse and beautiful plants from around the world that flourish in Houston’s climate.
  • Culinary Garden: An artistic display of edible and medicinal plants – many of which visitors could grow in their own yards – that have served as a basis for economic and cultural exchange across the history of the world.
  • Susan Garver Family Discovery Garden: A sensory-engaging area that presents opportunities for families to engage with nature in a variety of ways, including a boardwalk maze around a lagoon; simple water machines, and nature play structures crafted from trees that previously grew on the property.
  • Woodland Glade: An intimate-yet-open space that visitors can rent – beginning later in the fall – to host weddings and other celebrations under a
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