HomeAdvisor Expands HomeAdvisor Pay After Surpassing Millions of Dollars Worth of Home Projects

DENVER, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HomeAdvisor, a leading digital marketplace and operating business of ANGI Homeservices (NASDAQ: ANGI), has expanded its digital payment tool HomeAdvisor Pay to allow HomeAdvisor’s service pros to reach all homeowner customers nationwide. Service pros can now request and receive payments from any customer including HomeAdvisor customers and customers not from HomeAdvisor. According to HomeAdvisor’s  2019 State of Home Spending Report, 60 percent of consumers still pay for their home service projects via traditional high-contact methods like cash or check. HomeAdvisor Pay is making an easy, economical way for more home service pros to accept credit card payments and make it easier for customers to pay for home services.

“We love HomeAdvisor Pay,” said Seth Rambo, owner of Ascape Landscaping in Scranton, PA. “It’s a seamless way for our customers to pay for their invoices, that is not only user friendly for our customers, but user friendly for us as well. We can create a payment request and send it to the customer within a few clicks.”

Since its initial rollout in April 2020 amid the beginning of the pandemic, HomeAdvisor Pay has facilitated millions of dollars of total payments, processing on average $100,000 each day. The feature delivers both pros and homeowners a contactless, payment method that removes the friction associated with traditional payment options that often require frequent trips to the bank, handwritten checks, delayed invoicing and steep additional fees for small businesses.

“Right now, we are seeing people across the United States spend more time at home and take on home projects. For our pros, it’s important they are able to offer all of their customers the frustration-free, contactless option to pay for services through HomeAdvisor Pay,” said Brandon Ridenour, Chief Executive Officer, ANGI Homeservices. “We’re excited to expand our digital payment offering as we know that pros on HomeAdvisor look to us to deliver solutions that make their businesses run more efficiently and homeowners rely on us for friction free service.”

A recent survey from ANGI Homeservices, found that 92% of homeowners who typically hire home service pros plan to hire a pro this year and people are turning towards digital payment tools for home services, likely accelerated by homeowner preferences due COVID-19 pandemic and the growing number of Millennial homeowners who expect digital solutions. HomeAdvisor Pay removes all need for high-contact payments and allows for contact-free transactions. 

“HomeAdvisor is able to pass along technology, availability and fast business opportunities.,” said Sharon Hoekstra, owner of Ezekare, an exterior improvement and lawn company, based in Manchester, CT.  “I absolutely love HomeAdvisor Pay. We had been searching for credit card companies to use, but the rates were outrageous and many did not want to work with us. HomeAdvisor Pay is incredibly important for us.”

These new tools are available on the HomeAdvisor and HomeAdvisor pro app on Android and iOS. To learn more about the new features and HomeAdvisor, click here.

About HomeAdvisor
HomeAdvisor® is a digital

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Zimbabwe: High Court Orders Mai TT to Pay $500k Defamation Damages to Decor Expert

Socialite and comedienne Felistas Murata, better known as Mai TT in the entertainment industry, has been ordered to pay $500 000 defamation damages to a local home decor expert, Memory Muyaka.

Muyaka also better known as Mai Maketeni, dragged Murata to court early this year accusing her of tarnishing her image in an internet row which dragged for months.

Murata labelled Muyaka a prostitute, a witch, and a cultist in the posts.

High Court judge Justice Erica Ndewere in her ruling said: “Whereupon after reading documents filed on record and hearing counsel, it is ordered that the defendant pays the plaintiff in the sum of $500 000 and the prescribed interest rate starting from the date of judgment up to the date of payment in full.”

However, Ndewere ordered Muyaka to pay the costs of the suit.

Muyaka told the court the postings made by Murata degraded her social standing as a married woman, a business person, and as a Christian.

The decor expert said the Murata has a huge following hence the publications had a big negative impact on her dignity.

“She is a businesswoman who is a director and shareholder of Khloe’s Home and Decor (Private) Limited, a business which is into home decor and design,” the court papers read.

“On several dates between the 17th of November 2019 and 3 April 2020, Murata who has over 170 000 followers on Facebook published several broadcasts on Facebook and WhatsApp platforms about the plaintiff whom she also calls Mai Khloe, Mai Maketeni.

“The said broadcasts stated that the plaintiff was a prostitute, a witch, a gossiper, and someone who blackmails her clients.”

Muyaka’s lawyers said the statements were both wrongful and defamatory of the plaintiff who is a business person and a legally married woman who is highly regarded in her community.

They also accused the entertainer of publishing that Muyaka and three other unnamed people were part of the Illuminati secret society that is believed to be involved in Satanism and that they wanted to kill Murata.

“This was false and intended by the defendant to impute that plaintiff is an evil person. This statement is wrongful and defamatory of the plaintiff who is a Christian,” they wrote in the summons.

Murata further published that Muyaka had given charms to her husband so that he does not complain or question her when she commits adultery.

The two are former and during the live-streams, they accused each other of being jealous the other’s business.

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Hatton Garden Jewel Heist Ringleader Ordered To Pay Back ?6 Mn

The ringleader of the heist gang behind one of the biggest burglaries in English legal history has been ordered to pay back nearly ?6 million or serve an extra seven years in jail, police said on Thursday.

Michael Seed, 60, known as “Basil”, was jailed for 10 years in March 2019 over the 2015 Hatton Garden jewellery raid in the capital’s diamond district.

It netted ?13.7 million ($18.2 million) of gold, jewellery and precious stones.

A proceeds of crime hearing held in July has ruled that Seed must pay back ?5,997,664 ($7.7 million) within three months or see his sentence extended, a police statement said.

The alarm specialist evaded capture for three years following the daring burglary, in which the six-man gang used a diamond-tipped industrial drill to bore through a concrete vault wall over a long holiday weekend.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Bedford of London’s Met Police said that to date just over a third of the property stolen in the Hatton Garden raid had been recovered and much of it returned to the victims.

When police raided Seed's flat, he was found breaking up gold ingots on a workbench in his bedroom When police raided Seed’s flat, he was found breaking up gold ingots on a workbench in his bedroom Photo: METROPOLITAN POLICE / HO

“Crime must not pay, and this should demonstrate the lengths we will go to ensure criminals are prevented from enjoying any financial benefit from criminality,” he said in a statement.

Seed was arrested at his flat in north London in 2018. Police found 933 items of jewellery stolen in the raid, including gold ingots he was breaking up on a workbench in his bedroom.

Alongside a smelting machine, police also found burglar alarm technical manuals and signal blockers for alarms.

Seed, who at the time of his arrest paid no taxes, claimed no benefits and rarely used a bank account, claimed he was an amateur jeweller who came by the stolen items innocently.

But a jury later found him guilty of conspiracy to burgle and of converting the proceeds of crime.

The audacious raid has since inspired several movies, including “King of Thieves” starring Michael Caine.

Prior to Seed, nine people had been convicted and imprisoned for crimes related to the heist, receiving sentences ranging from 18 months to seven years.

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Kamala Harris visits Supreme Court to pay tribute to ‘titan’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg; calls on Dems to win Senate and White House

Kamala Harris stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court Saturday to pay tribute to “titan” Ruth Bader Ginsburg — and show she’s ready to fight for the iconic liberal justice’s legacy.

a group of people walking down the street: Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris (L) and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, stop in front of a memorial outside the US Supreme Court as the US mourns the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. Ginsburg died September 18, opening a crucial vacancy on the high court expected to set off a pitched political battle at the peak of the presidential campaign.

© Brian Stukes
Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris (L) and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, stop in front of a memorial outside the US Supreme Court as the US mourns the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. Ginsburg died September 18, opening a crucial vacancy on the high court expected to set off a pitched political battle at the peak of the presidential campaign.

The Democratic vice presidential candidate joined throngs of mourners outside the court building in Washington D.C. as she quickly moved to shape the looming, titanic partisan battle over replacing Ginsburg.

“The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher,” Harris tweeted after offering prayers for Ginsburg and her grieving family. “Millions of Americans are counting on us to win and protect the Supreme Court—for their health, for their families, and for their rights.”

With early voting underway in five states and Election Day just over six weeks away, Democrats and Republicans were largely unified late Friday in praising Ginsburg as a leading legal thinker and advocate for women’s rights. But strategists in both parties also seized on the moment to find an advantage.

According to the Associated Press, multiple Republicans close to the White House believe that Trump will likely nominate a woman, who could serve as a counterweight of sorts to Biden’s choice of running mate Kamala Harris, who would be the first woman to serve as vice president.

Trump himself did not immediately comment on replacing Ginsburg.

Republicans hold a 53-47 edge in the Senate and Vice President Mike Pence could cast a tie-breaking vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. But several GOP senators have expressed various degrees of uneasiness with the idea of jamming a replacement through so close to a presidential election.

“We cannot let them win this fight,” said Harris in a statement to supporters on Saturday. “Millions of Americans are counting on us to stand up, right now, and fight like hell to protect the Supreme Court — not just for today, but for generations to come.“

“The work of holding Senate Republicans accountable to the standard they set in 2016 starts now. To Joe and me, it is clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg.”

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Gender pay gap within the White House worse than the national average: report

The gender pay gap within the White House is reportedly worse than the national average, according to an analysis by nonprofit news organization The 19th.

a group of people walking in front of Bellamy Mansion: Gender pay gap within the White House worse than the national average: report

© Getty Images
Gender pay gap within the White House worse than the national average: report

Analysis by the website found salaries in President Trump’s White House had a $33,300 difference between the median salary for male staffers and the median salary for female staffers.

This year, male staffers earned a median salary of around $106,000, and female staffers’ median was about $72,700.

The statistics indicate women working for the administration make around 69 cents on the male dollar, which is less than the national gender pay gap of 82 cents on the dollar.

Still, both the national numbers and the White House numbers reflect the “raw” gender pay gap, which does not account for experience, education, title or other factors that play into one’s financial earnings.

“To avoid addressing structural and institutional gender discrimination in terms of pay equity, the go-to is to talk about position and title when, in fact, that’s not what’s driving pay inequity,” said C. Nicole Mason, the president and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Mason says that the gender pay gap is being determined by “decisions that are being made from the top down about the valuing of women’s work and how much they should be paid.”

The 19th reported Women in the Obama administration were paid roughly between 84 and 89 cents for every dollar earned by male staffers.

Conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) reported salaries differed somewhat greatly between the Trump administration and Obama’s. The Obama administration paid women 89 cents on the dollar in 2016, compared to 63 cents on the dollar during Trump’s first year in office.

“There is no absence of qualified women,” Mason said. She added that during Obama’s terms in office the administration made a more concerted effort to place women in senior leadership positions.

In 2016, more women than men earned $100,000 in the White House under Obama.

Video: Minneapolis City Council’s ‘hypocrisy’ amid crime uptick ‘astounding,’ GOP congressional candidate says (FOX News)

Minneapolis City Council’s ‘hypocrisy’ amid crime uptick ‘astounding,’ GOP congressional candidate says



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De Blasio says Madison Square Garden, other NYC sports venues should pay more taxes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that he supports calls to compel the owners of local sports stadiums, including Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium, to pay more taxes to aid the city’s bid to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.

De Blasio, a Democrat, was asked at his daily press briefing to respond to a letter last month from nine lawmakers on the New York City Council who called for the Garden, Yankee Stadium, the Barclays Center and Citi Field to pay property taxes. The mayor said he hasn’t seen the letter and was unfamiliar with the legal specifics, but supported the concept of requiring New York’s local teams to increase their contributions.


“Let’s be clear – sports franchises have gained incredible value over the years,” de Blasio said. “They clearly have the resources. I think the history in this city and pretty much all over the country was stadium deals were not good deals for the public, by and large. Some of the more recent ones have been better, but mostly they haven’t been that good. Everything should be reevaluated especially at a point when the city is going to need resources for our recovery.”

Representatives for Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium could not immediately be reached for comment on de Blasio’s remarks.


The letter from the New York City councilmembers included a specific call to end a tax break that has exempted Madison Square Garden from paying taxes since 1982. The lawmakers also want the city to renegotiate their Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreements with Yankee Stadium and other local venues to increase investments in their surrounding communities.

De Blasio said he also supports a local call to require the New York Yankees to pay fair market rent for their stadium to establish parity with local businesses. He called on the franchise to step up its efforts to support the Bronx during the pandemic.


“Of course, they should support the neighborhood right around them. And that’s a neighborhood, you’re right, that has gone through a lot over the years and deserves that support,” de Blasio said in response to a question at the briefing. “The Yankees should be good neighbors, reach out to those businesses, see how they can provide them financial support in this tough time.”

De Blasio has faced criticism in recent days for his handling of the pandemic. A group of more than 160 local business leaders, including executives from Citigroup, Jet Blue and Con Edison, called last week for de Blasio to address “quality of life” issues that arose in New York City in recent months, including public safety and cleanliness.


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MSG, other NYC sports venues should pay more taxes

Madison Square Garden and other local sports stadiums and arenas should pay more taxes to help the city through its COVID-19 recovery, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

“I can say as a question of right and wrong what they’re saying is the right direction,” de Blasio commented at a City Hall press briefing when asked by a reporter about a recent letter from council members calling for the state legislature to repeal at 1982 tax break on the Garden.

The nine local lawmakers, led by Queens Democrat Costa Constantinides, also want the city to renegotiate payments from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Citi Field in Queens and the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

“Back when I was public advocate I was talking about the fact that Madison Square Garden should be paying more in taxes,” said de Blasio, speaking of the position he held from 2010 through 2013 before becoming mayor.

“I think the history in this city and pretty much all over the country was stadium deals were not good deals for the public by and large some of the more recent ones have been better, but mostly they haven’t been that good and everything should be re-evaluated especially at a point where the city’s going to need resources for our recovery,” de Blasio said.

“So I think it’s time to look at all of that,” he added.

Both Constantinides and state Sen. Brad Hoylman applauded the mayor’s remarks.

“It’s great to hear the Mayor is open to having our arenas finally do their part and I hope he’ll engage with them about this,” Constantinides told The Post.

“If the Rangers can pay Artemi Panarin $81 million over seven years, they can surely help make sure we still have subways that get fans to the Garden to see him play,” he said.

“Yes lets pass @BrianKavanaghNY’s bill to repeal Madison Square Garden’s tax breaks and use that money to pay for schools and rent relief,” Hoylman tweeted Monday about legislation authored by his fellow Democratic state senator Brian Kavanagh. 

De Blasio was also asked about a second recent letter from Cary Goodman, head of the local Business Improvement District near Yankee Stadium. Goodman asked de Blasio to renegotiate a sweetheart lease granted by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg that charges just $1 per year for rent on public land.

Goodman proposed requiring the Yankees to pay the same as local businesses — between $60 to $120 per square foot or $100 million a year for the stadium’s 1.3 million square feet.

The area mom and pop shops are struggling to survive without fans attending games, Goodman said.

“We all hope and pray that next year baseball will resume in person at some point in the year and the fans will come back and the businesses will thrive, but of course the Yankees should help them through and I assure you they have the money,” de Blasio said.

Reps for MSG and the Yankees did not immediately respond to requests for

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How To Determine What PRICE To Pay For A House?

How does someone, know, what he should pay, for a particular house? How will he best, determine, his personal process, for evaluating, this essential consideration? Since, for most people, the value of their house, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to do, everything one can, and properly prepare, for such a meaningful decision? How should you, decide, what PRICE to pay, which you can, afford, is acceptable to the seller, and meets your personal needs, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it may be, from a financial perspective, one of your most meaningful exercises, and processes.

1. Priorities; purposes; plans: Give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and determine your personal priorities, for your home! Why are these important to you, and, how, might you determine them? Which is most essential, and how, would you rate them? Have you considered, and determined, your primary purposes, and what you need, in your residence? Before making such an important decision, proceed, with well – considered, action plans, focused on what you truly need, wish for, and want!

2. Region; recent sales; responsive; realistic; rooms: Is this the right region, for you, and your family? What are the pros and cons? Take a close look, at the recent sales, and use, a well – considered, well – developed, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), so you have a realistic perception, of the area’s pricing! Consider, and compare, which potential houses, have features, and pricing, which are most responsive to your needs, and priorities. Closely examine the key rooms in the house, which differ, for each person. How much would, altering/ renovating certain items, which don’t meet your requirements, or aspirations? Factor these into the price, and, proceed, in a logical, rather than, strictly, emotional manner!

3, Ideas; issues; imagination: Look at houses, with the imagination, to see through the merely, esthetic factors, and identify, any potential issues, which might be deal – breakers! What might be your ideas, for making these essential determinations?

4. Condition; core; competition: Know the competition, and compare, what’s available, and the core components, which matter most, to you! How is the overall condition, of the subject property?

5. Earnings; examine; enriches you: Based on your earnings, examine whether, you can afford, and fully enjoy, the prospective home! Your residence must enrich you, in whatever, is most important, to you, and your needs!

Use a professional, real estate buyer – broker, who has the knowledge, experience, and expertise, to help guide you, negotiate for you, and make you most satisfied, in your potential living areas! Will you proceed, wisely?

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