Those spewing venom against Pakistan will never be forgiven: Interior Minister Ijaz Shah

Interior Minister Ijaz Shah speaks during a meeting. Photo: File

NANKANA SAHIB: Those who are spewing venom against the country will not be forgiven, said Federal Interior Minister Ijaz Shah on Sunday, criticising former prime minister Nawaz Sharif for his tirade against the military.

The interior minister was speaking at an event where he laid into Nawaz, blaming the PML-N supremo for faking his illness to go abroad. “The three-time prime minister went abroad by faking his illness,” he said. “Mian sahib is not sick, he is speaking India’s language.”

Shah said that conspiracies were being hatched against Pakistan since day one and it hasn’t stopped till now. He said that during the past decade, the country had gone to the dogs.

“PPP and the PML-N have destroyed the country,” he said. “Institutions were completely decimated by the past two governments,” he added.

The minister praised the incumbent government, saying that it was adopting a “brilliant strategy” on governance, adding that nations never progress without implementing the principles of justice.

Coming back to Nawaz, Shah said that people knew exactly what was going on in the country and who was doing what. “Today is the age of social media. The news [about something] breaks before it happens,” he said. “I pray that may Allah help give these people guidance.”

The minister was referring to Sharif’s recent tirade against the government and the establishment in which he blamed both for Pakistan’s crises.

Can no longer remain quiet on dual standards of accountability in Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif in CWC meeting

Nawaz was addressing the PML-N central working committee meeting via a video link from London a few days ago when he slammed the government.

“Nawaz Sharif is not made of the kind of stuff that can stand remaining quiet on dual standards of accountability,” he had said, adding that “no one should try to silence him”.

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He had said that although Prime Minister Imran Khan “is to blame” for the country’s current state, “it is those who brought him into power who are truly responsible”.

“They will have to answer,” the former prime minister had said.

“When I look at the state the country is in, it saddens me deeply,” Nawaz had said. “We were on such a great path to progress and look at where we are now.”

Nawaz had said that he saw a world of a difference between the Pakistan of a few years ago and the one before us now. “I do not understand why this has happened.”

“We were so prosperous until 2018. Our tenure lasted 2013-2018 and with your prayers and God’s mercy and your support from 2013-2017, I was prime minister,” he had said.

“Me and my team who are sitting here and also those not here, such as Shahbaz Sharif who is in jail, paying for crimes not committed — together, we were changing the fate of Pakistan.”

“These are not empty words,

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Pakistan: Former interior minister Talal Chaudhry faces harassment allegations

Talal Chaudhry is facing allegations of harassing Ayesha Rajab Ali.
Image Credit: Supplied

Islamabad: Pakistan’s former interior minister and a leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) from District Faisalabad, Talal Chaudhry is facing allegations of harassing a female Member of the National Assembly (MNA) of his own party.

The incident took place on the night of September 23 when according to Chaudhry he went to the house of MNA Ayesha Rajab Ali

in Faisalabad to discuss party matters, particularly for reorganization of the party in the district Faisalabad.

However, her family members minding his late night visit gave him a good beating and called police on the spot.

A video clip is viral on social media that shows the ex-minister standing outside a house complaining that his shoulder was fractured and asking the people present on the spot to call some senior police officer.

“They have snatched my mobile phone. They have recorded my movies . Take phone numbers of their women. My shoulder bone is fractured. When my phone set is recovered everything will be clear and I will see all of them,” Chaudhry can be seen pointing to the brother of Ali.


However, it was later reported by the police that neither of the two parties showed interest in lodging complaints and told them that it was the result of misunderstanding.

According to sources, the PML-N high command has forbidden both the ex-minister and Alito refrain from reporting the incident to police.

Chaudhry told police that he had gone to meet some PML-N workers in connection with PML-N’s “re-organization in the district” when he was attacked by unidentified men who fractured his arm. He said the attackers also took away his mobile. Chaudhry claimed the media was running fake news about the involvement of a woman MNA.

Ali’s brother too also issued a statement saying their family had nothing to do with this matter. “Talal Chaudhry is like a brother to us,” he said.

PML-N constitutes ‘fact-finding’ committee

Meanwhile, after the video clip went viral on social media, the PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah has announced to constitute a committee to investigate the scuffle.

Former Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar and Akram Ansar have been nominated to conduct a thorough probe, record statements of Chaudhry and MNA Ayesha Rajab and submit a report within three days.

PM’s aide demands action against Talal

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Shahbaz Gill while taking advantage of the tussle between two PML-N leaders urged the party leadership to suspend Talal from the party’s membership.

Harassing an honorable Member of the Parliament by Talal Chaudhry is regrettable and the government would take action on it, said Gill in a tweet demanding Faisalabad police to ensure security of the woman MNA’s house.

In another tweet, Gill alleged Maryam Nawaz daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was putting pressure on MNA Ayesha Rajab to settle the matter with Chaudhry.

Ali requests media shows restraint

Meanwhile, MNA Ayesha Rajab Ali in a tweet requested

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IHC chief justice berates interior secy on failure to recover SECP official Sajid Gondal – Pakistan

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah on Monday berated the interior secretary, police and capital authorities after they failed to produce Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Joint Director Sajid Gondal, who has been missing since last week.

IHC had directed authorities to recover Gondal, who had gone missing on Thursday night, by today. The court was hearing a petition filed by Gondal’s mother, seeking recovery of her son from “unknown” abductors.

During today’s proceedings, Justice Minallah noted that authorities had been unsuccessful in producing the SECP official before the court and said: “Give court one example of [a case] in which missing citizen was recovered.”

“Someone should accept responsibility for this,” the high court top judge remarked.

He asked interior secretary Yousaf Naseem Khokhar if the prime minister had been “told what is happening in the federal capital”.

“I am sure you have not told the prime minister about this [case]. As soon as the prime minister gets to know about this, the state’s response would be different,” Justice Minallah said, adding that the court had “complete confidence” in the prime minister.

Khokhar tried to assure the court that a “high-level” investigation was underway.

“A first information report has been lodged and investigation has started,” he said.

“You [should] accept your failure,” the judge remarked, adding that “everyone in the federal capital was feeling insecure”. He observed that the current situation was a product of “misgovernance”.

“We are doing everything we can,” Khokar said.

“Your efforts are not visible,” the judge said. “For the [past] three days, only meetings are being held, the SECP official could not be found.”

“How would you have acted if such a thing happened with a federal minister’s son?” Justice Minallah asked. He directed Khokhar to notify the federal cabinet about the matter. The interior secretary told the court that the prime minister will be informed and the matter will be placed before the federal cabinet in the next meeting.

Justice Minallah said that there were reports that the commission for missing persons had taken notice of Gondal’s “abduction”.

“Has it been established that this is a case of enforced disappearance that the commission took notice?” he asked. He inquired if the commission’s chairperson had found some information that indicated that this was a case of enforced disappearance, adding if the investigators have contacted the missing persons’ commission.

“Is this a case of enforced disappearance?” the judge asked.

“Nothing can be said about this right now,” Khokhar responded. Justice Minallah said that the police’s investigation team should have contacted the chairperson of the commission to ask if the latter has some “personal information”.

The judge also lamented that investigation officers were not properly trained and that there was not even a prosecution branch in Islamabad. What should a constitutional court do in such cases, he asked.

Khokhar urged the court to “let state departments do their job”.

Justice Minallah noted that the court was the “protector of people’s constitutional right” while adding

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IHC stays interior ministry order asking US blogger to leave Pakistan – Pakistan

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday stayed an interior ministry decision to deport US blogger Cynthia Ritchie and issued notices to the interior secretary and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) director general.

The court also directed that Ritchie submit an affidavit detailing all her grievances before the next hearing before adjourning the case indefinitely.

On Saturday, Ritchie had filed a writ petition in the high court against the ministry’s decision to reject an extension in her visa, naming the FIA director general and the interior secretary as respondents.

In her plea, Ritchie said her request for a visa extension had been rejected despite providing all the relevant documents, adding that the interior ministry did not state the reasons for doing so either.

During today’s hearing, presided over by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah, the US blogger’s lawyer reiterated that the authorities concerned did not provide a reason for denying Ritchie a visa extension.

At this, Justice Minallah observed that numerous visas are rejected on a daily basis without an explanation.

When her lawyer questioned the law under which her request was denied, the judge replied that no law is required to reject a visa.

“A visa is not a basic right, it is a privilege,” the judge remarked. The court also asked whether Ritchie had any other complaints, to which she replied that two petitions were pending in the FIA.

In her petition with the IHC, Ritchie said her visa had expired and she had applied for a work visa with all the necessary documents.

“[But] due to the pandemic situation, the same could not be processed and the visas of all foreigners were extended by a general order, and the same premium was also afforded to the petitioner,” it said.

Ritchie said she had moved another application for a work visa due to a change of sponsor which was also not decided due to Covid-19, and was later “shocked” to receive a letter from the interior ministry stating that her visa application had been rejected.

She added that the interior ministry had earlier submitted its comments, during the hearing of a petition filed by an activist of the PPP, that Ritchie was not involved in “anti-state and illegal activity” in Pakistan.

“Further, while filing the visa application all the requirements of a work visa were complied with. Despite that, the visa application was rejected without affording any reasoning,” she said in her petition.

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