Dobbies is Selling Houseplants in Coconut Coir Pots

Dobbies Garden Centres has just launched a range of houseplants in sustainable coconut coir pots, starting from just £6.99.

Launching in stores across the UK this month, the collection of on-trend plants include Philodendron White Measure (£14.99), Sansevieria Snake Plant (£9.99), Hoya Heart (£6.99), Pleated Sansevieria (£6.99), Ficus Lyrata (£24.99), Cheese Plant (Minima) (£12.99), and Calathea Insignis (£14.99).

Each of the plants will come in an organic, degradable cultivation pot made from natural rubber and coconut shell. While Dobbies introduced a free plastic plant pot return service last year, this new initiative exists to offer more eco-friendly alternatives — and to help put an end to the half a million plastic plant pots ending up in landfill each year.

As well as being kind to the planet, the pots are easy to water, a by-product of coconut farms, and incredibly breathable too (coir pots also allow air to easily pass through the pot, supporting healthy root growth for plants).

‘Houseplants are naturally a happy home update and the launch of the coir pot range has the added benefit of not only being good for your home, but good for the environment too,’ says Claire Bishop, Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres.

dobbies launches new sustainable plantpot range
Pleated Sansevieria

Dobbies Garden Centre

‘We are always looking at ways to enhance the environmentally-friendly credentials of our collections and the coir pots stood out to us as a must-have addition, being made from natural, organic materials that are fully degradable. Firm favourites that feature in the striking line-up include the ever-popular Calathea and an eye-catching Pleated Sansevieria.

‘Greenery made greener has been one of my favourite ranges to work on to-date and we hope customers love the range as much as we do.’

dobbies launches new sustainable plant pot range
Hoya Heart

Dobbies Garden Centre

You can find the full coir pot houseplant range in store at your local Dobbies. Happy shopping!


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These Food 52 Pots Are The Only Ones You Need in Your Kitchen

There’s a lot of fancy cooking items out there these days. Sous vides, Instant Pots, pizza ovens are all well and good, but what about the items we use most in the kitchen? I can say, without fail, that whenever I’m cooking up something, I’m using a pot or a pan. It should go without saying that you should have a set of pots, and maybe one pan, that you love. I recently found mine.

a person cooking food in a pan on a stove: Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Food 52

© Provided by The Daily Beast
Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Food 52

I should’ve known Food52’s Five Two Line would be the key to my pots and pans search. Everything else they make is spectacular, and so why not their cookware? The pots and pans look like they’re nothing fancy, but boy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, each is designed with the home cook in mind, but with quality and resourcefulness at the forefront. Each pot features stay-cool, non-slip handles, which I love as someone who normally burns themselves on everything. The pots and pans themselves are made of stainless steel, but through some strange magic, they’ve made it with anti-yellowing technology, so no matter how often you use it, your pots and pans will stay looking fresh and brand new instead of soiled and overused. Inside the pots are little measuring lines, which is a nice touch as well. The lids are made of lightweight glass that is oven safe, but here’s the kicker: each one has a built-in strainer. Just like my favorite pot from Bialetti, but in a complete set. A built-in strainer is the kind of thing you don’t necessarily need by any means, but it’s such a nice touch and once you have it, it becomes a pasta-night game-changer.

And that’s kind of the whole point of Five Two. They ask their community members what they want in kitchenware and design products around their needs and real life experiences. It’s what makes most of their products, but their pots and pans especially, so damn good. 

Buy on Food52, $300

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Garden Using Those Pesky Plastic Pots

Anyone who has a garden or ever got a potted plant has had to deal with those seemingly useless plastic pots. Most people throw them out. I save them until they crumble-re-using over and over again. They can be the "greenest" item in your garden that save you the most green.

I have a very small gardening space including containers but big or small practical ways maybe "green" now but will always make sense far after being GREEN loses fashion.

So what to do with all those unsightly plastic pots? Whether you have an established garden or just starting out; when you buy plants you will have to deal with re-using or disposing of them.

Plastic pots have an endless amount of uses in the garden. So before you just think re-cycle re-think they can save you money before tossing them out:

• Seeds eventually become seedlings needing a larger pot; Having pots on hand is both convenient and cost-saving.

• Small pots make excellent large pot fillers. Place a small pot upside down in a larger one then fill with soil and plant. Container is lighter with less soil used.

• Instead of throwing out the cell flats, crumble up and use as a large container filler too. [Or wash and use as packing material.]

• Place invasive plants inside of the pot then plant in the ground for keeping them in-check.

• Have too many plants? Bought too many? Divide both annuals and perennials using pots to share plants. Don't have to worry about loaning out your expensive ones.

• Don't have drainage holes in that pretty container? Put plant in a plastic pot then place inside the prettier one. [Don't forget to pour out any excess water.]

• Wish you could afford more expensive containers? Take plastic pots, spray paint assorted colors then add decorative ribbons, beads or sphagnum moss to make appealing.

• Don't like to water? Plastic holds moisture longer so use instead of terra cotta [I still recommend terra cotta for herbs in almost all instances.] Works for indoor / outdoor plants.

• Just planted a new plant? Use plastic container as a cloche or shield to protect until established.

• Threat of frost? Use containers to cover tender plants. Use 2 pots together to block out holes and create a better insulator.

• Weeding. Keep containers around as receptacles when pulling them out.

• Use to make compost or save potting soil.

• Use small pots as scoops for mulch, fertilizer, etc.

• Use to prop up other containers to create different plant levels.

• Use to hold garden tools.

• Plant below ground level then put smaller pots filled with annuals for easy change-ups.

• Storing bulbs or use for overwintering plants.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. These are the pots that cost nothing but continue to save you money over and over again. $$$$$. How Green is that?

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