How to Pet-Proof Your Kitchen Space

Store human foods out of your pet’s reach


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Even the most seasoned pet owners might not realize there are a number of foods that, while perfectly harmless to humans, can put a pet in grave danger, Jamie Richardson, DVM, Medical Chief of Staff at the Small Door Veterinary practice, tells Reader’s Digest. Top food dangers include chocolate (and anything flavored with real chocolate, including chocolate chip cookies, chocolate frosting, chocolate sauce, etc.), grapes, raisins (tiny as these are, a single raisin can send your dog to the hospital with kidney damage and other health issues), and these other common foods that could be toxic for dogs.

But being aware of the danger isn’t enough, points out Kait Hembree, head of training at GoodPup, a virtual dog training service. Dogs and cats are all too good at jumping on counters, so you also need to be careful about how you store your food. Keep potentially toxic foods well out of their reach and in airtight storage containers, like this Chef’s Path 7-piece food storage container set, that even the craftiest dog or cat won’t be able to open.

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