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For the first time in almost two decades, Commander’s Palace has a new chef. For the first time in the famous restaurant’s long history that chef is a woman.

Tory McPhail, executive chef since 2002, has resigned and is moving to Montana, where he will work with a local restaurant group in the mountain town of Bozeman.


Chef Meg Bickford of Commander’s Palace restaurant in New Orleans, Oct. 2020.

His successor at Commander’s Palace is Meg Bickford, who was previously executive sous chef.

Bickford, 34, has risen through the ranks at Commander’s Palace and is now the first woman to lead the landmark restaurant’s kitchen.

To Bickford, that speaks to a culture of mentoring at Commander’s Palace and to its family leadership. The restaurant is run today by Ti Martin and Lally Brennan, cousins who grew up in the restaurant.

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow here, and a lot of people who invested the time and effort and who believed in me,” Bickford said. “That’s what we do here, and that’s why I’m in this position today.”

Passing the torch

Bickford’s new position is among the most prominent in the New Orleans culinary world, with a role that goes beyond directing its sprawling kitchen.

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Commander’s Palace was voted tops in four categories, including Best new Orleans Restaurant.

Commander’s Palace is a byword for New Orleans fine dining and among the best-known restaurants in the region. Though its history goes back to 1893, it became an emblem of modern New Orleans cuisine in the 1970s after the Brennan family acquired the vintage restaurant. It pioneered haute Creole cuisine, which reshaped the national reputation of New Orleans food from a bulwark of tradition to a hotbed of innovation.

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Commander’s Palace chef Paul Prudhomme instructs apprentices in the restaurant’s kitchen. Prudhomme, then-executive chef at Commander’s Palace Restaurant, had eight apprentices working under him.

Commander’s Palace has produced some of the world’s most famous chefs, namely Paul Prudhomme and his immediate successor, Emeril Lagasse. At the same time, the restaurant has held a reputation as the “finishing school” for New Orleans culinary talent, for the generations of hospitality pros who have come through its doors.

Matriarch and mentor: How Ella Brennan’s belief in mentoring profoundly impacted culinary life of New Orleans

Ella Brennan has an expression she uses to describe her favorite chefs, especially those she worked with closely at Commander’s Palace.

That role is foremost in Bickford’s mind as she steps into the kitchen’s highest position. She acknowledges the issues of equality and inclusion now running through American discourse, and she’s driven by the potential she sees to do more.

“We need to recognize our responsibilities to our people, in our community and in our workplace,” Bickford said.

“I love that our leaders have stepped up. Our business has to reflect our community. Diversity is incredibly important to me and to this business. I also think we need to do a better job than what we’re doing, and

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Rochelle Humes’ home bathroom is basically a palace

Rochelle Humes, Marvin Humes taking a selfie: Hello! Magazine

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Hello! Magazine

Rochelle Humes has shared a never-before-seen look inside the stunning bathroom at her new home with husband Marvin. The This Morning host took to Instagram with a mirror selfie in the space, and inadvertently revealed more of the room than ever before.

SEE: Rochelle Humes debuts stunning living room at home with Marvin

a person in a cage: rochelle humes bathroom house z

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rochelle humes bathroom house z

Rochelle shared a selfie in her bathroom

It features mirrored tiles on the walls, where Rochelle took her snap, and a white wooden dresser with silver metallic knobs for handles. On the dresser, Rochelle and Marvin have positioned two silver trays with rolled up white hand towels, a diffuser, a large candle, two soap bars and a vase of pink flowers.

MORE: Rochelle Humes unveils incredible unseen room inside new home

Above the sink, there is a glass Rococo style oval mirror, and two silver lights with light pink lamp shades mounted on the wall.

a kitchen with a sink and a mirror: rochelle-humes-bathroom-mirrored-tiles

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Rochelle previously unveiled another bathroom angle

Rochelle previously shared a photo of the space on Instagram, but it looks as though she has switched out a single marble unit for the larger dresser she now has. The past snap showed that one wall is split with mirrored tiles on the bottom half, and white paint above, and there is a photo of a pink shell with a glass frame hanging.

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Rochelle credited her mirrored tiles to Fired Earth, as she wrote, “Never fallen out of love with our @firedearthuk tiles… [thought bubble emoji].”


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Rochelle has a free-standing bathtub

She also revealed a glimpse inside another bathroom, featuring a free-standing bathtub with a television mounted on the wall in front, as well as a grey armchair positioned in one corner next to a metallic silver side table.

Rochelle and Marvin share the home in London with their two daughters Alaia-Mai and Valentina Raine, after moving in July.

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WATCH: Rochelle Humes announces surprising house move

Rochelle announced the family’s move during an appearance on This Morning, admitting she had left the majority of the work to Marvin and her family, as she had been busy with work and is heavily pregnant with their third child, due in October. 

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Princess Diana secretly buried stillborn baby in palace garden, claims best friend

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While living at Kensington Palace, the late Princess Diana reportedly went against palace protocol and took matters into her own hands.

According to her former butler, Paul Burrell, Diana had buried her friend’s stillborn baby in the palace gardens, British tabloid, The Express reported.

Burrell wrote in his 2006 book “The Way We Are”, that her best friend Rosa Monckton had given birth to a stillborn baby in 1994 and the infant was secretly buried in the garden.

Burrell’s claim was backed up by Monckton who confirmed the incident during an interview with Australia’s Channel 7, saying that she did have a stillborn child which Diana had offered to bury in the garden.

“I’m going to tell the chief inspector that we’re going to bury a pet in the garden. Only you, I, and Rosa will know it’s a baby,” said Monckton when Burrell asked the princess how she intended to get past security.

Monckton also mentioned how she had an emotional ceremony in the garden after which the late princess of Wales gave her a key to the garden, which is still in her possession.

In September 2020, the Daily Mail reported that human remains were found at Kensington Palace.

Until today, Scotland Yard has still not properly identified the body, thought to be that of an adult female.

Following the tragic loss, Monckton and her husband Dominic Lawson later welcomed the birth of a baby girl named Domenica and asked Diana to be her godmother.

At present, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, call Kensington Palace home, along with their three children.

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Princess Diana’s Former Butler Makes Claim About What She Buried in Kensington Palace Garden, and He’s Not the Only One

Princess Diana died following a car crash in Paris more than two decades ago but even after her death, there has been no shortage of conspiracy theories and outrageous claims about the princess. They include Diana having a long lost daughter, the princess predicting her own death months before it happened, and being pregnant with another child when she was killed.

The majority of stories about the princess rely on one person’s word. However, a wild claim thrown out there by Diana’s former employee is being corroborated by another person who witnessed it. Here’s what Diana’s former butler says he helped her bury in the Kensington Palace garden and who else knew about it.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Bettmann / Contributor Getty Images

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What Diana’s former butler says she buried in the garden

Paul Burrell worked for the late princess from 1987 to 1997. After she passed away, he revealed a number of things about his former boss. His choice to talk publicly about the princess’s private life has been viewed as poor taste, but one revelation has really raised some eyebrows especially since someone else is claiming it did happen.

The Express noted that in his 2006 book The Way We Were, Burrell wrote that he aided Princess Diana’s in burying a body. According to Burrell, Diana’s best friend Rosa Monckton gave birth to a stillborn baby in 1994 and they buried the infant in the garden. This may sound a little far-fetched but more than a decade after Burrell revealed the secret, Monckton finally decided to speak about the incident.

Monckton, who is the former Asprey & Garrard CEO, told Australia’s Channel 7’s Sunday Night show that she and her husband, newspaper editor Dominic Lawson, did have a stillborn child. She added that Diana offered to bury the child in the garden.

Princess Diana with her butler, Paul Burrell, in 1994
Princess Diana with her butler, Paul Burrell, in 1994 | Antony Jones/UK Press via Getty Images

Monckton recalled that when Burrell asked how they would get through security Diana said, “I’m going to tell the chief inspector that we’re going to bury a pet in the garden. Only you, I, and Rosa will know it’s a baby.”

Diana’s close pal remembered that they had an emotional ceremony and then Diana gave her a key to the garden, which remains in her possession to this day. Monckton described what the Princess of Wales’ did as “an extraordinary thing.”

Following the loss of her baby, Monckton and Lawson had another child named Domenica and Princess Diana was her godmother.

A body was recently found on the grounds of Kensington Palace

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

In September 2020,  the Daily Mail reported that human remains were found at Kensington Palace. Those remains though were pulled from a pond and are of an adult female who was falsely identified initially as missing artist Endellion Lycett Green.

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