Passion, Purpose, Position: Pluto's First House Placement of Pivotal Power!

I enjoy the subject of astrology and most especially the MODE Cosmic Therapy humanistic, psycho-analytic delving into the intricacies involved. I enjoy it, not only because it entertains and educates, but because I thoroughly love dissecting interlocking various mathematical patterns and geometric relationships. Yes, angular patterns. Everything that exists occurs because of the various different patterns associated.

The pattern of water H2O (water) is different from NaCl (salt); yet both are necessary in their own sphere of influence and function; Most especially, in the electro-magnetic roles they play in the human body. So, too, are the spiraling patterns linked to bring about certain functions by their specific positions -in the galaxies-whose radiating subatomic-ionic measure influence us by their specified orbits.

Take the influence of Pluto (Scorpio) for instance. Everyone has Pluto located somewhere in his / her astrological natal chart. However, dominating Pluto people {those who have Pluto located in the first house} are considered to be too egotistical, skeptical, and harsh. There is seldom any pity felt for them when damning consequences result from their brusque actions. Confrontation proves to be training ground they welcome. Most people say they are nothing short of evil.

Others will say "Well, he (or she) deserves it, since he (or she) brought it on himself (or herself)". Unfortunately, Pluto ruled first house people are not necessarily aware of what they did or do to bring 'things' on themselves. They simply want things and people to be brought into the light! They abhor falsity. And, because they do so love to expose devious motivations, in themselves and others, they will stop at nothing to achieve the task of bringing phonies to light.

Today, as I am discussing Pluto's position and influence in the first house of the astrological natal chart, I am starkly reminded that it is solely due to the probing power of Pluto that any of us question our purpose for being alive on planet Earth. How could it be that this small (seemingly inconsequential remote planet) subject to the human race to such blatant unrest?

The subject of death, which immediately lays the groundwork in the realm of Pluto, astrologically, drives us to uncover what we possibly can to illuminate the matter. Superficiality will not suffice when brought before the master of death. Incidentally, regarding the natal chart, if Pluto is close to the Ascendant, the journey and delivery of the birth is involved in somewhat of a crucial life and death struggle.

The mother was undergoing an ongoing trans-formative phase-when the child was born-which entailed deception and marked dissatisfaction. Even though the birth may not have brought about a literal death, the mother is forever changed and linked irrevocably to the child in life changing struggles. {A turning point in her life; no doubt}

The relationship with mother and child is so intertwined and formidably joined, though somewhat elusively disguised, remains identical in make-up. The child will possess an irresolute fear of the impending doomed motivations in people, in as …

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