Government watchdog recommends creation of White House cyber director position

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded Tuesday that confusion over cybersecurity leadership is undermining the ability of the federal government to fully address cybersecurity challenges, recommending the establishment of a federal cyber czar. 

The watchdog agency wrote in a report that “clarity of leadership” was “urgently needed” in order to implement the Trump administration’s 2018 National Cyber Strategy, citing concerns around the wide array of federal agencies involved in combating cyber threats, and the lack of a White House leader to help coordinate these actions.

“Without effective and transparent leadership that includes a clearly defined leader, a defined management process, and a formal monitoring mechanism, the executive branch cannot ensure that entities are effectively executing their assigned activities intended to support the nation’s cybersecurity strategy and ultimately overcome this urgent challenge,” GAO wrote. 

The agency zeroed in on the elimination of the White House cybersecurity coordinator position in 2018 as being a major factor in leadership confusion at the federal level. The position was eliminated by former national security advisor John BoltonJohn BoltonDiplomacy with China is good for America The Hill’s Morning Report – Sponsored by The Air Line Pilots Association – Pence lauds Harris as ‘experienced debater’; Trump, Biden diverge over debate prep DOJ launches probe into Bolton book for possible classified information disclosures MORE in an effort to decrease bureaucracy.

“In light of the elimination of the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator position in May 2018, it remains unclear which official ultimately maintains responsibility for not only coordinating execution of the Implementation Plan, but also holding federal agencies accountable once activities are implemented,” GAO wrote. 

The report was released in the midst of an ongoing effort by bipartisan members of Congress to push through legislation establishing a national cyber director position at the White House, which would be an expanded version of the previous position and would help coordinate cybersecurity efforts at the federal level.

A bipartisan bill establishing the position was included in the House version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act in July, but was left out of the Senate version. 

GAO recommended Tuesday that Congress “consider legislation” that would establish a position at the White House with the authority “to implement and encourage action in support of the nation’s cyber critical infrastructure.”

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn MaloneyCarolyn Bosher MaloneyTop Democrats call for DOJ watchdog to probe Barr over possible 2020 election influence House panel advances bill to ban Postal Service leaders from holding political positions Shakespeare Theatre Company goes virtual for ‘Will on the Hill…or Won’t They?’ MORE (D-N.Y.), one of the sponsors of the original legislation introduced in June to create a national cyber director, pointed to the report on Tuesday as supporting the establishment of the position.

“Today’s new report from the Government Accountability Office warns of another gaping vulnerability created by President TrumpDonald John TrumpBubba Wallace to be driver of Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin NASCAR team Graham: GOP will confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before

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Mark Meadows just epitomized the White House’s stupefying position on masks

But now that Trump is toeing this line again, he has left those around him to account for it. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows just showed how impossible that is to do in good faith.

During a brief Q&A with reporters Thursday morning, Meadows offered his own bewildering comments about why he doesn’t wear a mask. His argument basically boiled down to this: If it’s not 100 percent effective, I’m not interested.

That may seem like an uncharitable oversimplification, but it’s effectively what he said.

“If masks is the panacea for everything, that we could have everybody going back to work if they’ll just wear a mask … if that’s the way that we open back our economy and get everybody back to work, I will gladly wear my mask each and every day if that’s what makes the difference,” Meadows said. “And it doesn’t.”

Meadows added: “I think even a [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert] Redfield, a [coronavirus task force member Anthony S.] Fauci and anybody else would suggest that it is a mitigating effort, but it’s not something that is actually designed to actually make sure we don’t have the coronavirus spread.”

Meadows echoed the comments elsewhere, claiming that while masks are “good,” the science doesn’t back up the idea that masks are actually “the answer” to getting back to work or even “the best protocol for keeping people safe.”

There are several obvious problems with this.

The first is the false choice Meadows is offering: If masks aren’t a panacea, then they may not be worthwhile. But no expert has said masks would completely halt the virus; what they have said is that they slow the spread. And the White House has previously adopted a number of mitigation measures, even though they wouldn’t completely halt the virus. Why draw the line for advocacy and compliance on masks, which are notably a much simpler mitigation tool than closing down portions of the economy?

The second is that the standard Meadows is setting up here is completely nonsensical. There is literally no panacea for the coronavirus — nor will there be even when we have a vaccine. Redfield acknowledged as much in testimony Wednesday, noting that the vaccine won’t work for everyone. He said “the immunogenicity may be 70 percent, and if I don’t get an immune response, the vaccine’s not going to protect me.”

By Meadows’s standard, would taking the vaccine not necessarily be worth it either, if you have only a 70 percent shot at immunity?

That quote brings us to our third point. When Redfield gave it, he was actually propping up masks as a potentially more effective mitigation tool than a vaccine.

“I might even go so far as to say this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against covid than when I take a covid vaccine,” Redfield said, “because the immunogenicity may be 70 percent and if I don’t get an immune response the vaccine’s not going

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With Investment from Interior Logic Group, Roomored Solidifies Position as Nation’s Premier Virtual Home Design Solution

ILG adds Roomored’s virtual design capabilities to its enterprise technology platform for homebuilders.

DALLAS, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Roomored, a visualization platform that allows homebuilders to drive the virtual home buying experience through sales and design technology, announced a strategic investment from Interior Logic Group (ILG), the nation’s leading provider of interior finish solutions for homebuilders. 

With this investment, Roomored will accelerate the adoption of its virtual modeling technology that enables a fully digital, end-to-end experience for homebuilders to engage buyers — transforming the way people shop for and design their homes. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the home search and customization process online, with virtual touring increasing by 400% since February. Combine that with an acceleration of existing home sales, and homebuyers are increasingly looking for ways to realize their perfect vision of a dream home.

Roomored, powered by ILG, provides a uniquely immersive experience for home and interior finish selection that homebuilders can offer buyers entirely online, while still accommodating those who prefer to meet in a sales office or design studio.

“ILG immediately recognized the vast market potential of Roomored’s mission to revolutionize the homebuilding industry. Their investment provides us with the capital, resources, and relationships needed to rapidly scale our business and offer even more capabilities,” said Roomored CEO Farrukh Malik. “With ILG backing us, Roomored is positioned to continue transforming the homebuyer experience with digital-first solutions at every stage of the process.”

The investment from ILG will bolster the company’s sales force, expedite integrations with third-party services, and accelerate the development of new technology offerings. 

Used by some of the industry’s top homebuilders, Roomored’s solutions include virtual walkthrough tours that allow homebuyers to browse, visualize and select finish options for their future homes. For homebuilders, Roomored dramatically reduces cycle times for home purchase and design and boosts revenue from upgrades.

“We were impressed with the way Roomored’s lead capture and visualization tools bring the entire home design process into the cloud,” said ILG CEO Alan K. Davenport. “The nation’s building industry has been clamoring for these capabilities as buyers become increasingly confident in making home-related decisions online, a trend that has only grown with the pandemic. We’re excited for the strategic investment in Roomored, which will become a key component of ILG’s innovative and unique technology platform.”

About Roomored
Roomored Inc. transforms the way homebuyers shop for and design their homes. Roomored’s visualization tools provide unlimited finish options, including flooring, cabinets and countertops, enabling builders to offer real-time design and selections directly to homebuyers, without having to enter a design center, showroom, or model home. Join leading homebuilders across North America in using Roomored’s technology. For more information visit  

About Interior Logic Group, Inc.
Powered by its industry-leading technology platform, Interior Logic Group, Inc. is  the largest provider of interior design and finish solutions to homebuilders. Our scalable solutions increase homebuilder profitability and improve construction quality and cycle times. We also provide supply chain management and

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Passion, Purpose, Position: Pluto's First House Placement of Pivotal Power!

I enjoy the subject of astrology and most especially the MODE Cosmic Therapy humanistic, psycho-analytic delving into the intricacies involved. I enjoy it, not only because it entertains and educates, but because I thoroughly love dissecting interlocking various mathematical patterns and geometric relationships. Yes, angular patterns. Everything that exists occurs because of the various different patterns associated.

The pattern of water H2O (water) is different from NaCl (salt); yet both are necessary in their own sphere of influence and function; Most especially, in the electro-magnetic roles they play in the human body. So, too, are the spiraling patterns linked to bring about certain functions by their specific positions -in the galaxies-whose radiating subatomic-ionic measure influence us by their specified orbits.

Take the influence of Pluto (Scorpio) for instance. Everyone has Pluto located somewhere in his / her astrological natal chart. However, dominating Pluto people {those who have Pluto located in the first house} are considered to be too egotistical, skeptical, and harsh. There is seldom any pity felt for them when damning consequences result from their brusque actions. Confrontation proves to be training ground they welcome. Most people say they are nothing short of evil.

Others will say "Well, he (or she) deserves it, since he (or she) brought it on himself (or herself)". Unfortunately, Pluto ruled first house people are not necessarily aware of what they did or do to bring 'things' on themselves. They simply want things and people to be brought into the light! They abhor falsity. And, because they do so love to expose devious motivations, in themselves and others, they will stop at nothing to achieve the task of bringing phonies to light.

Today, as I am discussing Pluto's position and influence in the first house of the astrological natal chart, I am starkly reminded that it is solely due to the probing power of Pluto that any of us question our purpose for being alive on planet Earth. How could it be that this small (seemingly inconsequential remote planet) subject to the human race to such blatant unrest?

The subject of death, which immediately lays the groundwork in the realm of Pluto, astrologically, drives us to uncover what we possibly can to illuminate the matter. Superficiality will not suffice when brought before the master of death. Incidentally, regarding the natal chart, if Pluto is close to the Ascendant, the journey and delivery of the birth is involved in somewhat of a crucial life and death struggle.

The mother was undergoing an ongoing trans-formative phase-when the child was born-which entailed deception and marked dissatisfaction. Even though the birth may not have brought about a literal death, the mother is forever changed and linked irrevocably to the child in life changing struggles. {A turning point in her life; no doubt}

The relationship with mother and child is so intertwined and formidably joined, though somewhat elusively disguised, remains identical in make-up. The child will possess an irresolute fear of the impending doomed motivations in people, in as …

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