PIG design’s public washroom interior in china reminds of space exploration scenes

located in seiranri – a commercial building complex in binjiang district, hangzhou, PIG design has completed the renovation of a 1,450 m2 area including public walkways and washrooms. mainly targeted at urban young generations, the project combines functionality and novel ideas, generating a space-like interior with apparent influence from concepts of gravity, planets, and black holes. 

seiranri public area 1

all images by wang fei, shi zheng, qi shuoqian



PIG design has extended the pre-existing 80 m2 restroom to create a large communal area. just like a black hole, the original washroom has engulfed and absorbed its surroundings, eventually forming a broad public space where people can stop and rest. this space contains elevator halls, escalator wells, passages for logistics personnel, as well as actual restrooms. the passageways for customers and those for tenants are separated, and all circulations are optimized. 

seiranri public area 2



the project consists of three separate floors, and each of them features a different dominant hue. white, green, and purple are respectively the main colors of each level, thereby creating an overall scene that echoes the colorful view produced by friction between planets around a black hole. tiles, a common material that is cost-saving and easy for cleaning and maintenance, are applied to large areas of the space, to give the visual impression of fragments

seiranri public area 3



conventionally, a washrooms are private and not usually highlighted in spatial design. however, here, such a space is accentuated by a strong color on each floor, to produce dramatic visual and sensory experiences. public passages become extensions of the restroom areas, inviting people to go deeper into the interior. within these hallways, a series of items that generally exist in restrooms has been placed, such as washing sinks, showers, toilet paper, toilets, and mirrors. although not considered as elegant in an aesthetic sense, these objects perfectly function as conceptual and symbolic visual elements, evoking familiar memories of daily life. 

seiranri public area 4



overall, the design seems to generate a story-telling spatial experience, emerging from familiar yet strange scenes. all elements within the interior are magnified, interlaced, and sorted, like planets colliding with each other due to the gravity of a black hole. the holistic use of a single color on each floor provides a unique background while people take the role of the protagonists. through a detailed visual language complete with fragmented shapes and sculptural volumes, the space encourages visitors to look past the virtual boundary, pay attention to daily life elements that are often ignored, and create their own story. 

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Federalist Pig Will Open a Mobile Barbecue Kitchen in Hyattsville

One of Washington’s top barbecue joints is on the cusp of expansion—though like everything else in the pandemic, Federalist Pig‘s second location will look a little different than planned. Owner Steve Salis had to push back the opening of his Hyattsville restaurant—a bigger, meatier version of the Adams Morgan original—and plans to open the venue, formerly a tire shop, in spring 2021. In the meantime, pit master Rob Sonderman will operate a mobile barbecue trailer in the restaurant’s Hyattsville parking lot. It’s equipped with a commercial kitchen and custom-built, wood-burning J&R Smoker from Texas. The venture is scheduled to open by October for carryout, delivery, and limited picnic table seating.

“We’re doing our best to move things along,” says Salis, who entertained plans of a mobile barbecue kitchen pre-Covid to help with catering and events. “I thought, let’s push this to the front of the list.”

The trailer isn’t as mobile as a food truck, though it may roam from time to time. For the most part it will remain in the lot, where Sonderman will turn out a menu of smoked wings, ribs, sausage, and pulled pork from the new wood smoker. As in Adams Morgan, he plans to run specials like smoked pork belly “burnt ends,” sandwiches—including vegetarian offerings—and sides-with-a-twist like smoked-cheddar Mac and chipotle/garlic green beans. The beverage menu is still in the works, but you may find glass bottle sodas and possibly pouched cocktails down the line. 

Part of the impetus behind the Federalist Pig expansion was to give Sonderman more room—and more equipment. The small Adams Morgan shop turns out an impressive level of barbecued meats with a single gas-assisted smoker, but the kitchen often runs out on busy days. When the brick-and-mortar opens it’ll be equipped with two more J&R wood smokers as well as more indoor and outdoor seating. 

In the meantime, the mobile kitchen isn’t the only new Fed Pig spinoff. Salis, who owns Kramers (originally Kramerbooks), installed a “Fedwich” sandwich pop-up in the Dupont bookstore and cafe this spring. He’s also planning a barbecue pop-up at Noma beer garden Wundergarten, which will run for four Fridays in October andhmay become a more permanent thing. An expansion of the Adams Morgan flagship is also in the works for next year. 

Federalist Pig Mobile Kitchen.  5504 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville. 

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Anna Spiegel covers the dining and drinking scene in her native DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and Columbia University’s MFA program in New York, and held various cooking and writing positions in NYC and in St. John, US Virgin Islands.

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